SCOAN Victims Seek Inquest & Police Intervention Against Threats

1. Conduct an immediate investigation into the allegations made by both local and foreign ex-disciples against T.B. Joshua and the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

2. Provide adequate protection and support for the individuals who have come forward, ensuring their safety and well-being.

3. Undertake a thorough review of existing laws and policies related to religious organizations to ensure they provide sufficient protection for the rights and safety of their members.

4. Collaborate with relevant authorities to address any criminal activities that may be uncovered during the investigation.

5. Issue a public statement condemning harassment, cyberbullying, and threats against individuals exercising their right to speak out against abuse.

The alleged victims also urged the police authorities to give due consideration to their plea and take appropriate actions to safeguard their rights and dignity.

The group is currently receiving support from rights group, Bisola Johnson Foundation/Freedom To The Captive Platform, as they navigate their ordeal.


How My Beloved Sister Died In SCOAN & James Obiorah Connection

By Christine

Dear Everyone,


This is how I lost my beloved sister to death through TB Joshua’ deception, and how late TB joshua stole from my family and also tried to sexually molest my 12year old daughter.
I’m the Swiss lady Christine she is talking about, and Mary is my beloved late sister, whom evil TB Joshua killed. Everything Ms. Theresa Johnson said is nothing but the truth. James Obiorah introduced us to this fake prophet. My beloved sister was just 24 years, was taking her medication and was in good health condition under the care of her European Doctors in Switzerland, until James Obiora came with some of TB Joshua’s miracle healing videos to our house, he pleaded with us to visit the prophet, whom he was calling his spiritual father, assuring us that our sister will be totally healed when we visit TB Joshua in Nigeria.

My daughter was not up to 14 years, she was 12years it a shame that this pedophile is not behind bars. What happened to my sister is beyond words and many innocent souls that I met in Synagogue that died around the same time my beloved sister past on. They were also asked and forced to stop taking their medication, I know several of them. I’m very disappointed and still very sad, in the manner that my beloved sister Mary was mishandled, hiring this testimony from THERESA BROUGHT BACK SAD MEMORY AND UNCONTROLLABLE TEARS, reliving this horror over again!

What Bisola did not mention is that they advised us to leave my sister Mary and one of our Swiss friends that also passed away behind, the reason was that it was just 5 day’s left for the miracle water that was done every month, we were told that once my sister bath with that water she will be permanently healed. That is the only reason we left her behind and fly back to Switzerland because we had to go back to work. She was in very good health when we left her and happy, she even escorted us to the car as we were heading to the airport, I can’t forget her beautiful smile as she was waving bye to me, little did I know that this was going to be her last smile. I tried to call her over 10 times every day when I got back to Switzerland but never had the chance to talk to her again.

Bisola and many other disciples that picked the phone kept on giving me excuses one after another, either she was sleeping or away in the crowd. A few days later, I received a very short phone call from Theressa instructing me to go to Zurich airport just a few hours before the flight landed at Zurich airport to pick up my sister, was very happy to hear that my sister was finally coming back home, but the joy did not last long! When I got to the airport, I almost passed out when I saw my beloved sister……She was in a very bad condition, it was the most horrifying and very painful experience in my life, that I will never forget, my sister was speechless and was in a coma lying half dead.

Bisola never told me the condition my sister was in when she called me, and when I called her to ask what happened she refused to pick up our calls, she only picked my phone one time very short when my sister died, and when I told her my sister died, we were blamed for her death, we were told that it was either our fault or my late sister’s fault, that she was healed but probably she had some sins she did not confess, I called TB Joshua, but he never picked our calls. They were so hurtless and cold-blooded, absolutely no sympathy or any kind words of consolation. The Swiss doctors almost sued us for allowing this fake prophet to stop my sister from taking her medication including the Swiss guy we brought to synagogue who also passed away later on.

A lady nurse from England that we met in synagogue also died shortly after going back to England, she was taken out of her medication too. I found it very difficult to forgive myself for ever taking my beloved sister to the Synagogue and letting her remain behind in the hands of those evil creatures. To be honest, when Bisola contacts me through Facebook, I was not happy and did not take it easy with her at all, after years of going through all the pains and the sorrows, not knowing what happened to our sister, and the most painful thing is her videos of testimony was all over on TV, even though they knew she was dead, they still used her videos of her planned fake testimonies that she was healed.

After the burial, I even flew back to the synagogue to find out what actually happened since they refused to pick my calls, but Bisola and all other disciples were not amazed to see me, TB Joshua hide from me, every one of them totally ignored me and was warned not to tell anyone that my sister Mary died. TB Joshua assigned few of his disciples to watch my every move and whom I was talking to as I was trying to investigate the course of the sudden death of my sister during those two days I spent there, I left to go back without any answer. I trusted Theresa so much and I took her as a sister, she begged me to bring my daughter with me the second time of our visit to meet TB Joshua, that he wanted to pray for her, knowing that this man was a pedophile and she even told me that TB Joshua wanted me to leave my daughter at the Synagogue church, when we said NO,

TB Joshua himself pleaded with us to let our daughter remain there, and we said NO. And for me to hear this to on this YouTube today that his intention was to destroy my innocent daughter live too is still very disturbing to me, and I’m glad we did not let that happen. It took me some time to forgive Theresa as she remorseful begged for forgiveness if took God to touch my heart to be able to forgive her. I felt her sincerity and guilt. I’m glad she was able to get out of that dark hole, I’m glad and admire her boldness to expose this evil practice in that Synagogue of Satan. I know Kanu, Amokachi and James Obiora, I also met some Nigerian actors and actress in the synagogue two of them died too. Since my beloved sister tragic incident. I have learnt the hard way, never to ever trust any of the so-called prophets or men of God. TB Joshua used us, we were like his Swiss bank, thinking about it want to make me throw out. Bisola called me several times and gave me a list of the things TB Joshua needed; you can be sure they were not cheap. Was in Synagogue more than 3 times, when I look back during those days, I always ask myself how blind was I……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Confirm that every word that Bisola saying about TB Joshua is nothing but the truth… I’m glad she is standing up for the truth. I’m so surprised to hear my own story and my name on this YouTube. People that are calling Bisola a liar are ignorant and most of them are totally brainwashed. Maybe because they have not experienced a loss of a loved one in such a brutal manner. TB Joshua killed my sister Mary……And many others that I personally met there, we exchanged the phone numbers, and that’s how I found out about their death. Visiting SCOAN was a curse for me, after Mary died, I lost 5 members of my family back to back.

Posthumous Trials For Late TB Joshua

By Samson Folarin
Contributor : Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson

posthumous trial or post-mortem trial is a trial held after the defendant‘s death. Posthumous trials can be held for a variety of reasons, including the legal declaration that the defendant was the one who committed the crime, to provide justice for society or family members of the victims, or to exonerate a wrongfully convicted person after their death. Due to the heavy cost, they are usually held only under extraordinary circumstances.

In 897, the body of Pope Formosus was exhumed and taken to trial in what became known as the Cadaver Synod. Formosus died seven months earlier and was accused of perjury by John III. His corpse was taken to court, clad in papal vestment and propped on a throne. Witnesses came forward to testify against him. Formosus, after all evidence, was pronounced guilty. Upon conviction, his clothes were torn as his pontificate and decisions were revoked. The fingers he used in blessing the congregation were cut off. Then he was re-buried.

This macabre trial, which I came across recently, ran through my mind as I watched with horror the disturbing revelations from the BBC documentary on Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. I wondered if TB could face posthumous prosecution for the allegations of rapes, abortions, assaults, occultism, slavery, and manipulation levelled against him by his former disciples and members, including five Britons. A South African woman even claimed she aborted three times for TB Joshua! I felt sad and angry at the same time.

Truth is, most of these heart-rending tales of abuse are not new. Late investigative journalist Kolawole Olawuyi unraveled this mess more than two decades ago. As a reporter on the Metro desk those days, I wrote several stories on this man, particularly the mysterious deaths and curious cover-ups in his church with the connivance of his indoctrinated disciples. Some of his former members also made videos and wrote books, desperately calling attention to the alleged atrocities of TB Joshua. Many of these stories were discredited and described as rantings of aggrieved and envious haters because late TB Joshua paid heavily on his hired Media PR who helped him to create a personality/character that doesn’t exit. Image launderer, dirty cleaner journalists who helped him to do the needful each time he was in trouble. Amongst them were: Dayo Thomas, Dele Momodu, Idika Kalu, Jide Osikoya, Bolaji Tunji, Sonny Irabor, Ogundipe, Femi Oyewale, John Edwards, Olabanji, and many others.

Instead, heads of governments and world leaders flocked to TB’s church at Ikotun Egbe, a backwater community in Lagos, to endorse his unconventional methods that made him a pariah in Nigerian Christian circles. But now that the BBC has made this film with graphic details and testimonies, maybe there will be a push for some retribution on his estate.

I, however, have two concerns with regards to the sexual allegations. First, there are many more TB Joshuas in Africa, keeping thousands of gullible ladies in religious bondage. These are felons with specialties in sophistry and sophisticated nonsense, who have perfected a system of keeping young innocent girls in sexual servitude. In Nigeria, a few of them have been exposed. Some of their victims have spoken to local media, revealing the dirty things done behind closed curtains, far from the klieg lights of public performance. But the justice system has failed them. Their cries of pain have been drowned by the hosannah screams of followers of these powerful and untouchable pastor-preneurs, who are being protected by a complicit, enabling society that shields them from accountability and responsibility.

In 1988, Jimmy Swaggart, a popular televangelist, was accused of consorting with a sex worker at a time the church in America was rocked with different sex scandals involving top pastors. Swaggart had exposed a few. With no hiding place, he sobbed in front of his 7,000 congregation, confessing to his “moral failure” as he resigned his position. I am not sure anything like this has happened in Nigeria, the most religious country in the world. And yet, we have an unenviable record of sexual exploitation through the pulpit. In a series of investigations I conducted last year on a particular prominent pastor accused of raping at least three of his female members, I discovered these pastors blackmail and harass their victims with compromised security agents. Attempts were made to bribe me as well, but I refused. Now, the accused is facing prosecution as his naïve members and followers are made to believe their ‘papa’ is only a victim of political persecution. There are more of his ilk. The unfortunate thing is that we may never know how much havoc they have caused until they die like several pastors whose licentious relationships only came to light after their demise. For TB, it was apparent in his lifetime, but he somehow evaded justice.

My second worry is that the BBC film has a lot of ramifications and implications. But the greatest for me is the toll it could take on Nigerians and the Christian faith. TB Joshua, in his lifetime, was one of the biggest exports of Nigeria. While the country struggled to attract tourists, the SCOAN effortlessly drew thousands of worshippers from different parts of the world. At a time, eight out of 10 tourists arriving in Nigeria were said to be going to TB’s church. Many converted to Christianity because of him. But now that the lid has been blown on Pandora’s box, the Nigerian Christian community will take a major hit. Many will turn sceptics. Some will backslide. A few might even want to stop going to church. With Nigeria’s bad reputation, true Christian leaders will face increased scrutiny when they go to other countries.

But whatever happens, I am strongly convinced that miracles, as supernatural acts of God, are real. There are also true ministers of God in Nigeria and Africa. Without making excuses for monstrous rapists, a few undisciplined preachers may have fallen into sexual sins because they could not handle the attention that comes with increased fame. Pastors are not the only ones guilty of this. There are artists who sleep recklessly with fawning female fans, lecturers who abuse their position as loco parentis to rape students, and managers who sleep with recruits and younger colleagues as condition for favour and promotion. A common thread runs through them all: abuse of power and indiscipline! The only difference is that spiritual leaders are expected to be beacons of integrity and chastity. When they fail, the mess is almost unforgivable.

I commend all the courageous men and women, particularly the former disciples, who spoke to the BBC after going through such horrendous and traumatizing ordeals at the hands of a man they trusted. To be a victim of sexual abuse and talk about it openly can be very difficult. Now their stories have a global audience. I understand that the plan was to confront TB Joshua with these allegations, but he died while interviews were running for the two-year investigations. I urge young girls facing sexual exploitation and enslavement whether in religious or secular circles to enlist the support of reputable rights groups and journalists. Don’t suffer in silence. Confront that fake prophet like Ajoke, TB Joshua’s daughter, did on behalf of those women, despite being ostracized by her father. The government and the church failed in the handling of the grievous allegations against TB Joshua, even after his guest house killed 116 people. There must be proper accountability for these crimes. I demand apologies from those who failed to defend the victims in spite of their outcry.

Notable posthumous trials

And I am still wondering, can late TB Joshua face trial like Formosus or we should allow God judge him, as Nigerians would say?


TRIBUTE: 9Years After SCOAN Collapsed Building – No Justice For The Victims

9 Years today, it was exactly 3month after Abdul-Fatai Balogun alias TB Joshua celebrated his infamous birthday on 12th, June 2014 that his guest house collapsed on those who visited SCOAN from different walks of life in desperation for miracles; but ended up in body bags as they die violent death. Extremely sad and tragic were the many lies and cover-ups in SCOAN known to be deceptive; and up till today, nothing has come up to tell the world what truly happen, but we know exactly what happened. INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST WITH LEGAL PROOF THAT TB JOSHUA WAS AN ABUSER OF WOMEN AND WAS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BUILDING COLLAPSE is the house to open our eyes to the Truth. Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of the departed.


Evelyn Joshua’ Using Voodoo & Cheated On Late TB Joshua

Choose your leader with care, Jesus said in, “Matthew 15:14 N “Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.” Church business over the years has trapped many souls under bondage of undesirable elements who called themselves into the work of ministry they claim; especially in SCOAN where a dead man is still their general Overseer. Problem started when church gatherings become personality focused… definitely there is fire on the mountain. Church members belong to God, not person(s). Kindly watch the video below

Warning to SCOAN

Warning To Evelyn Onyisi Joshua & Worshippers Of The Spirit Of Late TB Joshua

Unfortunately, many people who joined SCOAN/Emmanuel TV in the recent time of year 2000 down are not in the knowing of the beginning or the starting point of the late charlatan called TB Joshua and never in his history he talked about his conversion, rather, he said he became born again inside his mother (Alhaja)’ womb. In my book “THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW” I wrote that, THE TELLTALE of cultism IS GONE, and PACKAGING that IS DECEPTIVE is gaining ground!
We must know that we are in the time of great deception spoken of by the Lord Jesus and His Apostles; we live in a highly polluted world where deception thrives from the topmost echelon height of the society to the grassroots. We are in time magicians no longer parade themselves openly the way they used to be known. They do not have the familiar telltale as it was in the time of old. They don’t do body-art of decorating their bodies with shells and cowries or rubbing local chalks on their faces to look fearful on the street or in the marketplaces like before. Everything revolves around in our present age and time. Today, satanists, enchanters, necromancers, occultists, dresses in designer’s three-piece suits like you. They package themselves in expensive shoes, Giorgio Armani perfume and powerful eyeglasses to look touché. They even carry bigger Bibles these days as a smokescreen so that you would not recognize them. Our Lord Jesus Christ warned, “BEWARE”

Since the demise of TB Joshua, just like usual cult organization; TB Joshua’s family and his ardent followers have made rigorous efforts to turn the late charlatan into a demigod for the world to worship. He was buried in grand style with a presidential-looking mausoleum where people go to this day to interact with the spirit of the satanist. The legacy of witchcraft, wickedness, and sexual perversion TB Joshua left behind has made indelible marks in the lives of many. May the memory of wickedness be cut off in Jesus Mighty Name.


From the early 2000s all members of TB Joshua’s SCOAN worldwide had to buy his picture and put it up at strategic positions in their houses, preferably at the entrance, the gate, the door, etc. When I observed that it stroke a cord in my spirit but I held my peace. Before the end of the 2000s he rolled out other ones – ANOINTING WATER and ANOINTING STICKERS. I winked but not without blowing a warning signal.

In the early 2010s he rolled out yet another one – FAITH BRACELETS used to pray and develop faith. Spiritual minded people couldn’t contain this one and some sent out a warning that there something is coming ahead which many have refused to see.

The picture in strategic positions, the anointed stickers, anointed water and faith bracelets were seeds planted and nurtured – SEEDS OF IDOLATRY! I stand corrected. After the death of the charlatan the tree has already grown – Human worship at the grave. What! How did we get here, of all places to be buried, he was buried INSIDE THE SYNAGOGUE and a special tomb erected and positions around it for prayer “to receive revelations and miracles.” God have mercy!

Is 2021 offering us another religion with pilgrimages to another “Mecca” this time in Lagos?

Muslims pray with Islamic prayer beads called Misbaha at the tomb of their prophet, Roman Catholics pray with their Rosary kneeling down in front of statutes of Mary, now we have SCOANS praying with their Faith bracelets at the tomb of their prophet. Something is cooking. If you can’t see it please open your eyes.

What is 2021 offering us? Is anyone seeing anything?

I know stones will start rolling but before you roll out your stone of defense and insults can you think for a moment first? I don’t have a problem receiving the stones, in fact, I’m training myself to be comfortable with some stones thrown at me by my Christian Brothers and sisters who have refused to see with the eyes of discernment. But before you cast the first stone can you please try to search and locate where these things are justified in scripture?

Those who have eyes let them see.

Warnings are coming out from the Lord against SCOAN, Evelyn Joshua and the worshippers of the spirit of TB Joshua.

