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We have been talking about fake miracles of the Synagogue that over the years caused many deaths and mislead uncountable people. I hope evil will be taking out of our land. As I always say, "Where there is no more buyers, sellers will relocate."
Jacque Pawu

Late TB Joshua Was A Criminal

There were lots of time that false miracles were reported by late TB Joshua's puppets of journalists who eats crumbs under his table.
TB Joshua

TB Joshua Sexual Recklessness With Minors

At a time, T.B. Joshua would take Seun Abiola’s hand and dip it into his boxer to rub his private part, but because the girl was just a minor of 14year old, she would say, “Nooo, please sir,” squeezing her face to show her displeasure and shyly faced down. After a while, T.B. Joshua excused me out and I went back to the Studio leaving Seun behind with T.B. Joshua.

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