The Catalyst – Game Changer


    The Catalyst - Game Changer

    • The Catalyst - Game Changer All hell broke loose after the breaking of my story, that late TB Joshua demanded for my head, I became a vagabond in the land of my nativity. In the midst of physical intimidations, manhunts, and spiritual carnage. I lived in hideouts, jobless, penniless; but I refuse to backdown, or lose my sanity, or let go of my story, and most importantly, I held unto God, the Judge of ALL and heaven contained all hell escalated demonic activities orchestrated (Ps.18:2-20).Afterwards, books were written, interviews granted, enlightenment broadcasted, and my gruesome experience became a point of strength to be a voice for the voiceless in society. I see myself as a positive change agent in my generation.   The Catalyst Many of us never thought about how great our future could be until we begin to discover the hidden potential in us. In fact, I had been in many situations when I was living in SCOAN under the late TB Joshua that I thought I could never amount to anything in life. There were lot of demeaning circumstances and verbal words directly from the monster called TB Joshua that could cause anyone to underate God’ given potential inside of you. In SCOAN, we were wired or manipulated to see ourselves been unable to move forward in life outside of the concentration camp called The Synagogue, 'church' of all Nations, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria. Talk about cult community! Remember at that time, late TB Joshua had global influence, voice, wealth, and mundane power to crush anyone he chose. I never thought I could have the courage to challenge the monster behind his wickedness in public: to loosen his bounds on people’ mind and liberate his global captives so they can serve their creator. Thus, becoming a game changer in my generation. It is not only me, but I also give it up to all other courageous men and women who are able to overcome the societal stereotype of shaming to stand against injustice in the society, breaking the barrier of global culture of silence and secrecy norm, for a better society. I doff my hat to you all! You are the legends of the fearless warriors! It is the God’ residual power within us that we didn’t realize until due season. To be a change agent like those champions written in the scripture does not necessarily translates to worldly influence and wealth possessions, but walking in complete obedience, in faith and in total trust in God’s Word to fulfil destiny. Is. 1:18-20 says, “Willingness and Obedience must be every child of God’s lifeline to succeed in life.” This means that the principle that makes the Word of God to be effective when applied in any battle of life should not only be based in the knowledge of the Truth, but also in our obedience to the Word (2Cor. 10:6). If the knowledge of the Truth of the Word is a burden in our lives without obedience to the Word, it will never work in any battlefield because the Word of God is not magic for the magicians; but it is meant for the practitioner of the Word. Insubordination to the superior authority of the infallible Word would automatically shut the door of power in the Word against such defiant. Remember, we are all getting closer to the graveyard by the seconds, and many of us are still loaded on the inside with the reasons we are brought to the scene on earth. The Catalyst - Game Changer: The Legends Of The Fearless Warriors eBook : Johnson, Bisola Hephzi-bah: Kindle Store

    • January 6, 2024
    • 190 pages