We pray they listen and repent

June Fasting And Prayers For The True Church And Those In Bondage

Be Prepared! Let’s Do it Again!
This has been going on for many years in case you don’t know. If you are concern and led, kindly join us closely or from distance to pray and to fast. No tithes, No offerings required. It is strictly service unto God. And please do not go on hunger strike, which is fasting without purpose. There is a purpose for everything. God bless! We keep you posted on the daily Zoom link.
Our 4 prayer points haven’t changed:

  1. Prayer for the true Church of Jesus Christ (not buildings but the people of God) and ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Prayer for the pulpit bandits and charlatans to be exposed and repent genuinely.
  3. Prayer for the spiritual and religious captives to be set free and fulfilled God’s purpose for their individual life.
  4. Prayer for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to spread around the world. Blessings 🙏

JOINT PRAYER SESSION ON ZOOM AT 8PM Nigeria Time Freedom To The Captives Movement is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: June Fasting & Prayer
Time: Jun 1, 2023 08:00 PM Universal Time UTC
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Day 1 Of Prayer & Fasting
Thanksgiving & Mercy
Bible Text: “Enter His gates with thanksgiving,
and His courts with praise!
Give thanks to Him; bless His Name!” Psalms 100:4
Prayer: We give God, our Father All the Glory as we are ushered into the King’s awesome presence by His Grace and sanctified by the Blood of Christ. You Alone Are Worthy our Everlasting Father.
Bible Text: “Then Elijah said to all the people, “Come near to me.” And all the people came near to him. And he repaired the altar of the LORD that had been thrown down.” 1 Kings 18:30
Prayer: We ask for Your mercy as we confess all our wrongs before You and repair the broken altar in our hearts by the washing and cleansing of Jesus Christ’ Blood for our right-standing with You.
JOINT PRAYER SESSION ON ZOOM AT 8PM Nigeria Time Freedom To The Captives Movement is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: June Fasting & Prayer
Time: Jun 1, 2023 08:00 PM Universal Time UTC
Every day, until Jun 7, 2023, 7 occurrence(s)
Jun 1, 2023 08:00 PM
Jun 2, 2023 08:00 PM
Jun 3, 2023 08:00 PM
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Bible Text:
And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven.”Matthew 16:19 NKJV

Prayer: Father, we pray that no distractions, no power of the flesh or power from the pit of hell would render the authority which Christ has given to His people (Church) to be ineffective/useless. We pray for the fresh breath of the Holy Spirit to fill His people (Church) afresh that we might operate as God’s representative on earth as we ought to, in Jesus Mighty Name. The power of the gates of hades will fail/fall before the Church of Jesus Christ.

JOINT PRAYER SESSION ON ZOOM AT 8PM Nigeria Time Freedom To The Captives Movement is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: June Fasting & Prayer
Time: Jun 1, 2023 08:00 PM Universal Time UTC
Every day, until Jun 7, 2023, 7 occurrence(s)
Jun 1, 2023 08:00 PM
Jun 2, 2023 08:00 PM
Jun 3, 2023 08:00 PM
Jun 4, 2023 08:00 PM
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Day 3


Bible Text: This is good and pleases God our Savior, who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the Truth.
1 Timothy 2:3‭-‬4 NLT

Prayer:: Dearest Everlasting Father, we thank You for Your good thoughts towards everyone You have created for Your Glory. This is the reason You have sent Your Son to the world of sin. We pray that Your will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven. May Your Reign of Justice, Peace, Love and Power be extended to the hearts of all men as everyone comes to the knowledge of Your Truth (Christ) to be saved genuinely.
The Holy Spirit of God, empowers us (followers of Christ) afresh to live life worthy of our calling, an effective life of sanctification that represents Your Kingdom as we ought to, that we might bring more sons unto Glory through our characters and ministrations that witnesses for Christ; in Jesus Christ Mighty Name we pray

JOINT PRAYER SESSION ON ZOOM AT 8PM Nigeria Time Freedom To The Captives Movement is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: June Fasting & Prayer
Jun 3, 2023 08:00 PM
Jun 4, 2023 08:00 PM
Jun 5, 2023 08:00 PM
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Birthright Compromised – How Come Esau Become A Beggar & Jacob A Grabber?

I want to give God, the Most Exalted One All glory, honor, and Adoration. I want to appreciate Him for giving us another opportunity to minister His infallible Word deposited into us by the power of His Holy Spirit? Every day we are witnessing is opportunity to do it better than yesterday. We cannot continue doing the bad we’ve always done and want to live in the freedom of Salvation, it is not possible. For we to live in the freedom of salvation, old things must give way to new. Today I want to talk about birthright compromised. Why did Esau become a beggar in his father’ house; and his brother Jacob became a grabber. What a dysfunctional family! I believe the wisdom of God would come into us and lead us into this eternal message for the reader and the writer.
I remember a night vision I had sometime 2014/2015, this will also bring some meaning into this message: Let me create a scenario here that will bring understanding: I remember in that vision of the night, I was holding something in my hand, and every person around me in the dream were trying to wrestle it out of my hand what I was holding; then, I woke up. Though, they didn’t collect it from me, but it was a tug of war. The scripture that came to my mind when I woke up was in Revelation 3:11 that says, “11 I am coming soon. Hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown” Revelation 3:11.
I thank the Holy Spirit for reminding me because it’s also necessary for the clarity of this message. In Revelation 3:11-13, Jesus was saying to all His followers that He would be coming soon, and we should hold all fast to what we have so that no one may seize our crown, the one who conquers all the blessings, and the promises are there.
Now, how come Esau become a beggar, and Jacob a grabber in their father’ house. This is a birthright war that led to a compromise. I want to set up a scenario here that will help with understanding before I go into the spiritual aspect of the message.
Citizenship anywhere can be acquired by any person automatically by the operation of the law, this takes place in situations: by virtue of the person’s birth within territory or because one or both of their parents is (or was) a citizen; or by marriage, or by application. Some Countries operates with Unrestricted Birthright Citizenship because they have nothing to offer, no papers, nothing. Anything comes and goes. Anybody can enter the country, you cannot do that in a country like the US, UK or Singapore. If anyone visited those countries without due visas, such person(s) would repatriate back to his original country and banned.
Also the Kingdom of God operates on protocol; there are members of that Kingdom who are citizens, but even though people were all invited freely, yet there is protocol. If we do not follow due protocol, there may be problem. We remember a man that didn’t follow the protocol, a man without the wedding garment that was thrown out, such fate may befall such person(s) (Matthew 22:11-13). But the moment we follow the protocol according to John 1:11-12 says, “He came to His own and His own rejected Him, but as many that receive and accepted Him, He gave them rights to become children of the Most High God.”
So, after we have fulfilled all righteousness and become a citizen of the Kingdom of God, we have rights and privileges to cry “Abba Father” (Romans 8:15). Rights to become children of the Most High God and if you have become His child, you can talk to Him and learn His ways. As you are all born into our individual physical family setup, you have such rights and privileges.
1. Right to habituate, because you are member of the family
2. Right to food.
3. Right to be educated
4. Right to water
5. Right to speak to your parents, no matter how high handed they are; you have rights to ask questions and to receive answer. That is what Jesus meant in Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it shall be given unto you.” We have the right to call unto Him by ourselves as He promised to answer – Jeremiah 33:3; Mathew 7:7, we do not need anyone to help us. Many do not understand that the basis for answering answers to prayers is the revelation of God’ Fatherhood, which is the foundation to an effective prayer. If you don’t know Him as Father, you cannot confidently approach/engage Him for talk. It means you will be looking for a prayer contractor, and an intermediary. Jesus says in Luke 11:2 that we must approach God as Father. Father can do anything for their children. In one of David songs, it says, “As a father pity his children so the Lord pities them that fears (regards) Him. For He knows our frame: He remember that we are dust” Psalms 103:13-17.
6. Right to clothing, no sane parent has baby and leave the baby naked. When Adam sinned, God clothes him even-though Adam tried to clothe himself, the clothe he sown for himself didn’t fit, God had to come into the situation. So, as a child of God, if you mess up, go to God, do not run away from Him.
All we need to do is to return to him with all our heart (Zechariah 1:3). So, if you are born into a family, your needs are met by your parents. I don’t see a good parents that we have children and don’t care about them. If you are an owner of a property, it would be an abomination to be locked out of your property; you have rights to it. If you don’t know your rights is another thing; and if you don’t know your rights, you will be short-changed. People will deceive you to part with what you have. Jesus warned in Revelation 3:11, “Do not let anyone take what is yours.”
If you do not know your rights in your father’ house like Esau, to call on him whenever you have issues; your birthright would be placed on negotiation table of trading stock for bazaar, it would be wrestled from you, and you will be short-changed on what is due to you. There are some people that are streetwise targeting your rights, but you don’t need to be streetwise in the Kingdom of God, we must all be contented with whatever our portion is; you don’t need to grab another person’ destiny. Between birth and rights, some people only experience births without rights, and others enjoys both.
Now how do we get both birth and rights in one word? As I earlier mentioned if you are an owner of a property, it is an abomination for you to be locked out of your property, but it happens to some people; the preacher in his book of Eccl. 7:10 says he had seen another abomination on the earth, “While princess walk on the ground, slaves rides on the horses meant for the prince. It is an evil thing.” As a Prince, you should know that all that belong to your father belong to you, except you don’t know your rights. If you don’t know, that is when you begin to run to false prophets for help. And they will begin to trade on the rights that originally belongs to you, what happens afterwards is a compromise.
In the Kingdom of God, everyone that belogs there have equal rights, and that birthrights must not be traded, God forbid it, remember Revelation 3:11. Birthright must not be undervalued, God frowns at it, you must subject your birthright to be nothing of importance. Everyone has their place of strength and weakness, discover your own and maximize it. Birthrights must not be despised, God hated it. There is a purpose one is born into a family; birthright must not be devalued. You must not say. Oh, I cannot do it. You also have your strength. You need to You need to discover your strength. This is the reason God said Esau I hated because He had seen the end from the beginning. Esau despised his birthright because of instant gratification; what he ate and pass out in the toilet. He did not value his right, so he couldn’t stand present temptation. He could have confronted Jacob and say to him, “Even if I do not have money today, I have a positioning in this house. When our parents started to build family, why couldn’t you jump forward as the first born? That is my right, my birthright. That is my position. You can have all the money and build houses, hotels all around town; you are still the last born here. When we come to the family meeting, I have certain right you don’t have, and I am not going to trade it for peanut. If you go back to your home, you have all the rights to instruct your servants on what you desire; but here, in our father’ house, I will cherish my rights.
If you despise your birthright, where will you get another? When we begin to put things in this right perspective as children of God, life will take a greater turn, we will not take decision we would regret tomorrow. Many young women had traded their rights because of nothing, may the mercy of God speak for us all and that is the purpose we were talking this today. When challenges of life come, and we cannot call on God, something bad would happen because you will begin to listening to the voice of strangers. Jesus said My sheep would not listen to strangers (John 10:27-28). They hear My voice. That was the reason when Adam said “I am naked”. God ask him (Genesis 3:10-11), “Who told you that you are naked”. This was the same Adam that shine the glory of God to all creation, the same Adam that God brought all animals He made to; and asked him to name them and whatever Adam call them became their names (Genesis 2:19-20). What happen to Adam, he compromised his right by talking to a stranger and traded his birthright and lost his authority. You are now saying somebody told you that you are naked, a child of God is now saying he has family curse; who told you that? False prophet/teacher? Where were you when your grandfather, and father committed what they said they committed? What did the Word of God’ position on curses? You don’t know. They said if I don’t do this, you are under a curse, right?
Strange spirit told Esau that he would die if he didn’t eat, and he believed it and lost his right forever.
Talking about compromise. When we talk about compromise, compromise means changing the question to fit in the already made answer in your mind. I hope you understand that. You change the question. You don’t need to change the question to fit in the answer, you are only deceiving yourself by changing the question to fit the answer in your head. I remember a friend of mine who watch a broadcast on YouTube, and the much sweet, talked woman analyzed some life issues she had helped lots of people to find solution to. So, my friend needed an alibi, she asked me to watch the video and tell her my thought. Sincerely, I was disappointed in her because we have a stand on Christ and His Word, He said by their fruits you know them. The sight of the woman tells me a lot, so I didn’t bother to check on her and didn’t get back to my friend. After a month, my friend asked me to check on the video again, so I told her that Christ or nothing for me. It was 6months past that my friend confessed to me that she contacted the woman, because she had some issues, she said the woman began to tell her things that are not scriptural, that was when it dawns on her that Bisola was right. We must be careful, contacting some of these kinds of people can compromise our rights in Christ. It is an exchange for them, it is a transaction for them. Esther had just one direction she faced and it was a direction of no return, she said, “If I perish, I perish” (Esther 4:16). The 3 Hebrews boys do not reconsider the situation they were about to face, minds fixed on God (Daniel 3).
Our help should be from the Lord, not on our feelings. Esau bowed to his feelings and placed his birthright on negotiation table, he lost.
Let me give you a scenario to understand, let’s agree that Esau was hungry and came home to be fed, and Jacob his brother was not playing ball to give him food without taking something in return; why couldn’t Esau cry to his mother, if he knew his mother didn’t like him much, where is their father? I have listed the responsibilities of parents from the beginning of this message; they are the providers. Let’s say in a home where there is good relationship. Yeah, there was no cats and rats’ relationship. Where no one is planning to usurp another one’ rights and position. where there were plans that one is planning to become greater than the second. Just one mother and one father, the same birth. Let even say that your junior brother was a selfish type, of course many siblings are selfish, and Edom was hungry, and Jacob refused to give him food. Why couldn’t Esau had shouted to mother. Let’s take it another way, if mother was acting out because of the prophecy she received during their birth, why couldn’t Esau had called on Dad? Maybe Esau was not in good relationship with them because he was a lazy type that do not do his chores at home. Which parent would show open love to such stubborn child?
Now, let’s bring it into our relationship with God as followers of Christ, you don’t pray as you ought to (Luke 18:1; Matt. 7:7; Jer.33:3). You don’t read the Word (Joshua 1:7-9). You cannot live successfully outside of God, ask those people who lived outside the Garden of Eden. You will know what happened to them. It was in that place, outside of the Garden of Eden, outside of the presence of God, even-though they could be rich in terms of silver coin and promissory note, building houses and cities, bearing children like rat. These are unbelievers’ measurement of God’ blessings. Yet, the presence of God is missing in their lives. Every time they must be negotiating living with satan, and there is no way you can outsmart satan. satan has been in the business of cheating before you were born, before everybody came to this place, satan will outsmart you of your glory if you don’t know how to approach God. But with God we don’t negotiate, He is the loving Father, even if you sin, you can reach Him. Go and ask the prodigal son, the moment he showed up at the porch of his father house, his father knew that, for his son to have returned home, he had repented, and the father restored him to his original position in the family. He commanded clothes to be brought, family heirloom was placed on him, ring in his finger and party was thrown. Angels are happy in heaven when the children of the Kingdom return home. We don’t negotiate with satan. God is a good Father, and it is His good pleasure to give us whatever we need. It does not offend Him if we ask all that we desire to live for the purpose we are created for. The scripture says, “Silver and gold belongs to Him, even cattle on a thousand hills” (Haggai 2:8; Psalms 50:10-12).
There is no doubt, there is wisdom or lessons in this birthright saga between these two brothers. Now, it’s Jacob’ turn, and this wisdom will be against Jacob. We mustn’t be what God does not want us to be. After many years of Jacob outsmarting people, his brother, his father, his uncle Laban, I’ve never seen someone like Jacob before. The important question is: does those things he took from people made him to be who he eventually become? No, those things will only bring sorrow, unrest into his life. Peace left him, you can’t do all that and you have peace. Peace left him and he ran away from home, he couldn’t go to the market without looking over his shoulder because of fear, he knew those he had duped would come for him.
He was always on the run, there was no correlation between his mind and his brain. This is why many pastors today have bodyguards because they know that some people are coming for them. They have stolen people’ properties. I remember when we were in synagogue, there was one man who visited TB Joshua from US.

He came with one beautiful car; and TB Joshua instigated one man called Nkechi to convinced him to give TB Joshua the car in exchange for the miracle he sorts for. After some time, the man didn’t get anything as miracle, he saw that TB Joshua had swindled him, and the man who introduced him to TB Joshua advised him to get a lawyer to repossess his car because he himself has earlier lost 10million naira to TB Joshua. Do you think if TB Joshua didn’t restore on time, would they not have hunted him? Those men have guts to confront TB Joshua, there are many other persons that didn’t have mind to confront him. Why should you be doing the work of pastor and surround yourself with bodyguards; who want to kill you? Those people you took things wrongfully from, but you don’t need to steal from anybody in order for God’ promises to be fulfilled in your life.

