Celebrating God’s Faithfulness – My Freedom Day Out Of The Synagogue

The pastor shouted, “Please don’t try it, if you try it, your enemy can run mad or die because you are already under surveillance radar. If God open your eyes, you will see that there are some horrible looking beings that are manning the gate of where you are; it is not only you, they have the list of the names of those people living there with them.”

Praying Amiss… I stand To Be Corrected

Stop chanting like the enchanters Stop repetition, Your Father has ears, He is not deaf like the gods of the Amorites. Stop concocting like the heathens Speak the Engrafted Word of God that liveth and abideth forever and which is able to save your soul. When our Lord was tempted, He only spoke the Word and satan understood clearly Stop wasting time on fruitless effort.


THE BATTLE OF LIFE IS REAL! After I left the Synagogue church of darkness, I was afflicted badly, TB...

Christianity Endangered By Pimps

The elderly man was taken aside, and the Synagogue medical team who are always on standby during services engaged the fainted old man, and were able to bring him back to life with their medical skill.

6 YEARS ON… When Will SCOAN’ Victims Of Collapsed Building Gets Justice?

we witnessed many �?disciples’ of T.B. Joshua that died inside the �?disciples’ quarters inside the Synagogue, and their bodies were smuggled out to be buried secretly, but this particular one of 12th September 2014 was too huge for cover-up, T.B. Joshua couldn’t hide it. The sacrifice was one of the reason immediately the house collapsed, TB Joshua needed certain number of deaths, so the Synagogue quickly closed its gate on the good Samaritans that volunteered to help the victims to get number of deaths; and until it became undeniable and un-coverable, if not, the Synagogue ground would have been their graveyard.


So, as the norm in the Synagogue, TB Joshua manipulated Sani to act in the drama of (before and the after film) how Sani visited the Synagogue for the first time to ask for spiritual help (Lawal can bear witness); before this period, Sani had been one of the boys playing around in the Synagogue for so many years unnoticed to TB Joshua, but when fame started smiling on him, TB Joshua hijacked the show.

Why Is TB Joshua Afraid?

Sani who was supposed to break into the first team squad of any top team in the world due to the talent he displayed at the World Cup if he had imitated his friend and ex Golden Eaglets teammate Eddy Onazi; but Sani’ career stalled and nosedive due to long-term Achilles tendonitis problems (TB Joshua how market). While Onazi progressed through the youth rank, Sani’s injury and a nomadic career path took him from the height to the lowest.
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Sexual Assaults’ -TB Joshua Foreign ex-‘disciples’ Cries Out.

TB Joshua walked unannounced into the girls room in Johannesburg and one of the disciples was topless, he didn't leave or apologize, and she didn't cover up.


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