 The things Jacob took from people didn’t add up to God’ promises for his life. It wasn’t those source that prospered Jacob, so, stop being wicked to others. Grabbing, grabbing, grabbing, grabbing, grabbing will not help anyone. The Word of the Lord says, it is only the blessing of the Lord that makes rich, it is not the corrupted blessings you have stolen. The blessing of the Lord attaches with no sorrow; but the blessings you stole will add sorrows. Jacob become what he became because of God’ plan and purpose for him, stop outsmarting people, Stop helping God, you cannot help God. Yes, someone had giving you vision, or prophecy have said you would become a millionaire in life; ok, now what should we do? Must you become a bandit to actualize the vision? That was what Jacob did. He became a desperado at every turn, duped his brother, conned his father, and duped his uncle. Stop out-smarting people. Stop helping God; God is not crippled. God does not need anyone’ help to fulfil His promises. It’s God’ show, not ours. For Jacob to fully understand God’ path, God had to take him back to the beginning of time. When he escaped his uncle’ place in a hurry, in the dead of the night because of what he had done; he was afraid at the back (Uncle), and afraid at the front (Brother). What kind of life is this? So, when he got to Peniel (Genesis 32:24-32); that was when God met him, as he was in meditation in the presence of God, thinking about his life and the Angel of the Lord appeared. The Angel of the Lord asked, “what is your name?” the name he had was a bad omen on him. Jacob was taken back to the beginning of himself so that he could start a new spiritual journey in life. And he said to Jacob, your name shall no longer be Jacob, Israel. Now that he became Israel, when Jacob, I mean Israel got to Shechem, something happened to his daughter, Dinah. If it were the old Jacob, he would have done something very bad in taking a revenge, but because he has become a new man. He said to his children to allow peace to reign as he released everything into the hands of God to judge.

 So many of us need to go back to the beginning. We cannot use street wisdom to work with God or to help Him to fulfill His promises in our lives. We must develop relationship with God, if you don’t have relationship with the Father to speak to Him if you are in need, that’s when you will begin to negotiate your needs with people that will exchange your birthright like Esau. So now concerning you Jacob in the Kingdom of God, you don’t need to grab people’ things because they are vulnerable. No, you should not; we are saved by the grace, not of our own, so that no one will boast (Ephesians 2:8). The psalmist says, “Not unto us, he repeated it, Not unto us, but unto God Be the glory unto Thy Name.” Ps. 115:1-8), We must realize that He is our help in time of need; we must stop taking advantage of people like Jacob, pastors should stop tying people’ destiny down to get relevancy in life. Many places of worship have become polluted to the point that anybody that enters there can no longer be normal. It is not fair, it is ungodly, it is unacceptable; it is abomination before God. You must stop living another man’s life, all that you accumulated will end one day; what would it be your profit to gain the world and lose your soul (Mark 8:36-37).

For your birthright to be compromised means you don’t know who you are in the family like Esau, or like Esau who was lazy to cook, a lazy Christians that can’t read their Bible, have no time to pray, and too gluttonous to fast. You are always looking for a prayer contractor, asking every dick and harry to pray for them. Can you pray for me? Can you pray for me? Crippled minded Christians would keep asking around till they get to destiny negotiator that will grab their birthrights. If you become a beggar like Esau, transaction would happen on your birthright; exchange will take place and your birthrights will be compromised.

Now, this is for Jacobs in the house of God, please stop grabbing people’ rights; you would be what you would be no matter how long it takes. When you grab, you think God need help, but the Word of God says, “He rules in the affairs of men.” He knows everything, He can do everything by Himself. With all the things that Jacob stole, when there was food shortage in the land of Canaan where he lived, Jacob sent his children to Egypt; why couldn’t the food he had last him a lifetime? What a lesson we learn here! God bless you. Thank you very much.


CHURCHES You Must Avoid Because They Are CULTS

Religion is said to be the “opium for the people” or “opiate of the masses.” I believe the contention behind this phrase is related to the prevalence of false information about God being circulated by wicked set of people who takes the advantage of feeble-minded people in our time. God is not interested in religion but in relationship with His creatures. So, falsehood deceptively gives people artificial, illusory happiness – like the opium does to drug addicted people. This goes further to say that false religion is for the weak-minded or the emotionally disturbed that need religion as crutches to get through life.

Religious cults are groups of people that organized themselves to control their followers’ minds and compels them to adhere to a strict belief system organize around a charismatic leader. Unlike a true church of Jesus Christ, a religious cult is destructive and uses fear and manipulation to command their membership. If you evaluate their doctrine, examine their practices, and take your time to look at the true church objectively, you can determine whether an organization is a legitimate church of Jesus Christ or a Cult.

CHURCHES You Must Avoid Because They Are CULTS:

  1. Churches that use and sell anointed (Holy) water and give out pastor’s pictures as protection.
  2. Churches that expects you to respect the Man of God over your parents and family
  3. Churches that only one single man that claims to be GO pray for the sick to claim relevance instead of allowing elders to pray according to the scripture.
  4. Churches that claim that the Pastor, apostle or prophet is always right and never wrong
  5. Churches that expect you to be in church 3-4 times a week and pray to the God of your man of God.
  6. Churches that don’t do altar call to pray for people’s Salvation.
  7. Churches that don’t preach about sinful lifestyle, Heaven and Hellfire.
  8. Churches that the Man of God always counsel and pray for women alone.
  9. Churches that force and manipulates you to give money for prayer, prophecy and conference.
  10. Churches that the Man of God is too important, exclusive and difficult to have a meeting with and kneel, stand or clap when he comes into church.
  11. Churches that the Man of God abuses his wife and doesn’t want to recognize his wife or be seen with her.
  12. Churches that members dream about their pastors/prophets praying or having sex with them.
  13. Churches that want you to allow your underaged female children to live with the pastor/prophet.
  14. Churches that use fear, to cage people’s minds.
  15. Churches that the leadership is a lying machine, using lies to cage people’s minds.
  16. Churches that turn their members to be morons/zombies.

Run, Run, Run for your life🏃🏃🏃🏃,

Let me read your comments and experiences if you have any at the comment section.

God bless!


Late TB Joshua Kept Me Under Duress As A Prisoner

Life in the Synagogue church of all Nations can be so deceptive to the outsider and traumatizing to the insider. The Emmanuel TV viewers sit at home watching lies, make belief, stage-managed miracles and a performer who called himself prophet, with his team of deluded actors and actresses called disciples. What A life! What a Shame!

Martina shared her story with me on “The Experience” Platform tonight and it was heartbreaking to hear what late TB Joshua did. Kindly like my videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel and feel free to share

Late TB Joshua – A Psychopath

The Dictionary explain the word PSYCHOPATH as




  1. a person affected by chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviour.SIMILAR:madman/madwomanmad personderanged personmaniac
    • INFORMALan unstable and aggressive person:

While in the Synagogue living with TB Joshua, we had series of experiences that bring us to this conclusion. Paul Agomoh is with me in the studio to share experiences.

In my Book, The TB Joshua I Know– “T.B. Joshua once raised an all-glass center-table up, and threw it at Jimoh, threatening to smash Mr. Jimoh’ head to the wall; thank God, Jimoh could run. Why? This happened because there was a man called Christian, who claimed to be a footballer, and needed T.B. Joshua’s help to travel overseas, he lived inside the Synagogue for some time. When Peter Rufai (Dodo Mayana), a top soccer goalkeeper visited the Synagogue, he faulted the guy as a footballer, but the calculations of the money which footballers usually earns had blinded T.B. Joshua to believe what Dodo Mayana said about the man. T.B. Joshua had already had his calculation that by the time he helped the guy to travel overseas to play International Club side, he would be sharing the money with him. When we reported to T.B. Joshua that they guy was a liar, T.B. Joshua became angry that we do not want him to enjoy the guy’s money, and so was it at last; the guy was busted. As T.B. Joshua deceives people, he is also being deceived. Most times, he would suddenly become highly irritated and wild, banging doors and pursuing people around in the ‘disciples’ quarters. Sometimes, he would refuse to go to the service, until the women in the service would sing, sing and sing in his name; or sometimes, he would suddenly become upset inside the service, and left all the people unattended. One day, he dressed like a mad man, he wore many clothes together inside out, and he pasted some things on his face, with a bowl over his head, and was dancing around ‘disciples’ quarters. Whenever these things happen to him, they would say, ‘Adaba’ is flying, meaning ‘Dove, interpretation that his holy spirit is not happy.’ Howbeit, the scripture testifies of Holy Spirit of God to be gentle and kind, not crazy like TB Joshua (GALATIANS 5:22-23; 1PETER 3:4). After some time, T.B. Joshua would calm down by himself after a while and starts to laugh; we lived with a sick man who is being tormented by devil. ‘Disciples’ were constantly under fear and panic, you cannot predict the next moment with T.B. Joshua. My work in the studio shielded me away from most of these attacks, except whenever he called for general meeting. T.B. Joshua cuts himself away from the people of his past; many of them surprisingly died mysteriously the moment they get in touch with him.”

The TB Joshua I Know
Deception Of The Age is Unmasked in this Book-THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW

No Hiding Place For satan – SO HELP ME GOD

Today, as one of those that God pulled back from the brink of hellfire through His Mercy. I will not hold my peace nor fold my hands seeing others going on opposite direction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and are led by the vicars of darkness, to be slaughtered in the abattoir of bewitching dark world through doctrines of falsehood; and I will become unconcerned about their souls.
I shall be unrelenting in my unapologetically raising proclamations against such evil acts even if I am a last man standing, I will intensify in exposing their activities.
So, help me God!

The TB Joshua I Know
Deception Of The Age is Unmasked in this Book-THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW



Our Number One Need is Prayer

Jesus admonishes every believer in Him in Luke 18:1 that “men need to pray and not faint.” In the preceding verses, He further elaborate on the loving heart of our heavenly Father, Who is always ready to answer our prayers. One of the best ways you can help us reach the world with the Word of God is to join our WATCHMEN FOR BJF GROUP

. More specifically, please pray that:

  • Many individuals and families will be saved
  • More locations, communities, and countries allow the preaching of God’s Word
  • Members will travel safely and in no way be prevented from doing their work
  • There will be steady flow of funds to cover evangelism around the world.
  • Children of God will not backslide.

Join us as a Partner in Prayer and you’ll receive:


You can see how your prayers are making a difference as you read our eNews for the latest testimonies and stories from recent Scripture distributions


With this calendar, which is in and out of seasons, you will be joining hundreds of thousands of our Friends and members praying.


You will have the opportunity to meet our members and Friends in your community as we invite you to local events as our special guest.


God is interested in the People Living on Earth

Follow Christ



A Personal Journey

The Bible is the foundation for Christianity. It contains the answers to all of life’s vital questions and changes the very lens of the worldview through which we view reality. Most importantly, it teaches us how to have a true, meaningful relationship with God.

These verses illustrate the plan of salvation:


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:8


For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. – Romans 3:23

As it is written: “none is righteous, no, not one” – Romans 3:10


For the wages of sin is death; but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. – Romans 6:23

But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. – John 1:12


Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. – Revelation 3:20

For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” – Romans 10:13

But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. – John 20:31


As a Christian, you can talk to God through prayer and share your heart with Him. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, He is faithfully listening for you to call on Him. To begin your new life in faith, pray this simple prayer:

“God, I confess that I am a sinner and I am in need of salvation. I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins and rose again to bring me new life. I ask to receive your forgiveness and grace and choose to follow You as my Lord and Savior. Amen.”


The church is the body of Christ, designed to bring Him glory through worship, to teach Biblical doctrine, and to equip its members for evangelism. After making your decision to receive Christ, we encourage you to prayerfully seek a healthy Christian community in your local church that will help you continue to grow in your walk.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. 2 Peter 3:18


Assurance for the believer comes directly from God’s Word. The Gospel tells us that because Christ died for us, anyone who trusts in Him may know that their sins have been forgiven, once and for all; and they shall be empowered to be children of God (John 1:11-12).

Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. – Romans 10:9

Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment but has passed from death to life. – John 5:24


2023 Global Prophecy – Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson



Congratulations it’s another Year!

Always remember that Yesterday is gone, Today is ours. Tomorrow is in the Able Hands of the Almighty God.

To live in peace with God…Repent of your sins (Mark 1:15).

To be delivered… Go personally to God through Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:12-14; Act 4:12). There’s nothing called deliverance ministries, Jesus did it all.

To enjoy good health… Exercise, eat balance diet, stop eating junks (3John 1:2; 1Tim. 4:8)

To live well… Go and work, stop waiting for destiny helpers in churches where you shout, “I receive, I receive.” You received nothing. I was once there (Deut. 28:12; 2Thess. 3:10) Be Merciful (Matt. 5:7; Ps. 18:24-26).

If you are in need… Pray to God (Jeremiah 33:3; Matthew (7:7).

To be spiritually intelligent and balanced… Always read and meditate on the Word of God (Jos. 1:8)

If we are sick in the body…Pray (Jeremiah 30:17; Exo. 15:26) AND GO TO THE HOSPITAL.

Challenges may come but we must rest in Him (John 16:33).

Always pray, read the Word of God and learn something new that will improve your life positively.

PLAN … God loves people who plans (Luke 14:31).

PLANT good seeds because you will benefit from it another time.

Love yourself, appreciate yourself, celebrate yourself, bless yourself, be happy with yourself always. You can’t give what you don’t have to others.

Be cautious… Don’t rush into things, carry God along.

STOP USING GOD AS RUBBER STAMP, we need His guidance.

We must stop living double-faced lifestyle of hypocrites because of money. Let us be sincere with one another. Be a blessing to people, don’t live for yourself alone.


First, you must know that we are all in this together.

So, No man knows tomorrow, I don’t know tomorrow, your pastors, and prophets don’t know tomorrow. You have seen how they failed in their predictions many times. No angels know tomorrow, No satan or demons knows. We follow God by faith (Heb. 11). If you know tomorrow, you don’t need God. Stay in your lane, and let God be God. We must rest in God’ Word. You do not need anyone to forecast what tomorrow holds for you, you actually don’t need it. The Lord Jesus Christ says, let Today’s issues be enough for us to deal with, if Tomorrow per adventure comes, the Lord who Rules in the affairs of men (Daniel 5:21) is still on the Throne of Mercy to see us through (Ps. 23:5).

Shun forecasters.

Shun casinos pastors and Jehovah sharp sharp peddlers

Snub SANGOMAS and Babalawos/ Mamalawos in the cloak of prophets/ prophetesses. Hand of Esau, voice of Jacob international ministries. Reject magicians in the cloak of pastors.

RUN away from star gazers in the name of prophets.

Ignore talk na do, falsehood peddlers.

Let these people go and prophesy to their families first.

Do not allowed yourself to be deceived and they make mockery of your life.

Christians should stop checking horoscope newspaper pages or waiting for what Papa’ prophecies would say to them to teleguide their lives. We have seen many of them divorced, died, and managed sicknesses, they are humans like everyone.

Man is inquisitive by nature, and he wants to know what tomorrow holds for him, this is why most people are so fascinated by those who claims to know the future or possessed the gift of prophecy. Nevertheless, if we realize that Jesus is in our future and our Future is safe in God’s Hand; we shall have peace and rest in God (1Cor. 2:9). He said in Jeremiah 29:11 that “I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU.” Only God knows and only Him can bring us into it.

Though our beginning may be small, Yet, our latter end would increase abundantly (Job 8:7). Life is not a competition.

Happy New Year 2023 all lovers and followers of Truth.


For the Love of the Church of Jesus Christ.

NB: I didn’t go to any mountain, I only used it as caveat to gain your attention; but of course, Prayer and Fast are part of my living.

Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson


He Holds The Keys

“I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades” (Revelation 1:18, NIV)


You cannot understand how much key is important until you ever been locked out of your car or house or promise land; and you cannot gain entrance into your own properties or a much-desired place. It can be very frustrating, depressing and inconvenient. Not having the right keys can keep you stuck in a point and unproductive. It steals your time and can steal your peace and joy if you let it. The Israelites were stuck in the wilderness for 40 years, perambulating on a location until it got to Deuteronomy 1:6-7, when God released key of direction to His people.

6 “The Lord our God spoke to us in Horeb, saying: ‘You have dwelt long enough at this mountain. 7 Turn and take your journey, and go to the mountains of the Amorites, to all the neighboring places in the plain, in the mountains and in the lowland, in the South and on the seacoast, to the land of the Canaanites and to Lebanon, as far as the great river, the River Euphrates.”

God has a call on our lives, each life individually, and on us all corporately. Some of us have delayed far too long in embarking on the pursuit of that call. I know I have too. All what the Israelites needed to do was to turn, but rather they were only going on circle. Does that make sense to you and I? All we just need to do like the Israelites is to turn away from our superfluity of naughtiness and filthiness,

turn from our human wisdom and selfishness to receive the engrafted Word of God that is able to save our souls. All we need to do is to turn from emulating worldly affairs and set our minds on the things above (Colossians 3:2; Romans 12:2).

Have we turn away from our waywardness to embrace submission to His will?

James 4:7 KJV “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

The ALMIGHTY GOD is most powerful. He is caring, loving, and wants the absolute best for His children. Unfortunately, most of the sons of Adam behave like rebellious teenagers against the FATHER and His CHRIST.

We have to remind ourselves and our fellows to submit ourselves before the ALMIGHTY. This alone will allow us to resist the devil and watch him flee from you. This will be in thoughts, deeds, emotions, and all things; it begins with submission to the ALMIGHTY!

The “Turning” here could be the key many of us need to open mighty gates the enemy had positioned our ways.

For some, the keys we need may be “Prayers” little wonder it is said that prayer is the Master Key. Jesus started with prayers and ended with prayers – He prayed to the Father, not to men as many are doing today. Jesus prayed, He didn’t depend on elements like water, oil, prophets’ mantle, wrist bands, etc as the culture today amongst so called ‘believers’.

John 17:1, “These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee: as thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.”

On a spiritual level, we need keys to access what God has for us—eternal life, peace, freedom, and blessing. But we don’t have to stand on the outside and be frustrated because the good news is, Jesus holds the keys, and He has opened the way for us to walk from death to life. We don’t have to live in defeat, mediocrity, sickness, sin, or any kind of bondage any longer. We have access to the abundant life Jesus came to give!

Someone may ask, why do I need a key? The blessing of God is not for Jik and Harry. All of us keep things that are most important to us safe under lock and keys. So, why do you think God would do less? To avoid wastage and undervalue, it has to be lock up to be released to those who desire and deserved it. I once gave many of my Books to people, but I later realized that greater number of them never open the Book to read. Jesus said, Matthew 7:6 –

“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

It may sound harsh, but it is an important principle for the man or woman of God’s righteousness. It can be difficult for the principled Christian to know when to speak and when not to speak. There are those that are so hardened to the truth that to give it to them only adds fuel to the fire or their unbelief.

Today, if you feel stuck, locked out, or defeated; remember, Jesus is the one who holds the keys. All you have to do is call on His name and He will answer. He promises to hear you and will deliver you! Call on His name today and receive the salvation and deliverance He has already prepared for you!

Jesus Christ further said, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven” (Matthew 16:19).

We all know that Keys represent access. Keys represent authority. Whether it’s a key to a building, car, or safety deposit box; if you’ve been given a key (Access) to something, it means you have a right to use it. You have access to whatever that key will open.

Friend, because of Jesus, we have the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven! We have access to all the heavenly blessings and promises that are in the Word of God. And, we have the authority to take hold of those promises. Do you believe in those promises? Even it is not enough to have the keys, but more importantly, we must use it to the glory of God. Many have the keys, but guilt of the past is robbing them of the joy, blessings, peace and abundance that the access could give them.

There are many seemingly blessings in the world from satan, but the true blessings is in the hands of God. The scripture says in James 1:17 that:

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write, These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth; (Revelation 3:7 KJV)

So, whatever we need access to, let us go to God in prayer to receive the keys we need to open doors. And to those who already have the keys; Are you using the keys that you have been given—the keys of faith and the power of your words (Revelation 12:11), and actions? No matter what you may have need of—be it physical healing, provision, wholeness, freedom from addiction—you have been given the authority to access it in Jesus’ Name! Take hold of those promises by faith and begin to declare that every need is met according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Take a step of faith today and use those keys you have been given to take hold of every blessing God has in store for you! Do not be afraid of death, Christ holds the keys. Only Him has the Keys to your joy, peace and blessings. No man has it, no pastor or prophet has it.


“Father God, thank You for giving me access to every promise and blessing in heaven. By faith, right now I receive everything You have for me. I surrender every area of my heart to You and ask that You make me whole and complete. Set me free from anything that would keep me from You. Help me stay focused on Your Word which empowers me to live in the victory You have in store for me. In Jesus’ Name I have prayed.

No matter how things are difficult, DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST


Kindly share with other and let me see your comments.

false prophet

Congratulations To Late TB Joshua, He Made It To International List Of False Prophets

Congratulations To Late TB Joshua, He Made It To International List Of False Prophets

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TB Joshua was an African televangelist who has spread a number of fake unverified healings, uncountable number of his victims left the Synagogue and return home to die, false teachings, deliverances and false prophecies over the past several years. His teachings have had a destructive impact on the lives of many people, and his false prophecies have led to a great deal of unnecessary suffering. I’m glad to see him listed on the International List of False Prophets, and I hope that this will help people stay away from his false teachings. Late TB Joshua fought tooth and nail to be known internationally, yes, he got known and famous, but he is known for who he truly is. TB Joshua’ dream was to be famous and globally known which he did well for himself through occultism, using young innocent virginity to step up his demonic powers he acquired over years. Today, TB Joshua is well known as a false prophet.

Unfortunately, before TB Joshua expired, he has polluted the earth through his baby snakes he hatched in different country. He never preached Jesus Christ to be known, but his demonic powers to initiate people into darkness. He sold strange water from his village source, he gave people hand beads, lanterns, his personal picture, handkerchiefs, and many strange objects. We must be very careful, it is by faith we follow God, not through elements.

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Why me?

Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering?

Considering the way that we find ourselves these days; there’s illness, abuse, broken relationships, betrayal, sorrow, injuries, heartache, disappointment, crime and death. If you’re like me, you probably may have been asking the question, “Why? Why me? Why now?”
That “why” question goes back thousands of years even in the Old Testament by Job and the writers of the Psalms, Ps 42:5 “Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance.”

Job 6:8 “Oh that I might have my request; and that God would grant me the thing that I long for!”

This question became more frequently asked during the 20th century, when we witnessed two World Wars, the Holocaust, genocides in the Soviet Union and China, devastating famines in Africa, in Nigeria, Boko Haram are raging hot, the killing fields of Cambodia, the emergence of AIDS, Ebola, Monkeypox, Covid-19 and many strains attached to it, raging hurricanes creating floods everywhere, the genocide in Rwanda and the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo.
Aside natural disaster, there are also man-made disaster – The 21st Century didn’t start any better considering the 9/11 attack, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, all the civil revolutions in the middle east and Ukraine-Russia war, corruption in Africa that leaving many in abject poverty are add up for those whose loved ones paid the ultimate price to ask the ‘why’ question.
Why are all these things happening if there’s a loving and powerful God? Why do bad things happen to good people?
But if you’ve never asked why our world is infected with pain and suffering, you will when they strike you with full force or they come to a loved one. And Jesus told us that they are coming. Jesus was honest because He told us in John 16:33; ‘You will have suffering in this world…’ not that you might – He said
it is going to happen.
No one can understand God’s mind to ascertain the ‘why’ question because: ‘For now, we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known ((1 Corinthians 13:12) (NIV)).’ I want us to know that this was the same question that the Israelites asked Moses; ‘why’ he brought them to the desert to die rather than left in Egypt to die as slaves. The bible makes it perfectly clear that; ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28)’. It is not easy going through some of these things as humans but Paul in the above quotation lets us to know that God has the best intention for us no matter how much we hurt or hurting. Remember what the Prophet Jeremiah 1:5 and 29:11 say. We were chosen by Christ for a reason (John 15:16). As bad as it may sound, that reason why we ask ‘why’ may be God’s only way to take us to our promised land. Put your trust in God and ask Him to use your ‘why’ question to make you a better person.
Lord, use my ‘why’ question to enlighten my mind concerning Your plans for my life. Use it to bring me up and make me a better person always, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.


My Dangerous Encounter with T. B. Joshua

My Dangerous Encounter with T. B. Joshua

By Justus Nwakanma

Whatever you are going to read in this piece happened. I am putting this up in a very simple narrative that people will understand. I am not publishing this to condemn anybody or to praise anybody.

Every child of God owes it a duty to narrate his experiences to encourage others on this pilgrimage called life.

I will keep the names of some of my senior editors and colleagues secret as I have no permission to use their names here. But many of them are my friends on Facebook and may be reading this piece.

In 2001, I did a story on a lady who was taken to The Synagogue Church of all Nations(SCOAN) for healing. She did not survive after that. Her mother was furious and said she suspected foul play. That story was published in Saturday Champion.

As was normal with me then, I loved to travel all over Nigeria to investigate feature stories. Earlier I had submitted a proposal to travel to do a feature story on the devastation of erosion in the five South East States. I embarked on the journey the week the story was published. We had a tradition in Champion newspapers then. Whenever you traveled, you were expected to report at the state office of the state you traveled to. This was to ensure transparency and for contact and logistics support.

I traveled on a Saturday and on Sunday evening, I reported at the state office at Rotibi Street Owerri. I was barely 30 minutes in the office when the phone rang. There was no GSM then. The Correspondent picked the phone, and I overheard my Editor asking if he had seen me in Owerri. The Correspondent said I was there with him. The Editor demanded to speak with me. He asked me a few questions and added that I should produce a good story. I thanked him. He hung up.

But I became curious. He asked me when I left Lagos, when I arrived in Owerri, the hotel where I was staying, etc. Some of the questions were already answered in the application to travel I submitted to him which was approved and money advanced to me.

Unknown to me, the story of the Lady at the Synagogue had caused an earthquake. They didn’t know that the story was released to the media by one of the Prophet’s trusted aides.

I was to learn later that T.B. Joshua had contacted the publisher and had complained that the story was false. The Publisher demanded my immediate sack.

The Managing Director/Editor-in-chief then said it would be wrong to sack me as the story was balanced and that I made efforts to speak to the Prophet’s media aides.

However, the Editor was asked to carry a rebuttal or apologize. He rejected both options blatantly and rather chose to be sacked. Why did he take such an extreme position?

He said in the midst of the crisis, a delegation of the media team of SCOAN had met with him in the office and had presented a recorded interview with me where I denied authorship of the story and that the story was given to me and paid for by the Redeemed Christain Church of God.

He asked them when and where the interview was conducted, and they said about an hour ago at the Redeemed Church. I am not a member of the Redeemed Church. While they were still with him in the office, he placed a call to Owerri and that was when he spoke with him. Immediately, he concluded that there were some hidden dimensions to the matter. They were not telling the truth. How they cloned my voice, I never knew as I did not have the opportunity to listen to the audio.

I was never privy to any discussions on the matter. Somehow, I was not sacked, the Editor retained his job. But a high-powered delegation was raised to go and make peace with T.B. Joshua. The team included the Managing Director/Editor-in-chief, some Executive Directors of Champion Newspapers and some friends of the prophet, notably, late Edith Ike-Okongwu and late Chief Alex Akinyele, a former minister of information. There was also a serving senior military officer, a Major General, whose name I cannot correctly recollect now. A truce was reached.

But this opened a troika of revelations. Not many knew that T.B. Joshua had many senior journalists in Champion House he was reaching out to and who represented his interests. He was enraged that they could not stop the story. He immediately dispensed with their services.

The Prophet invited me to come and see him several times, I rejected it based on advice.

He was to pass a message through one of the aides that I and the Saturday Editor would see his ‘bad side’.

Some weeks later, I slept one day and I heard God speak to me loud and clear.”I have cancelled all the evil plans of T.B. Joshua against you.” I woke up afraid and shivering.

A few years later, I was to become Acting Editor Saturday Champion, Deputy Editor Daily Champion and Editor, Daily Champion. Before then, I had made a decision that I was not going to do another story on SCOAN and its members. T. B. Joshua began sending goodwill messages to me including gifts. I never objected to them on the belief that God had already delivered me from whatever evil he planned against me. Then he invited me to his office. I began visiting him often and we began phone exchanges.

He had a very large heart. You will never visit him and go home empty-handed. He loved humanity.

Each time I visited him, he would take me to his inner chambers, and we would discuss as friends.

But there was something strange and unusual about him that gave me great concern. One, he normally called me on the phone between 1am and 2am. There were two people that normally called me at that hour, T. B. Joshua and my friend, Ogbeni Lanre Banjo. Ogbeni Banjo was a one-time governorship candidate of Gani Fawehinmi’s National Conscience Party (NCP) who lives in America.

If my phone was not within reach, there was a way I knew who was calling me. If the call was from T. B. Joshua, the curtains in my house will first shake as if under the influence of a wind for some seconds before the phone will ring out. I told my wife and a few friends and colleagues about this.

The second strange thing I noticed about him was that no matter the distance he was standing, if I am at his back he would notice my presence, even if I am in a crowd he would walk straight to where I was. He could see you coming to him even if you are kilometers away. I also noticed that his movements were jerky and unpredictable. If he was walking with you, he may gallop or run or alter his direction as if being pushed. He would be talking to you and suddenly he would keep silent as if listening to a voice.

On October 28, 2009, he invited me to SCOAN. He was donating some transformers to neighboring communities. I took one of our Senior Reporters, Ufomba Uzuegbu with me to cover the event. I had already told him about my concerns with these strange observations. We were late to the event. T. B. Joshua was already addressing the crowd in the church. There could have been over 500 people there. We decided to enter from the front entrance where his back was. Immediately we entered, he stopped his speech. He turned and said, “my friend is here, my friend is here.” He came down from the rostrum, held me by the hand and took me straight to his office. After the event, my colleague who observed everything said I should not bring him to SCOAN again because there was something abnormal about him.

I used to watch wrestling a lot. Whenever I come back home late after production, I could stay up till 4am watching wrestling and movies. Not any longer. On this day, I was in the parlour watching wrestling with my wife. The curtains started shaking vigorously, I looked at the clock, it was 2am. I said to my wife, “it’s T.B. Joshua, it’s T.B. Joshua.” Immediately my phone rang out. “Hello Prophet,” I said. ” How are you, friend…,” he said.

My wife stood up and went to the bedroom. When I finished the call, she came out and knelt down: “Please I beg of you let today be your last day you will see this man or pick his call. You either choose him or choose me and my children. This man is not normal.” Of course, I chose my family. I never called him again, never picked his calls and never visited him.

One of his top media aides-he was running a successful PR firm in London before he met T.B. Joshua who asked him to relocate to Nigeria and head his media unit- sought an audience with me. I went to Toyin Street Ikeja where he opened up to me, how he had to run for his dear life.

Justus Nwakanma, Nigeria

Runner-Up: Arts & Culture Award

Bio: Justus is Deputy Editor of the Daily Champion in Lagos. He joined the Champion Newspapers as Senior reporter in 2000. He has been a journalist since 1992, working initially with The Guardian and has since worked with the Lagos Eagle Newspaper, Ebony and Source Magazines and Hallmark Newspapers. He holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mass Communication. 

Word And Prayers

Declaration Of God’s Help


Ps. 20:7 “Some trust in chariots, and some trust in horses; But we will remember the name of the Lord our God.”

This Psalms 20:7 is declaration of God’s help that the Israelites usually chants until it goes into their sub-consciousness whenever the nation goes into war with another nation. It can also be as a source of reminder to everyone about what God’s Name is to them especially for their King because at the time of this Psalms, there were lots of gods like Baal, Ashtaroth and many other gods people run to in their time of trouble especially unbelievers and some hypocritical believers also do so. Just in our time today, people do not want to have faith in the Name of God, rather they run after handkerchiefs, oil, anointing water, and many other elements offer to them by church bandits.

Now, let us go back to the Israelites, Yes, horses are strong animals in war; Yes, chariots are stronger in battle, But they are fallible because they are flesh. In a time of war/trouble, we need a help that cannot fail or be defeated. Horses can fail, and chariots can be destroyed.

How will it look if we apply the context in today’s culture? In the midst of different distractions in our world. In the midst of end-time dramas, troubles, aggressions, and many other negative vibes around us. What then can stand the test of time? because horses and chariots are physically limited, Let our declaration of choice be put in the unseen power of the Almighty God.

We all say we trust in God, don’t we? But is God the One we run to each time we have nuts to crack? What do we declare before bedtime? What do we declare to start our day? What do we declare before or in the middle of something?

God wants us to make declarations as Job 22:28 says “You will declare a thing, and it shall be established for you; And light shall shine on your path.” May the Light of God continue to shine in our ways in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

Then and then alone the scripture like Isaiah 26:3 will be fulfilled in our lives.

As we started a new month today, do your declarations and believe in the Word.

God Bless You All.

Jacque Pawu

Late TB Joshua Was A Criminal

During the lifetime of late TB Joshua, he did many terrible horrible things against humanity and using false humanitarian works to cover up to deceive many gullible, vulnerable and ignorant minds.

There was a time his building inside his compound collapsed on innocent people under his nose, leaving hundreds of people that could be identified and unidentified dead. In TB Joshua usual operandi, he tried to protect his prestige in the society, so he bribed many journalists and gave them hand-notes of what they should to report to the society. Feeding the populace with wrong information.

There were lots of time that false miracles were reported by late TB Joshua’s puppets of journalists who eats crumbs under his table. Thereby, misleading the public that miracles are happening in the Synagogue, whereas, contrary is the true situation.

Read one of the account of a foreign journalist, who was bold enough to enlighten the public of the happenings in the Synanogue

Please do not forget to check out Godwill Paul Agomoh new Book release titled: The Blueprint: Demystifying T. B. Joshua – Kindle edition by Paul, Godwill Agomoh. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @


The SCAM Of Ancestral Curses

Ancestral curse can be defined as an evil or misfortune that follows a particular person as a result of being born into a family lineage; inherited family problems. A curse that follows a person as a result of the mistake of his forefathers: like Adamic curse (Genesis 3:17), Ahab curse (1 kings 21:21-26), etc. Many church people have disturbed themselves so much and caused many Pastors, Prophets and Church Leaders to eat fat from this menace.  Different booklet for Personal Deliverance Prayers written by the likes of Pastor Olukoya of Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM); Evangelist Paul G. O. Moses and many other authors contains prayers against lineage curses, premature deaths in the family, divorces, poverty, accidents, frequent breakdown of marriages, abnormal behavior, etc. It is said that at present, several churches include “deliverance” program in their activities “since failure to do so amounts to losing members to churches that include such activities”.

The belief that people’s misfortunes are due to curses they inherited from their forefathers is fast gaining popularity among a growing number of churches in Africa and other parts of the world. Consequently, millions of professed Christians are flocking to pastors for deliverance from perceived “ancestral curses”. Since Christians are to be guided by the words of God in the Holy Bible and not by the precepts of men, we must seek the guidance of the Scriptures in order to be on safe grounds on all issues of doctrine.   This belief in ancestral curses has become quite widespread.  It would be recalled that due to their belief in ancestral curses, five youths from Malawi, in early September this year , threw themselves into a fire after saying their night prayers. It was a bizarre case of mass suicide.  Their father told a local newspaper that when he noticed his children’s strange behaviours recently, he complained to local authorities that the children  had established a strange church in his house and that they commenced their prayers around 10.00 p.m. each day.  He had tried stopping them without success.   On that fateful night, the youths, in the course of praying, made fire with some household items which they had soaked in petrol.  At a stage they took off their clothes and jumped into the fire holding copies of the Bible.  Three of them died on the spot    but two were rescued and taken to a local hospital. 
     The young men were said to have acted on the advice of a local pastor who told them that their parents were responsible for their joblessness and their not ,getting married.  He advised them to burn the items in their home because that was where the parents hid their magic.  The village head, blamed the churches, whom he said were misleading the people for this horrible incident.    He promised to summon the religious leaders in the area so that they could explain “what type of worshipping this is.”

Another text some cite to support the doctrine of ancestral curses is the belief among the Jews of old that “The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge?” (Ezekiel 18:2)  In other words, they believed that the sins of  their fathers were visited upon the children, independent of the moral conduct of the latter. It is important to note that God rebuked the Jews for such belief as He does not deal with men in that way.  Hence in verses 3 and 4 God stated: “As I live, saith the Lord GOD, ye shall not have occasion any more to use this proverb in Israel. Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.” (See also verse 20)

The British Empire was built at the back of conquest and colonization. The British ancestors went on a killing and conquering rampage all across the world and millions were starved and killed in India, millions more were murdered across various African nations. Yet they flourish today, and having a better living. No Ancestral curse or sin of the forefathers is holding them down. Why?

USA 🇺🇸 was built on the extermination (Native Americans) of one race And enslavement of another (African Americans). Their ancestors committed unimaginable atrocities and crimes against humanity. But today they’re regarded as the greatest nation on earth, they have a reasonable living. There’s no Ancestral curse or sin of the forefathers holding them down.

Australia 🇦🇺, committed the worst world un-talked about genocide. The aboriginal Australians have been technically wiped out. The Tasmanian Australian literally are extinct, all orchestrate by present day Australian ancestors. Yet they are living good, better quality of life. No Ancestral curse, no sin of the forefathers causing them poverty and misfortune.

Germany 🇩🇪, committed the forgotten horrific genocide in Namibia 🇳🇦. Same Germany caused the WW1 that claimed lives of millions, same Germany caused the WW2 that claimed
millions of lives, including the 6million Jews and those killed in gas chambers. Today Germany is the European and world economic giant. Better living all round for her citizens. No Ancestral curse, no sin of the forefathers hindering their growth and development.

Belgium, never forget that king Leopold II Of Belgium killed 15million Congolese and amputated thousands of innocent children for not picking enough cotton. Belgium is flourishing, developed and reasonably comfortable for her people. No Ancestral curse, no sin of the forefathers causing misfortune, hindering progress and growth.

But back home in Africa , televangelist, pastors and fraudsters called men of god are busy extorting unsuspecting individuals and families their little hard earned money to liberate them from Ancestral curse and sin of the forefathers, which is apparently the cause of their misfortunes, breakdown in marriage and business. The deaths and road accidents are all linked to the Ancestral curse and even the father’s names you bear.
Ancestors you don’t even have any prove of what they did or didn’t do. But they are your problem? But why is the same curse not holding your counterparts from across the Atlantic, whom their own ancestors have documented atrocities?

I’m sure if these five countries, UK, USA, Australia, Germany & Belgium were to bring ships and planes to Africa right now to start shipping and flying people to their countries for slave trade, millions will fight to be the first to enter.
Some will even come with their own chains, because they don’t want to be told, you can’t be enslaved because there’s no more chains. Many of your pastors and Ancestral curse preachers will be the first to jump in. To be enslaved in countries their ancestors committed some of the worst and horrific world recorded evils.

There’s nothing like Ancestral curse or sin holding or stopping your family progress or community growth or our National development. Our choices, decisions, what we’ve done or haven’t done in various aspects of our lives are our problem. The ineptitude of our leadership class running our governments are the curses preventing our growth and development not the so called Ancestral curse.

This is reality, take responsibility for yourself, and start demanding for accountability and responsibility from your government. Be financially wise by saving for the raining day, don’t eat your tomorrow today. Be wise, take right decision, Go for the gold, do not wait. Stop being busy on the rocky horse, go for the stallion. Stop wishing to go to school, go and get the form and fill the application. Stop wishing to get married, be entangled and knot it as you present all your goals, plans and desire before the Lord Proverbs 3:5-6.

Rom 8:1 says “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” The effect of ancestral curses in a Christian’s life is as a result of ignorance of who we are. Hos 4:6 “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.”

Colossians 1:13-14 explained how and when our deliverance occurred. What Jesus Christ accomplished on the Cross was Total. Let me give this analogy: In crude oil, there are many by-products after processing. Out of Crude oil comes: Liquefied fuel – includes gasoline, kerosene, diesel, motor oil; Lubricants – machineries; Paraffin Wax – Cosmetics ; Petroleum Coke – Industries; Asphalt – Building road and bridges; Petrol Chemicals; Sulfur – fungicides; Propane- cooking.

The Top 8 Products Made From Crude Oil – iCharts

So also, in Christ’ death, our Salvation, deliverance, blessings, provisions, protection are all guaranteed and completed. Colossians 2:10 says, “And ye are complete in Him, Who is the head of all principality and power.”

John 8:36 came directly from the Master Himself, He said, “If the Son therefore shall make you free (you are not free half-way), ye shall be free indeed.”

If you could believe in what your family did wrong, why can’t you believe in what Jesus Christ did Right?

Philippians 2:9-11 says “Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God, the Father.

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#Refuse to be deceived

When people don’t have personal relationship with Jesus Christ but are comfortable with using elements like: water, oil, salt etc that are provided for them by their charlatan pastors to appease the strange god they do not know. They will prefer to have deep intimate with their so called men of ‘God’ rather that than to have direct communication with their Heavenly Father. This is the reason they are contented and enjoys calling on a third-party god, the god of their pastors.

They will prefer to Exalt [praising, glorifying] the men of ‘God’ more than they praise the One who laid down His Life for their redemption – Jesus Christ.

….the ‘God’ of “My Pastor” phenomenon….

The [abuse] and mis-context of the ‘twins’; “do not judge” and “touch not the anointed” They do not know or realize that God was not referring to Moses and Aaron alone, but the whole congregation of Israelites (1Chronicles 16:22; Psalm 105:15).

Fights and follows Staged [rehearsed] miracles and ‘prophesies’

The syndrome of regarding one gift of the Spirit or office of ministry superior than the others.

“I don’t care what [he/she] does behind, but God is using him/her mightily”
We will know them by fruits not by gifts.

The so called ‘Deep Revelations’ that contradict the Logos [written Word] and those without biblical references.
[The Spirit and the Bible are one]

Paying homage to angels.

Helping God by believing that the name of Jesus (Philippians 2:8-9) is not enough but you need to have some mediums [anointed elements stuffs].
The Bible record usage of mediums but it was not a doctrine and was never sold.

My church, My congregation, My sheep Syndrome “Nobody who leaves [my] church/ministry succeed where they go.”
Some people are afraid to leave some ministries/ churches because they have been told that they will be cursed..
[The church of the LORD is not a secret cult] RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

Paying money to be prayed for; healing, deliverance, special prayers, seeing /meeting a man of ‘God’ etc.
Freely you have received, freely you must give.
For the gifts of YHWH can not be bought by money.

“I was born already baptized with the Holy Spirit in the womb. “
Run away from such people!

The miracle money phenomenon.
Our Father in heaven is not a magician please take note! And when the foundation of your relationship with God is based on your physical needs, you will suffer in the hands of Charlatans.

Deception is real and spreading like wild fire. The author of Deception is the devil and he has human agents around us. The target is men not animals. The purpose is to attack the people of God from within the church. The enemy within is lethal than enemy without. Please, whenever you go to Church or gathering of the saints, do not forget your brains at home.

Please, Don’t be hungry for the manifestation of Spirit, be hungry for YHWH and His Word of Truth.
Be reminded that we are commanded to test every spirits and believe not anything that looks spiritual.[1 John 4:1]. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.
We ought to know that both YHWH and satan operates in the spiritual; and if you don’t allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, you can be led astray.
Every gift of The Spirit is subject to counterfeiting, that’s why we have the gift of discernment of spirits.
Every Shepherd must be on guard against deception by teaching the flock the ways of the Spirit.
Every sheep should learn how to test every ‘pasture’ that looks edible.
But How to the spirits???

1) Pastors function like CEOs
2) Members are turned into customers
3) Other churches are seen as competitors
4) Evangelism is reduced to marketing
5) Church planting looks more like franchising
6) Numbers are primary measure of success
7) Prayer and Word study are replaced by formulas
8) Revival is reduced to fund-raising
9) Preaching sounds more like motivational speech.
All the people do is shout “I receive, Amen,” throughout the concert. I mean the “service”.
10) Praise and Worship is turned into a
performance. The best actors are made the worship
and praise leaders.
11) The Spirit of God is reduced to “emotionalism”.
No real power of God other than hypnosis and
12) The goats are entertained instead of equipping the saints
13) Disciples of Christ have become papa’s sons,
daughters and fans.
14) The Church, a living Body has now become a
lifeless body
15) A leader’s empire is built instead of the
Kingdom of God advancement.
16) The pastor becomes the super man and Jesus
Christ reduced to just another religious figure.
Does any one of these sound farmiliar in this
generation? Beloved, if you are under these pattern
of “christianity” you are already in a cult, not the
Church of Jesus Christ. Get out before it is too
All I have highlighted above is exactly what made
Jesus Himself to ask:
“When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith in
the Earth?”
(Luke 18.8)

#Refuse to be deceived
#Be in light.


Pathway To Eleventh Hour Blessings/ Calling


And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle? They say unto him, Because no man hath hired us. He saith unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive. So when even was come, the Lord of the vineyard saith unto his steward, Call the labourers, and give them their hire, beginning from the last unto the first. And when they came that were hired about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny. But when the first came, they supposed that they should have received more; and they likewise received every man a penny. And when they had received it, they murmured against the goodman of the house, Saying, These last have wrought but one hour, and thou hast made them equal unto us, which have borne the burden and heat of the day.
Matthew 20:6‭-‬12 KJV

This parable is very very interesting if we are able to flow with it. I woke up at about 12:10am to do some work on my computer when the Spirit of the Lord began to engage me with this particular scriptural passage and I will like to share with you my readers. Possibly very soon I will make a video on this in our upcoming Word, Spirit And Prayers program. Kindly subscribe and join our YouTube channel for notification: Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson – YouTube.

Right now, let me start with the word “Meditation”, which according to the book of Joshua 1:8 means to think about something over and over with deeper thoughtfulness, such as to cogitate, brood, or to ruminate. Mind you, God is not expecting us to think about evil but as Phillipians 4:8 says, “Whatever is good report, pure and lovely; we must think about.” And the Word of the fits into this module.

This meditation can be liken to the eating habits of some animals, particularly cattle that eats Cud. Cud is a portion of food that returns from this animal’s stomach back to the mouth to be chewed for the second time. This Cud is produced during a digestive process called rumination. Cattle, deer, sheep, goats and antelope are some examples of animals that chew their cud.

They usually have food reserve somewhere between their stomach and mouth. After feeding, some of the food they had eaten are stored to be recalls for thorough chew. You may see them in a position as if they are dosing, but their mouths will endlessly chewing the food until it is well soften. Chewing cud produces saliva which is important for controlling rumen acidity. The exercise helps producing milk, saliva and good digestion. Food scientists encourages even man to eat slowly and chew our food very thouroughly before swallowing.

This is the exact manner God wants us to meditate on His Word, so that we can gets the benefits of full richess of His Word, and the hard raw material taken from the Word can become soft enough to understand to become revelations to our spirit man. You may not get the full benefits if you just read the scripture like a newspaper and dump your Bible somewhere afterward, the Word must be in our heart as we go about our duties.

Now, let’s get into the matter of the day. Meditating on the parable Jesus gave concerning workers in the vineyard gave me deeper understanding of this passage which the Lord shared amongst many other parables with His followers. The master of the vineyard was a man who wishes to give other people opportunity to better their lives, no-matter the timing of the day. Jesus is saying here that God is always willing to give anyone opportunity in life; but are we willing or ready for this opportunity? If we study the way Jesus called His disciples to follow Him, we would see that He met them doing something. They were not jobless or loafing around even the job they were doing was not the best of jobs, but they kept moving. This is what it means that “Whatever your hands finds to do, do with all your might (Ecclesiastes 9:10).”

Now, if God wants to give us opportunity and we are not interested, do we think He would force us? Definitely not. Isaiah 1:19 says, “If you are willing, you will eat the good of the land.” Even if you have no job at some point, willingness to be engaged is very important. You cannot say you are willing to get a job when all you do everyday is sleeping and going to places where you go to play games. We must be strategic in positioning ourselves by learning skills, going to school in readiness to occupy high places. If God want to call you into ministry and you refused to equip yourself with the Word and surrender to the Power of the Holy Spirit, what will you teach people? Definitely, you will only be selling oil, water and handkerchives.

I remember the story of a man who had opportunity to meet with his primary school classmate who had pursued education in life to become a Governor of the State, while the mate refused to improve on himself by either go to school or learn skills to better his life. When this unusual lifetime opportunity came to him, the Governor asked his friend what he could do for him, he would have been made a commissioner, or be engaged as a contractor but unfortunately, he was not prepared for any of the opprotunity. All the friend could offer him was some feeding money that may not sustain him past few days and his circle of poverty lifestyle continue. And it is not everyday thing to meet with a Governor, therefore, we must be ready and strategic.

It is true we all love and need good life, good things don’t fall into places without planning and walking on the Pathway. For the people in the parable text (Matthew 20:6-12, though, they were jobless, they left their bed behind, and they positioned themselves where they could be seen and engaged. They showed willingness.


  1. The people invited to work were not in their home sleeping and believing what will be will be, they positioned themselves where they could be reached for job appointment.
  2. They did not deny the fact that they needed jobs, they came out to hunts for jobs.
  3. Peter and many disciples of Jesus were not lay-about, they were into something like: fishing, tax collection and other jobs when they were called to follow the Lord.
  4. Unfortunately many today are in churches shouting “I receive, I receive” without working out their salvation with fear and trembling. We cannot use laziness solve joblessness. The scripture says, Faith and work; not work alone or faith alone.

John 14:17 says, ” 17the Spirit of Truth. The world cannot receive Him, because it isn’t looking for Him, and doesn’t recognize Him. But you do know Him, for He abides with you and will be in you.” This is another mind blowing passage to meditate on. Why can’t the world have the Holy Spirit when the gift is meant for all. The scripture says the world cannot have Him because they are not interested in Him. We don’t appreciate what we don’t seek.

Another important question along this line should be: what if Jesus Christ returns today as He promised? Are we ready to meet with the Master and go with Him? Do you think you can be raptured in a beer parlour? Let us ask ourselves. The scripture says, “Today (not tomorrow) is the day of salvation 2Corithians 6:2. Procrastination or pushing things that ought to be done immediately is an enemy of the soul.

The beginning of the woes of the unprofitable servant (Luke 17:5-10) was fear to engage in the marketplace, wasted opportunity or gift given to him, and pride. Pride in the sense that we may think one job is too low for us. At least, let us do something, and whatever we do will be a stepping stone to a greater height. In this journey, we must not be weary because some people’s time may be eleveth hour (last minute).

IT IS NOT YET OVER FOR ANYONE UNTIL GOD SAYS IT IS ALL OVER. FOR OUR SAKES, PROTOCOLS CAN BE SUSPENDED OR SET ASIDE, TIME AND SEASONS CAN BE COMPRESSED FOR ANYONE TO TAP INTO HIS 11TH HOUR MIRACLE BY HIS MERCY AND FAVOUR. The last people that were engaged in that passage may not qualified because of timing but the Master went ahead to call them because they were willing and positioned rightly. None was sent to be called from home, it is those on ground that were used; and they were rewarded handsomely. This call for resolute, and prayer for last minute strenght. Moses was called into the ministry at the age of 80years when others are at the brink of death. Moses didn’t give up because he once failed. The most ridiculous job is to work for your father in law which Moses did with all pleasure. You could be labeled as a gold digger, shameless fellow but Moses knew he needed to hold that job tentatively till the promise of God come to manifestation in his life and God never fails (Numbers 23:19.

Those who laugh at your condition today will glorify God through your advancement tomorrow. Don’t be discouraged because of your age or because your age mates had gone ahead of you in life, be resolute, prayerful and be strategic in getting ready to receive your miracle. You may be commonized today, but within yourself you know you are of royalty, what you are waiting for is the time your King will come to fulfil His plans and purpose for your life. Help is on the way; wait for it.

Keep the faith. Don’t stop working, the rewarder is faithful.

I pray that the Holy Spirit of God will help us to fulfilled His call upon our lives in Jesus Mighty Name. Till I come your way again if Jesus Christ tarries….


Kindly share your thoughts, comments and opinions below in the comments box



“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion…” (Genesis 1: 26). God said, “let them have dominion…”. The people that God created were all expected to have dominion. Dominion was everyone’s portion; God did not create some people to be in dominion and created others to be away from dominion. God invited everyone to be in dominion; everyone was involved.

You are a partaker of God’s plan. You are made in the image of God, not in the image of fear, or confusion. God has not chosen some people to succeed and confined you among those who won’t succeed. You won’t be left out while others are in dominion; you won’t be bypassed when God blesses others; you won’t be a spectator when others do exploit; you are involved in what God is doing. I love what 1Peter 2:9 says; “But you are a chosen people (Collective, not selective), a royal priesthood, a holy nation. God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous Light.” This is most interesting and beautiful; but the unfortunate part of the situation is that, you can take a horse to the river, but you can’t force the horse to drink water. Even-though, God has given us all things, its on you to make use of what you are given. It is your choice and my choice to control the resources at our disposal.
God says, as people rule their world, you will also rule your world; as people make progress, you too will make progress; as people rise higher, you will rise even higher; as people receive miracles and breakthroughs, you will not be left behind, you will receive your portion. As people’ coasts are enlarged and put in charge, you will be enlarged and put in charge of greater resources. Remember the proverb of the unprofitable servant, the master set everyone up. The master put everyone in charge of different offices peculiar to them, but someone refused to take charge. Whatever God does for others, He will also do for you when the time is right. David said in Psalm 31:15, “My times is in the hands of the mighty God.

Don’t let anyone make you feel less human, or that you aren’t among those who are destined to succeed in life. The problem with many people is that success as been misinterpreted to mean what is it not. Thereby many are running after illusion and ephemerals. Let no one make you believe you don’t have what it takes to rule your world, it has been built in you. The fact that some people are ahead of you doesn’t mean that God has abandoned you. The son of King David who learn under his father says in Ecclesiastes 3:11, “He makes all things beautiful in His time.”

The fact that some miracles haven’t come to you doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have you in His plans. If some good things haven’t come your way, it doesn’t mean they won’t come. I remember the promises of God for Habakkuk 2:3, it come to a time that everything look as if nothing was coming to pass. So, God assured him to wait for the vision.

If good things are happening to people around you, thank God on their behalf, and be patient; ask Abraham, Hannah, Elizabeth, and many more. Soon, it will be your turn to smile because you are also involved. Is is said, “If anybody is going to change this world, it would be us, true followers of Jesus Christ.” Do not fold your hands, we have been empowered to go forth and do the needful, with equal strength, Power of the Holy Spirit, equal command and One Master. WE ARE ALL INVOLVED TO CHANGE THE WORLD. Do not allow yourself to be walk-over. Do not let anyone re-configured you. Do not feel pity for yourself. We are loved equally and impacted equally. I can’t say this enough. All you need is courage to step out. Everything you need to live gloriously is inside of you, built in you. Look at yourself in a mirror with the eyes of the Spirit of God, and speak life to yourself, speak blessings to yourself and call yourself the name God calls you.

Pray With me and say: Lord, I will not be left out while others make progress, I am involved, in Jesus’ name!

Have A Fabulous Sunday!



Dominion was everyone’s portion; God did not create some people to be in dominion and created others to be dominated.



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Today I bring to you another dimension of evil I witnessed while I was at the Synagogue of TB Joshua. Remember I said I was one of the few privileged top leaders (Inner Caucus) that could see or listen to private conversations between TB Joshua and his visitors (customers); and I was also used to involve in many manipulations going on in the Synagogue at the call of TB Joshua to deceive many gullible visitors. You are free to like, comments and share my post with others to enlighten them.


Hard Drugs

I write this authoritatively because I was privy to how Drug Barons patronized T.B. Joshua while I was coordinating visitors; I knew some of them at the time I was in the Synagogue. I do see and overheard discussions between some visitors and T.B. Joshua whenever they visit him. Mostly on the evenings of their departure from Nigeria to wherever they are transporting drugs to, these people must see T.B. Joshua to receive his final ‘prayer/blessings’ arrangements for them to be able to pass through security check points at the International Airport without been caught.

There were different sets of men and women drug cartel that patronized T.B. Joshua when I was there. There was a particular man called Mr. VINCENT, who was caught at Heathrow Airport and was charged to court in London for transporting hard drugs into London. One day, Vincent called into the Synagogue to inform T.B. Joshua about the day he would be appearing in court so that T.B. Joshua could do what he normally do to overturn such cases to his advantage, but T.B. Joshua was not in the office at the time he called. At that particular time, I was the only person that was allowed to attend to international phone calls, and I do receive messages on behalf of T.B. Joshua before Mr. Jimoh joined the ‘disciples’ quarters.


Therefore, after receiving Mr. Vincent’s call, I assured him that I would pass the information to T.B. Joshua immediately he returns to the office. When T.B. Joshua came back, of course I had to deliver all the call messages I received in his absence, amongst others, as I made mentioned of Mr. Vincent, T.B. Joshua descended a very hot slap on my face that took me to another frequency, I was confused, I could not remember what I did wrong to deserve such unexpected reaction. Though we all knew T.B. Joshua to be erratic and eccentric; after his sudden breakout on you, and he might have calm down, he will call such person and give you almost his eyes to pacify you.

Anyway, as usual I took the pain the way it came as a ‘disciple’ that must not complain; but I wondered why he suddenly hated Mr. Vincent. I thought this was a man who had done so much for the Synagogue and T.B. Joshua. The first ever full colored Rank Xerox printing machine T.B. Joshua used in printing his first bulletin before he bought Heidelberg was delivered to the Synagogue by this same Mr. Vincent free of charge. In fact, I personally received the document of the machine from Mr. Vincent on behalf of T.B. Joshua on arrival. In addition to all that, anytime he returned from his numerous overseas trips, he used to return with expensive clothes, designer perfume, and other things, including huge sums of money for T.B. Joshua.

People eyes are beginning to open, read the experiences of people across the world in – Reasons You Should Not Visit The Synagogue ‘church’ Of All Nations

  Anyway, Bose Black who also know most of the visitors was kind enough to explain to me later that the man (Vincent) has been nabbed and was in jail, and he could be under security surveillance; so T.B. Joshua does not want UK police to trace his call down to the Synagogue (but I did not know!), this is part of T.B. Joshua’s wickedness, he always like to cover his tracts. How did he know about the man’s arrest, if not that some of the drug cartel had informed him? After Mr. Vincent’ episode, many drug pushers were also arrested at the Nigeria Airport, and it dawn on them that T.B. Joshua had been deceiving them and collecting their money under false pretense and deceit that he was ‘praying’ for them.

Therefore, they fingered T.B. Joshua as part of their rackets to the Police. The Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency swung into action, and arrested T.B. Joshua. When T.B. Joshua received information about his impending arrest, suddenly a private property of T.B. Joshua inside his marine mountain caught fire, in a place surrounded by massive body of water, 7story as it was called burnt to ashes. When the solders that were sent to search through his marine mountain that fateful morning found nothing to pin on him, they arrested him, but since they believed he was not dealing directly in drugs, but was only offering spiritual support to the couriers, he was eventually set free after been in detention for 9days. Inside the prison, he frantically sent messages around to those people in position of authority who had at one time or the other benefited from his spiritual arrangement to solicit for his bailout. An ordinary ‘disciple’ or member of the Synagogue may not know in detail the reason T.B. Joshua was arrested at that time. He always use people’ ignorance to appeal for sympathy. Mr. Vincent was sentenced to a jail term in London for trafficking hard drugs into UK. After he finished his jail term, they deported him back to Nigeria; he visited the Synagogue couple of time and later stopped, he died years later of HIV.

TB Joshua is a double-faced, what you see him doing on Emmanuel TV is completely different behind the scene. I Pray that the light in God’s Word will shine into the souls of people, so that they can follow God, and not men.


Whatever the trouble that may confront you, read-ON CHRIST THE ROCK
TB Joshua

TB Joshua Sexual Recklessness With Minors



Galatians 5:19-21New International Version

19 The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Matthew 7:16-20King James Version

16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

As one who once lived inside the Synagogue, ‘church’ of all nations, Lagos, Nigeria; where uprightness, discipline and purity is expected, but the reverse is the case with TB Joshua. The first hand experiences I had in the Synagogue of TB Joshua are experiences of a lifetime and I will continually to use them to educate people and enlighten their minds so that they will not fall into the pit of bewitchment God delivered people like me from. Be warned! Many did not survived it.


Mr. Abiola, a very rich trailer transporter in his lifetime lived on Abiola Adeyemi Street, Governor Road, Ikotun, Lagos, took T.B. Joshua (then, his name was Abdul-Fatai) into his home, he fed him, and accommodated him when T.B. Joshua was still a struggling young man in Lagos, until he disappeared from their house to join himself with one Celestial prophet called ‘lion of judah’ and Professor Peller, a renown magician respectively. The humble room that accommodated T.B. Joshua at that time is still in the compound of Abiolas till date.

Later in years, vicissitudes of life blew on Abiola family, and as one who was not standing strong in the Lord, they began knocking on several doors of prayer houses, and patronised many spiritual arrangers; believing these contractors could help turn their dwindling financial situation around for good. One day according to the late father, a family friend of theirs introduced them (the Abiolas) to the Synagogue. It was a pleasant surprise for Abiola patriarch to meet with T.B. Joshua once again in life, but this time, not as a struggling young man he knew him to be, but as someone he thought to be in position of spiritual authority to help his family solve their life’s riddle. After both men recognized each other (Mr. Abiola and T.B. Joshua), and they catch up on what led to their separation, and what happened after they got separated. Mr. Abiola trusted T.B. Joshua because he thought kindness begets kindness, the family has at once upon a time shown Fatai, now T.B. Joshua kindness, so, they believe it was payback time.

The Abiolas joined the Synagogue in full force, accepting T.B. Joshua as member of their family. Abiola matriarch became one of the ‘good women’ and the patriarch was active in another department. After a long period of time of dedication, their situation did not change for better, rather, T.B. Joshua proposed to Mr. Abiola to join his ‘disciples’ fully, the elder man declined due to old age and family responsibilities. Whenever Mr. Abiola visited the Synagogue in those days to ask for help; T.B. Joshua would send me to the cash office to collect some smallest denomination of banknotes of the amount he intended given to the elderly man and packed it in a brown envelope to look big to deceive Mr. Abiola. It would weigh heavy in Mr. Abiola’s hand as if T.B. Joshua had given him some large amount of money, which would disappoint him when he gets home.

Soon after, Mr. Abiola died and was buried. After his burial, T.B. Joshua took into his custody Mr. Abiola’s underage 3 girls under the guise to relieve Mrs. Abiola of too much of financial burden, what a noble thing to do, but can T.B. Joshua be this good? They trusted him, but T.B. Joshua betrayed the trust by sexually abused those underage girls with many abortions committed for them.

I remember the time when one of them, Seun Abiola, a very quiet, gentle and talented girl newly joined the ‘disciples’ quarters. T.B. Joshua had called me out of the studio one night into his living room to rub dusting powder on his body before he sleep; it is a usual thing in the Synagogue which ladies do for T.B. Joshua while he would be staked naked. So this very day, Seun Abiola was also there with us. I was doing one part of his body, while Seun was busy with the other part as T.B. Joshua laid on his belly on a couch. At a time, T.B. Joshua would take Seun Abiola’s hand and dip it into his boxer to rub his private part, but because the girl was just a minor of 14year old, she would say, “Nooo, please sir,” squeezing her face to show her displeasure and shyly faced down. After a while, T.B. Joshua excused me out and I went back to the Studio leaving Seun behind with T.B. Joshua. Seun continued to enjoy the privilege of a new girl in the block by staying alone with T.B. Joshua all night, until she graduated and became very bold among the ‘disciples’ and we all knew that Seun had been inducted into the inner caucus hall of sex fame by T.B. Joshua. Afterwards, Seun’s sisters, ‘Motunrayo joined her as ‘disciple’, and ‘Mojoyin, the youngest was 11 year old followed.

After many years they had lived in the Synagogue, without going to school but they were working in the studio and were also members of the chorister because of their voice talents. Things took a new turn when one day as T.B. Joshua travelled out of the country to South Korea. Nevertheless, before he left Nigeria, he had asked Elizabeth Armstrong to do a dirty job for him by setting Seun Abiola up before his return. Because Seun had grown wings; and could no longer be curtailed by T.B. Joshua. She was always rude, sullen, and uncontrollably stubborn to TB Joshua even in public. The true position of things was that Seun’s childish expression of jealousy whenever other girls were constantly sent out of Nigeria including Seun’s sister, Motunrayo to South Africa; she was kept only behind editing table in the studio. I do not know what T.B. Joshua might have promised Seun privately as he usually hoodwinks other girls with false promises in secret, but T.B. Joshua got Seun’ reactions twisted. Also, Seun might have been suffering from psychological or emotional trauma after many abortions. This is a young girl who lost her father at tender age, and the only father figure in her life abused her sexually, emotionally and psychologically. Anyway, Seun’ sudden unpredictable actions and open rudeness towards T.B. Joshua lately threatened T.B. Joshua’s peace of mind. So, T.B, Joshua reasoned that to put Seun under check, a young man in the choir named Emmanuel Dordoye needed to be used as a guinea pig without his knowledge. After T.B. Joshua left for South Korea with his selected choir members (Anu, Anne, and Bose) without informing his general congregation; emergency Choir meeting was communicated to Dordoye alone, and when he showed up in the Synagogue for the meeting, they told him to wait for others to join him. They trikishly delayed him till later time in the night when it was unsafe for him return home and they suggested to him to use choir room for the night. As he passed the night inside their choir practice room unknowing to Seun who had gone there as usual after her work in the studio each evening to practice her trumpet. She found Dordoye sleeping, but continue her personal voice/instrument practice when Elizabeth Armstrong suddenly walked in, and cried Eureka! Elizabeth knew Seun’ timetable, she knew Dordoye was in the Synagogue, because she called Dordoye for the false choir practice. Seun was sent home when Elizabeth witnessed against her that she saw both Seun and Dordoye in the Choir room necking (it was lie from the pit of hell; this is the Synagogue’s typical lifestyle); the embarrassed Seun was speechless as her things were thrown out. T.B. Joshua had already planned things down before he left that Seun should be sent home before his return whenever the case happens.

When T.B. Joshua returned from his journey, Seun’ mother called on him to beg on behalf of the family, and complained how Seun had refused to eat and has been crying for so many days non-stop. She said she had done everything in the Book of motherhood to make Seun confess, but she maintained her innocence regarding the matter. T.B. Joshua assured the mother that since he is back home now, Seun could return to the Synagogue anytime she likes on a condition she give an open confession so that something could be used to hang on her neck and calm her down. I was with T.B. Joshua one time in his bedroom upstairs when the family called again, and T.B. Joshua asked the mother to give Seun the phone so that he could speak with her. When Seun began to cry, T.B. Joshua consoled Seun that he has nothing against her, since she knew he was not around when her saga happened. All what other ‘disciples’ requested of her was for her to give her confession openly and return to her duty post (lie, none of the ‘disciple’ ever said that). I heard when Seun calmly asked him, “which of the confession sir, the one you are doing with me or with my sisters?” T.B. Joshua quickly cut the phone on Seun as if the network was bad. He turned to me who was standing by and asked me what Seun had said, I told him I heard nothing (hear no evil).

Seun does not want to give open confession over what she did not do, many ‘disciples’ would have done that to move on; but Seun had been around a long time in the Synagogue and as an editor to know the implications of such confession. T.B. Joshua underrated the situation on ground, believing he was on top of it like other set-up cases. When Seun’ mother further threatened Seun at home about what she did by disgracing her family the day they accused her, she maintained her innocence but opened up to her mother what has been happening to her and her sisters in the Synagogue with T.B. Joshua. The mother did not believe her, rather, took her for a virginity test and it was so, so, so negative.

Seun’ mother called upon T.B. Joshua for an answer to why a virgin girl sent to him should return home as a woman. As the table suddenly turned on T.B. Joshua, he went over to Abiola’s family house secretly one night without the knowledge of all the ‘disciples’, he went there with one of the foreign ‘disciple’ called Chloe Tonge, who carried his telephone handbag for him (he takes pride moving around with foreigners to impress neighbourhood); and Brother James was the driver. T.B. Joshua took a foreigner who could not understand their discussion in local dialect. On getting into Abiola’s family house, Noah, the older brother of the young girls locked the exit gate on T.B. Joshua after he had entered into Abiola’s compound and threatened to call press reporters on him. Noah also took some pictures of T.B. Joshua on his knees, as he begged the family who had once been his benefactor in life. It took the intervention of their mother, Mrs. Abiola, who wisely advised against the intention of Noah, because she wanted one of the girls, Motunrayo, which T.B. Joshua held ransom in South Africa to use as Joker on them, to come back home first, before any showdown with him.

Through rigorous pressures mounted on T.B. Joshua, Motunrayo was recalled back to Nigeria; her mother demanded to see her, and she was permitted to visit her parent one day. She blatantly denied the allegation Seun levelled on T.B. Joshua, she insisted on staying back at the Synagogue with or without her sisters because T.B. Joshua had hypnotized her. When Motunrayo returned from her home to the Synagogue, she ridiculed her sister and mother before T.B. Joshua and the inner circle of ‘disciples’ present in T.B. Joshua’s office. She said her mother made her to swear by the Bible, and also took her to the graveside of their late father to confess to the truth. The Abiola waited patiently till the following Sunday service when mammoth crowd had gathered in the Synagogue before leading aggrieved group of people into the Synagogue’ premises, threatening to cause mayhem in the presence of all the Synagogue members if T.B. Joshua failed to release their daughter, Motunrayo to them. In no time Motunrayo’ luggage was quickly packed and sent out to follow them home. But before Motunrayo left, I saw T.B. Joshua given her a new small cell phone, and a dedicated sim card (phone line) to hide and be communicating whatever discussion going on in their home to him in the Synagogue.

For more than two weeks, every night, at about 11pm, Motunrayo would call into the Synagogue to speak with T.B. Joshua; and T.B. Joshua kept brainwashing her not to disclose to her parent anything regarding to the truth that he had sex with them, assuring her that if all matter subsided, he would arrange how Motunrayo would be sent to another country. In Abiola home one night, Motunrayo did not know that her older brother had suspected her movement, and was monitoring her closely. Noah caught her while talking secretly to T.B. Joshua and the phone was seized from her. I am putting the pieces together now, in the Synagogue, I saw that the phone used in talking to her that night was hurriedly destroyed, I wonder why they would do that then. Unfortunately, we are in a country that forensic criminal investigators will not go deeper to uncover this kind of evil. In Abiola’ house after being caught pants down, it was Motunrayo’ turn to sing like a canary as she confessed to how T.B. Joshua inducted her to his sex harem and how many abortions had been carried out on her each time she travelled outside the country. The children’ helpless mother was devastated to see the gravity of evil done to her poor young innocent girls under her watch by someone she had trusted so much. Noah, their older brother tried to fight the sexual molestation case in Nigeria court, but Nigeria’s Judiciary system is full of corruption. The case was swept under the carpet many times. T.B. Joshua used money and his evil network to disrupt the whole case. Later, Noah mysteriously developed depression, which may have happened because of T.B. Joshua’s occult arrows as his usual way of dealing with his enemies, and to silent matters against him, or could it be because of the so much trauma the family had gone through that caused Noah to have brain disorder (emotional stress)? Either way, but God who rules in the affairs of men restored him. It was also recorded how Noah narrowly escaped been assassinated by T.B. Joshua’s snippers. The recorded video clip of T.B. Joshua on his knees in Abiola’s home which they would have tendered in the court as evidence was stolen by a traitor, named Ade, within the family for T.B. Joshua in exchange for money. There was also a certain Lawyer Segun, who pretended to be helping the Abiolas to present their case in court, unknowing to the family that the Lawyer was T.B. Joshua’ secret agent. After Lawyer Segun finished his work by thwarting the case, T.B. Joshua sent hired assassin on him, to delete him. Another lady called Cynthia who had once lived in the Synagogue as ‘disciple’ also testified in court to how T.B. Joshua’ sexual recklessness caused her to run away from the ‘disciples’ quarters; but nothing is heard from the case till today even though the record is still in the High Court, Ikeja, Lagos. No Justice for these fatherless children and their widowed mother, because T.B. Joshua keeps bribing

Judges that are assigned to the case, and he has never for once attended any court proceedings for over 14 years. On my own part after I left Synagogue, since I was privy to the story, there was a journalist that report for Newswatch Magazine, she took much interest in the court proceedings, but the media house she represented refused to publish her story because T.B. Joshua was one of their financier. Then I contacted their former Chairman, Alex Akinyele to wade into the matter. T.B. Joshua, through Mr. Inyang, one Police officer also tried to bribe the journalist, Inyang delivered a bag contained 1Million Naira cash to the doorstep of the journalist, but she turned it down. We are still hoping and praying that this case will see the light of the day for this traumatized family to get Justice at last.

Be warned and develop a personal relationship with God. How did the Abiola Patriarch met with Abdul-Fatai alias TB Joshua? Read further in “THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW” GET YOUR COPY!

The TB Joshua I Know
Deception Of The Age is Unmasked in this Book-THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW



Happy weekend to you all in Jesus Name. Glad to write to you again. My prayer is for everyone of us to end our race on the earth well in Jesus’ Name.


God brought the term marriage into our union with Himself and Christ to drive home what He planned for our eternal life to raise our standard, that we may become one with Him and be like Him in nature forever. This means that His original plan is fulfilled. Proverb 19:21 says, “…But the counsel of the Lord will stand.” When we talk about marriage, we must know that marriage has gone beyond the level of casual friendship, wedding ceremonies, and mere interactions with one another. People cannot get the full benefits of relationship when operating outside of marriage. To understand the mystery of marriage is to know the mind of God when He said two SHALL become one flesh according to Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:5; Mark 10:8.

Two people who does not have the understanding of the mystery of marriage usually ended in destroying friendships, relationships, families, and the communities of people. No matter how much money spent in organizing elaborate weddings, if there is no understanding of this beautiful union, it wouldn’t stand the test of time. It becomes what people endures, not enjoyed. It becomes one party taking advantage of other; and taking the other for granted for personal benefit. It become a ruse.

The genuine purpose of marriage is to marry a soul mate embarking on eternal journey. In this journey of a lifetime on earth, you get to know each other better with the covenant of marriage biding you. If you get married for the sake of having children as some people do, and you later discovered that your spouse has medical issues that may not allow him/her to bear children, trouble would ensue right at that point; and love will turn to hate. If you marry someone because of outward beauty, what if accident happen along the way and take away that pretty facade? We must marry one another for love, conviction and commitment. The Scripture says,

Christ’s Sacrifice for the Ungodly
7Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. 8But God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 9Therefore, since we have now been justified by His blood, how much more shall we be saved from wrath through Him!…”

God sees the end from the beginning, and He wants us to see as He sees, but unspiritual man only sees the present, immediate to enjoys only instant gratifications; this is why we regrets. When we go into relationship for selfish reasons, we unfairly put others at disadvantage and awkward position.

This morning I decided to take a long walk on my street to get fresh oxygen into my lungs and to exercise my limbs. The moment I hit the main road out of my street, I noticed a man seated in a shop frontage, the shop was not yet opened because it was still early. As I walk passed him, my spirit wanted me to talk to him about the Gospel of Christ; I always pray for opportunities to witness Christ. So, I approached him with greetings and asked if I could speak to him about Christ. He obliged. I started by telling him of the love of Christ and how he must have Jesus Christ in his life for salvation/eternal purpose.

He said he is a Muslim, but I shared with him one of the Islamic prayers from the first surah in the Quran (Surah al-Fatihah), which says ““Ih dinas-siratal mustaqeem” means we are asking Almighty Allah (SWT) to guide us to the straight path, the main highway which goes towards paradise.” I said this prayer has been answered in Christ in John 14:6, where Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.” And while I was talking to him, I noticed he was wearing a wrist rope that is decorated with tiny crosses, this is the type people gets from the uniformed churches like Celestial Church of Christ (CCC). I quickly confronted him by asking if he is a Muslim as he claimed, why is he interacting with the God he is not ready to accept for relationship/marriage? why going for consultation as if going to the herbalist to consult idol? As if you prefer a prostitute over a relationship that leads to permanent unity (marriage)? This man does not want relationship with God, he only visited churches to get quick fix, or a tranquilizer for his business, health, or other matter; but Jesus always want to take the relationships further to the next level with anyone that come to Him, so He has ahead of time proved His love by laying down His life. Why would anyone do that if they are not seriously committed to marriage? He already gave ALL He has, it is either He lost ALL or gain ALL.

Now, this man is interacting with God in a relationship that cannot lead to Salvation of his soul. The reason Jesus came is first and foremost Salvation of our souls (John 3:16). Unfortunately, there are many people like the man I met in churches that are only in the Church to patronize God mainly for consultation. Immediately they get their fill, they go their way. Just in the same way we have false/fake pastors, we also have fake brethren in churches, their long years in the church does not matter but quality of your commitment. I believe if you meet people like that man in a church service, you will be deceived to think they are members in the household. Many are in the church for the sake of their hearts desires to be met, this is one of the reasons there is proliferation of false churches and false prophets. This has caused great exodus (large migration) of enchanters into the Church of Jesus Christ, to serve the false brethren and deceive the un-watchful sheep. May the Lord expose them and cause genuine brethren to be set free from under their yokes.

This situation didn’t just started today, there were people that followed Jesus mainly for food, some for healing, and many to hangout with Him, Jesus was not DECEIVED by their coming to church on time, or fakery in departmental activities. He saw beyond the physical, into the hearts of men.

John 6: 25When they found Him on the other side of the sea, they asked Him, “Rabbi, when did You get here?” 26 Jesus replied, “Truly, truly, I tell you, it is not because you saw these signs that you are looking for Me, but because you ate the loaves and had your fill. 27Do not work for food that perishes, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on Him God the Father has placed His seal of approval.”

Among many that followed Him, only few people like Peter followed and stay with Him for the things beyond the physical. Just in the same way in bad and deceptive marriage when life can changes grows people apart, something happened in the time of Jesus that caused some of the followers to desert Jesus, at a time He asked His closest allies if they were leaving Him, but Peter answered: 66From that time on many of His disciples turned back and no longer walked with Him. 67So Jesus asked the Twelve, “Do you want to leave too?” 68Simon Peter replied, “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

This statement of Peter means, come rain, come sunshine, we have decided to stick with you till the end. In the popular covenant message reads out during weddings, how many adheres to: “In death and in sickness”? Success in Marriage (Relationship) is not automatic, but the more we walk together, live together and weather storms, the good, the bad and the ugly seasons of life together; the stronger our relationships become. Marriage is not for the lily hearted, chicken-hearted, faint-hearted, cowards, and Ignobly people that lacking in courage. So also following the Lord, you will face many storms, Red Sea, wilderness, jungles, dry bones, etc; but the joy of it all is that in all these perils; He is there with us (Ps. 23; Matthew 28:20b; Act 7::56; Joshua 1:9; Jeremiah 20:11). This is the yardstick God expected and why He hated divorce. God knows our frailness, He understand our weakness, yet, He could stick to His covenant with us; but do we?


Many church people complains about the God they claimed to follow, I used to until I begin to learn His ways. It is an interesting journey. You can never know more about your partner until you live together and are committed to one another. The danger of being in a relationship where one partner is not committed to the covenant of marriage is very grave. They can use you and dump you, they can break your heart, and disrespect you in the presence of others.

When you follow God for the sakes of your selfish gain, He becomes an unknown God to you. You will be at lose because you may be asking Him for one child, but He may have nations for you. Patronizing an unknown God is dangerous and has great implications and complications; it would be like sleeping with a strange bedfellows. Enough of our interactions with God that cannot lead to Salvation, life will become miserable because:

You cannot decode or interprets His language
You will do evil in His sight and discrete His presence
You will offer Him Abominable prayers and offerings
You will approach Him wrongly
You will offer to bribe Him with offerings like the gods of the Amorites
Instead of offering Him your body, soul and spirit, you will offer sacrifice that He has provided for Himself.

In Acts 17:23, the religious people in Athens served an unknown God, I wonder how they want to please Him. In Christ we have pleased God, the price is fully paid. This is our peace. If you don’t know how to please God, you will be running from pillar to post to prayer contractors to help you speak to Him and they will deceive you and make your situation worse. When we are in genuine union with Christ, we become one with Him, He feels our pain as the scripture says, Jesus the Great High Priest
14Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to what we profess. 15For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who was tempted in every way that we are, yet was without sin. 16Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. “

As the time of Easter draws closer, let us remember what He did on the Cross for mankind and love Him genuinely. If we truly in Him, we will have interest in knowing Him more through His Word and we will tell others of Him.





If you don’t open some scotch eggs, you may bite into rotten eggs. The packaging of a rotten egg covered inside mince meat, flour or bread crumbs doesn’t make it a nice snack. Be Warned!

Know that we are in the time of deception spoken of by the Lord Jesus and His Apostles; we are in a highly polluted world where deception thrives from the topmost echelon height to the grassadmins of the society. We are in a time when magicians do no longer parade themselves openly the way they used to be known. They do not have the known telltale as it was in the time of old. They don’t do body-art of decorating their bodies with shells and cowries, or rubbing local chalks on their faces to look fearful on the street or in the marketplaces like before. Everything is revolving in our present age and time.
Today, satanists, enchanters, necromancers, cultists, now dress in designer’s three-piece suits like you and me. They package themselves in expensive shoes, Giorgio Armani perfume and powerful eyeglasses to look tush. They even carry bigger Bibles these days so that you will not recognize them.

Our Lord Jesus Christ warned, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Therefore by their fruits you will know them. 21“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in Heaven. 22Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your Name, cast out demons in Your Name, and done many wonders in Your Name?’ 23And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!” MATTHEW 7:15-16, 19-23 NKJV.

KANU Nwankwo

One should ponder what is T.B. Joshua’ gain in deceiving, destroying, and killing people? The answer is simple ―as an agent of satan, T.B. Joshua need higher ranking in the dark world because their job is to kill, steal and destroy for their master to be relevant to him (John 10:10a).

This smart football star,

Glory Of A Nation

Kanu Nwankwo, cheated death by not given heed to the ungodly counsel of T.B. Joshua. Kanu’s younger brother visited the Synagogue ahead of him on one Sunday gathering; we believe he was sent to check how things were on that faithful day. Possibly they had watched the Synagogue fake TV programs, hence, they came; or T.B. Joshua might have sent his underdogs on mission to locate them when he heard in the news about the ailing Kanu, to score cheap points as usual. In any case, Mr. Nwankwo himself was in the Synagogue the following week, on a Tuesday if I can remember vividly. T.B. Joshua brought him into the studio where I worked as the Synagogue editor/voice over artist to perform enchantment on him. To impress Mr. Nwankwo, it took T.B. Joshua more than 2 hours of shaking his right hand, and leg, and widening his eyes on this field maestro to intimidate him, under the best two camera-men which the Synagogue could boast of at the time (KK and Segun).

A brand-new Panasonic HD Camera bought from London was brought out from the store for this occasion, supported by the regular Sony M3500 camera were used. T.B. Joshua desperately wanted Kanu to fall flat on his face as a sensational show. T.B. Joshua engaged the young footballer with all his enchanting antics out of his demonic arsenal, but the tall gangling striker stood his ground before him like the rock of Gibraltar with his eyes wide opened fixed on T.B. Joshua.

Fake healing stage-managed by Fatai alias T.B. Joshua

After so much effort, and the guy refused to fall down, T.B. Joshua declared Kanu free of his heart problem, but common sense or should I say– destiny guided Mr. Nwankwo to seek a heart specialist for a second opinion. When he did, Aghast! The former prognosis was confirmed. T.B. Joshua was at it again, he lied! Kanu was not healed in the Synagogue as T.B. Joshua declared. Kanu surrendered himself to a heart correctional surgery against the backdrop of T.B. Joshua’s opinion, who continued kicking vigorously against the surgery decision as they wheeled the striker to the Theater. T.B. Joshua placed numerous telephone calls to Kanu on his hospital bed, reaffirming to him that he, T.B. Joshua had healed him. I was there when T.B. Joshua gave up and said on a final note to him, “If that is your manager’s decision, ok, but the doctors would find nothing when they cut you open.” It was pathetic to hear that the doctors found serious issues inside Mr. Kanu’s heart when they opened him up, which they corrected medically.

Of course, God can heal, the scripture said so, and He still heals JEREMIAH 30:17; ISAIAH 53:5; EXODUS 15:26.God heals in His sovereign will, since He created our body fearfully and wonderfully according to GENESIS 1:27; PSALMS 1239:14.He also gave the medical doctors grace and knowledge to treat. The medical profession acknowledged this fact by their motto: GOD HEALS WE CARE. Now, we must be careful on how we go about faith healing, because there are people like T.B. Joshua who carry things to an extreme of showbiz, and God has never intended healing that way. The point I am trying to make here is that T.B. Joshua is not of God, he is a magician, a performer, a conjurer, forecaster, and a sorcerer who has nothing of Jesus Christ, the true healer in him.

Finally, Kanu recuperated from the hospital after his heart’s correctional surgery and returned to the career he loved so much. He never gave a thought for the Synagogue or T.B. Joshua who would have sent him to an early grave. He did more good for himself, his family and the Nation at large. What if he had listened to T.B. Joshua as Ruben Kruger and other gullible did?

“We are in a time when magicians do no longer parade themselves openly the way they used to be known. They do not have the known telltale as it was in the time of old.”

When T.B. Joshua realized how he had lost ample opportunity to be famous through riding on Kanu’s name and achievement; and the medical personnel had stolen his show; T.B. Joshua became frantically desperate to reclaim the lost ground. First, to fan his ego, T.B. Joshua invited some cheap and lay-about journalists who frequently eat crumbs under his table, and released the video tape of him presumably administer healing to Kanu to them (what he knows best to do), blowing tantrum by claiming to have been the one who healed Kanu, stupidity plus illiteracy blinded him so much that he forgot how millions of people all over the world had kept Kanu in their prayers while he was under surgical blade. To drive his point home, T.B. Joshua showed the journalists the photo frame of one funny jesus which he had presented to Kanu as a souvenir and begged the journalists to help him leak and circulate the news to the gullible public. The efforts of circulating the news had no positive impact on the populace. Sensible people knew how Kanu was operated upon to correct his heart malfunction. The soft sell journalists only wasted their time and journalistic intelligence on T.B. Joshua’s cheap destructive fame pursuits.

The TB Joshua I Knowbook
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Everything is revolving in our present age and time. Today, satanists, enchanters, necromancers, cultists, now dress in designer’s three-piece suits like you and me. They package themselves in expensive shoes, Giorgio Armani perfume and powerful eyeglasses to look tush. They even carry bigger Bibles these days so that you will not recognize them. Our Lord Jesus Christ warned, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing,

Ruben Kruger


Friends, this message is to amplifies the suppressed voices of victims of our modern-day slaves, camped and caged by enterprise of hell in the garb of religion through deception. “If I should denied the world this truth, I became a partaker of evil and Hellfire would have been my eternal abode. I am under obligation and indebted to share; I cannot keep it to myself; it burns in my bones. I will also like to use this as a means of restoring the souls of those who have fallen away due to this global deception of T.B. Joshua.” This is to stand as a guide to the blind, as a warning to the gullible, and as a light to the simple; because, what comes upon people that causes them to be panicking, and afterwards running helter skelter in search of an intermediary between themselves and their Creator whenever they have life’s issues is still prevalent in our world, such as― sickness, affliction, confusion, trouble of all kinds, disease, barrenness, joblessness, etcetera.

The situation of life that drives the gullible to run from one prophet to another prophetess, both false and genuine, who can cause them to eventually fall into error is still at large.

Those things in life that daily pressurizes people and can cause the naive and the vulnerable to be knocking on the doors of prayer contractors and spiritual arrangers, intending to cut deals with ‘God’ if possible; rather than to go on their knees to call upon their Creator for Mercy and restoration, are still thriving in our world today. Evil seems to run rampant everywhere, but only God is the solution to all fundamental issues of life, not any man because there is nothing God created that He cannot control. The psalmist says, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills— from whence comes my help? 2My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth” PSALMS 121:1-2 NKJV. Now, I ask you, where do you look for help? The place where you look to, determines where your faith and your life are tied to, it is in a belief system.

RUBEN Kruger

Ruben Kruger
Late Ruben Kruger

Ruben Kruger was a South African Springbok Legend. I coordinated him directly when he visited Synagogue with the problem of brain tumor (Cancer). He stayed in the Synagogue for almost 2 weeks, spending his hard earn Rands (South Africa tender currency) to buy lies. Ruben first visited the Synagogue along with a group of people which Tinny de Jagger led to the Synagogue; and after the Synagogue’s so-called ‘prayers’ on him by T.B. Joshua, T.B Joshua declared Kruger to be healed of Brain Tumor, and further told Kruger to discontinue his medications because he had healed him. One of the reasons why T.B. Joshua enforces immediate testimony on people who attend his emergency line is because T.B. Joshua loves the pseudo miracles to be relayed on the TV, to use the show to drag more victims into the Synagogue. Kruger visited the Synagogue once again to complain of no improvement on his health, and said his personal doctor was concerned that he had stopped his medication. T.B. Joshua doused Ruben’s fear by instructing him to give testimony to sustain the none-existing miracle once again. The time happened to be the beginning of foreign visitors’ invasion into the Synagogue. So, T.B. Joshua said to impress them and the viewers, we should organize several testimonial fora for Kruger– private interviews, public testimonies, and they were highly publicized on local, International and terrestrial Televisions. It gained cheap popularity for T.B. Joshua amongst South Africans and in Nigeria, but unfortunately for Kruger; he suffered and died of the same Brain Cancer. Ruben Kruger was never healed in the Synagogue as T.B. Joshua claimed to have healed him, satan is wicked! T.B. Joshua would instruct people to stop using their sustaining medication after his fake ‘prayers’ on the people, but he cannot proffer solution to their problems; he is only using them to gain popularity. Immediately the news that Kruger died filtered into the Synagogue, T.B. Joshua instructed that all his video appearance in the Synagogue archive should be wiped off.
T.B. Joshua, a ravenous tick that feasts on the blood of the ignorant, gullible, vulnerable, and desperadoes; unfortunately, Kruger became another victim.

Ruben Kruger – › wiki › Ruben_Krug

Ruben Jacobus Kruger (30 March 1970 – 27 January 2010) was a South African rugby union player. He played as a flanker.Date of death: 27 January 2010Born: 30 March 1970

Place of death: Pretoria

Cause of death: Brain tumor
(Extracted from THE T.B. Joshua I Know)

Get more details in the Book: THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW

The TB Joshua I Know
Deception Of The Age is Unmasked in this Book-THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW

This is a compilation of a true-life accounts which took place in a Cult Community called The Synagogue, “church” of all Nations, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria; where the author was trapped through hypnotism, and brainwashing for over a decade with other devotees. She documented her journey into this community who use religious garb to cover their nefarious operation in other to lure the naïve, vulnerable, gullible, and the innocent into occultism. She narrates how they lived, how they were systemic initiated into the dark world by deceit, and were terrorized to swear allegiance to secrecy. They also became instruments of deception in the hands of T. B. Joshua to deceive visitors to the Synagogue. Finally, her escape was a grand style of Jehovah where others lost their lives. This is purely to EDUCATE people and to give ALL THE GLORY back to God, for His Amazing Saving Grace, His constant Love and His abiding Presence. She said, “If I should denied the world this truth, I became a partaker of evil and Hellfire would have been my eternal abode. I am under obligation and indebted to share; I cannot keep it to myself; it burns in my bones. I will also like to use this as a means of restoring the souls of those who have fallen away due to this global deception of T.B. Joshua.” This Book is a societal mirror for everyday people, it is saying that, each one of us has the ability to enter into relationship with God individually without depending on another man as a connector. Jesus Christ has made the way. This is to stand as a guide to the blind, as a warning to the gullible, and as a light to the simple; because what causes people to panic, and run helter skelter in search of an intermediary between them and their Creator is still prevalent in the world, such as sickness, affliction, trouble, confusion, disease, barrenness, joblessness, etcetera. What drives people to run from one prophet to another prophetess both false and genuine, which can cause them to eventually fall into error is still at large. Those things that pressurizes people daily, and can cause them to be knocking on the doors of prayer contractors and spiritual arrangers, intending to cut deals with ‘God’ if possible; rather than to go on their knees and be calling upon their Creator for Mercy and a turnaround is still thriving in the world today. Evil seems to run rampant everywhere. What we need is Peace in God and holding unto His Word. These agents of satan are only having breakthrough at your breakdown. Beware of miracle peddlers, Beware of false prophets, and Beware of false teachers, Jesus warned. This is their time, Run for your life!

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false prophet

Shame Unto False Prophets- They Come In Different Shades

Hello Brethren!

How are you fearing?

I am persuaded that His Infallible Word will never fail; as rain falls to the ground causing increase on the earth, the promises of the Lord must surely come to pass; He has never ever failed. He said, “teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.” Matthew 28:20 NKJV

I will like to share this experience with you. I believe each and everyone of us have divers of experiences, but why I share my many experiences with people is to help my readers to tread carefully in life because there are many predators out there and there are uncountable gullible, naïve and vulnerable people out there. Take this one for example: –

It happen one certain cool evening I took walk around the Estate I resides. As I was going from one street to another enjoying the scenery of different architectural edifice in my neighborhood and the beauty of God’s creation around me; I started to speak in tongues to stay connected in my spirit so that my eyes and thoughts will not strayed (Psalm 119:10-11). And also, the scripture says, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” 1 Peter 5:8.

Suddenly I overheard a man that was walking ahead of me talking to someone over his phone, instructing the other person at the other end to allowed any of his guests who visits for prayers to wait for his return before discharging them. Though I was not eavesdropping, but his voice was loud enough for me to hear him loud and clear, and since I enjoys fellowshipping with other children of God so much, I was excited to connect with him as a brother, believing it would be another opportunity to talk about Master Jesus Christ, and His Kingdom and to commune with a brother in the same household of God.
The psalmist says, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, Running down on the beard, The beard of Aaron, Running down on the edge of his garments. It is like the dew of Hermon, Descending upon the mountains of Zion; For there the Lord commanded the blessing— Life forevermore.” Psalms 133:1-3 NKJV
Apart from having interaction as brethren, it also occur to me to enlighten him not to make habits of letting people of God to be depending perpetually on him for prayers; but rather, he should teach them on how the people too can relate directly with their Father in Heaven, reconciliation is one of the reasons Jesus Christ came to the earth (2Corinthians 5:18). Yes, to teach us how to cast our nets into the spiritual waters to fish (Matthew 4:19), rather than remaining to be a weakling who always wait at the doorsteps to beg for fish each time we are spiritually hungry. Jesus said to her, “…but go to My brethren and say to them, ‘I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.’ ” John 20:17 NKJV. God is our Father (koi·no·ni·aˌ koinəˈnēə/ which means fellowship or communion, with God or, collective, more commonly, with fellow Christians.). No one is a or should make himself/herself to be a custodian of the Power of God. The scripture says on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit splits Himself into all, He didn’t come only for some selected few. He come for as many as are willing and obedient to follow Him (Isaiah 1:18-19).

I was hoping in my heart that this man would not be offended if I discuss this matter in my heart with him, because many loves their gifts of the spirit above God’s commandment, but at the end, it is the fruits of the Spirit that will help us on our journey to heaven to be like Jesus Christ, not gifts. Jesus said, He would say to many who had performed mighty miracles that “I never knew you,” because they used their gifts to cover their many sins.

Anyway, the man was well ahead of me, so I quickly doubled up my steps to catch up with him and I asked, “are you a pastor?” He looked back and said, “I am prophet Bassey.” Hummnn… I usually have some strange reservations towards anyone who tags himself/herself as “prophet/prophetess” because of obvious reasons. My past experiences in the Synagogue, “church” of all nations, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria; where lies, deception, falsehood, hypnotism, occultism, brainwashing are use to beguiles the vulnerable, naïve and gullible on very large scale on daily basis cannot be eroded out of my memory in a light years to come, and this had made me to develop a zero tolerance for falsehood. Be that as it may, there are also genuine prophets and prophetesses of God no doubt, to deny this, is to deny the authenticity of the Word of God. The Book of Joel says, “And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions. And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days. “Joel 2:28-29 NKJV
Also in the Book of Revelation, it says, “and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth. To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.” Revelation 1:5-6 NKJV

As Priests of the Most High God, we are meant to be prophesying to nations about the goodness and the coming of judgment of God upon the earth, but many people don’t understand that the Infallible Word of God is the Book of prophecy; meaning that as you are reading, meditating and speaking the Word into your life and the lives of others, you are simply prophesying. Revelation 19:10b says, “Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”


This means whenever you are speaking the Word or testifying of Jesus Christ, you are prophesying. I am blessed beyond curses, no weapon formed against me prosper, I am a Child of destiny, Abraham blessings are mine, I shall not die, but live to declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, …. So many Word of prophecies.
Unfortunately I was born in a part of the world maybe it is the same elsewhere I don’t know but let me talk about my environment where I know as I know my name. This is a clime where “word of prophecies” are peddles for money, fame and honor. People have itching ears to hear who and who is in their families, or offices that are behind their woes. We know that man is inquisitive by nature, and because of this, he (man) wants to know what tomorrow holds for him; people wants to know the unknown, or even the unknowable. This is probably why most people are so fascinated by those who claim to know the future or who claim to possess the gift of prophecy. Nevertheless, if we realized that Jesus is in our future, we shall have peace and rest in Him. The Word of God says, “I know the plans I have for you” (JEREMIAH 29:11). The Word of The Lord says, “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee” ISAIAH 43:2. The Word of God says, “though your beginning may be small but your later end shall be glorious” JOB 8:7. The Word of God says, “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” 1CORINTHIANS 2:9.

The Word of God has said many things to us about God, His Love and plans for our lives, we may not know them if we do not read it. When we have these infallible comforting Words in our subconscious, we shall no longer fancy, or give our precious attention to anyone who parades himself with the name prophet, because we have already known our future through the Word of God. To prophesy is not necessarily means to see something extra-ordinaire, but to speak the Infallible Word of God upon yourself, and belief what you have said to come to pass. Only God knows why He created us JEREMIAH 1:5, the more we trust in Him with our destiny, the more He will lead us into it. There is definitely no point or purpose enquiring about what tomorrow holds or who is your enemies within your family members from seers or prophets. The scripture has affirmed that satan is man’s sole enemy not any human being EPHESIANS 6:12.
As it is in the Synagogue, most of the people that are pushed out to confirm TB Joshua’s prophetic messages before the Emmanuel TV cameras are always in a confused state of mind. Why is this so? This is one of the Synagogue Abracadabra’s modus operandi, the more you hear, the less you understand. Their complaints are always: they do not particularly hear, or understand most of the things TB Joshua had said over the microphone about them; but because TB Joshua is working hand in hand with his agents (his disciples), who had earlier met with the people outside the gate of the Synagogue, and in turn informed TB Joshua about the issues of life which they had earlier discussed with them. TB Joshua in turn will use the information he received from his informants to form basis of his prophecies in the open service, that is why these ‘disciples’ will always compel their victims to come out by force and confirm anything. Some ‘disciples’ do fall into trouble with TB Joshua when things go wrong while patching this show. If it is a high profile broadcast, voice-over will patch the missing link, and there are so many occasions where TB Joshua do private voice over recordings in his office to voice the included missing part of the message which he did not remember to say in the open service prophecy time for Emmanuel TV packaging.
Now, I hope you understand where I am coming from? So, when this man said he was a prophet, I treaded softly, but I still engaged him in Biblical chat. He said he was heading to a fellowship center which he organize with other children of God around the block. I told him that I live around, and was just taking evening walk, if the fellowship center is not far from my location, I would be free to join them. He was happy as we chat on the biblical doctrines as we move along. When we got to his fellowship center, we entered through a gate into the compound and we met 3men and 2 ladies. They greeted him respectfully, and he quickly introduced me as an Evangelist, he told them that through his interactions with me, he believe I am gifted with the Word. They said I should sit down, I realized it was only one chair there, so I declined to be their chairlady while they stand. I quickly disengaged myself, promising to visit another time. So, they ask me to minister to them for 5minutes before leaving, and I opted to pray. My prayer was my life’ burden which goes thus, “Father, in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, as a church, we ask for freedom for everyone under the bondage of falsehood, false doctrine, false teachers, false churches, we ask you in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, let them be set free Father; let the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ shine in their heart in Jesus’ Name we pray. They echoed Amen and I left.

I remember Prophet Bassey promised to call me on the phone for reminder of the next Wednesday for fellowship and I said OK. The next Wednesday was my appointment with my eye doctor, and as I was rushing home, something was telling me “don’t you see that some things were not right in that place? In the taxi I started diagnosing what could be wrong, hummnn… I agree that the environment may not be right and fortunately and unfortunately, Prophet Bassey did not call, so I removed them from my system for good.

You will know The Truth, and The Truth shall set you free
After a long time, one day, around 9:30am, I received phone call from Prophet Bassey, he said God told him that there is something I have been praying for a loooong time ago, that He, God is ready to do it for me before the next day. I thought if God wanted to speak to me, Bassey would be the least He would contact (I have my reasons); and also who amongst the living that does not have unfulfilled desires. Maybe you desire to go on holiday in Kuala Lumpur, maybe you desire to spoil yourself a little at the newly open Shoprite Supermarket in town, or you want to further your education, buy a house, get marriage, or you wishes one thing or the other for yourself and no money for these indulgences; they are still pending, we are all in this together even the so call prophets; this is a general problem. See my brethren, I am saying all these because these are the ways false prophets usually use to capture their victims. Anyway, Prophet Bassey said, God told him that I should call him (Prophet Bassey) by 12midday that day so that he can pray for me for that that loooong awaited miracle will take place within 17hours, and I must prepare 5,000 naira in a white envelope which I should write “that thing” at the back of the envelope. I knew instantly he was lying, but he was going somewhere and I decided to go along with him to uncover his shame.

Anything that is not Biblical is a lie from the pit of hell friends. It interest me to see the end of the matter. So I asked him ‘what would I do with the money after prayer.’ He said “don’t worry, I will tell you afterwards.” I laughed and decided not to call him. At about 11:30am, he sent me a reminder SMS which says, “Are you getting prepared and ready for the 12noon prayer. Follow the entire instructions and you will have a testimony.”
I laughed but I did not bother to waste my money to call him, he called at 12:08, challenging me if I was not conscious of time, and I replied that some other things took my attention. He dropped the line on me, believing I would call him back to beg, I did not (This is how they capture you, they try to make you desperate). He called again and started praying, I was replying Amen, amen as I was busy on my laptop. After the prayer, I quickly said goodbye, he said “Wait, Do you remember that fellowship center, go there and ask for Mama Bose and give her the envelope, I will instruct them to use it for God’s work. I replied, ah prophet, I have travelled to my village, I will give the envelope to a poor person around here. He said, ” Noooo, I will text you a Bank account to deposit the money, it has to be used here. I said there is no Bank in my village, giving to the poor is equally God’s work. Prophet Bassey said “stop arguing, stop arguing,” because I have zero tolerance for false prophet I started chastising him, I said, prophet Baaaassseey, if you inserted something in your mouth to command me, that is not my portion, stop deception, remember day of judgment. Bassey quickly dropped the phone on me. I sent him a text before he blocked me from his contact, which says, “Stop deception before heaven descend on you. God spoke to me about you 2weeks ago. I am so sorry for you and your clique.”
Why are we saying all these? Jesus Christ warned us that “Watch and Pray” the time is evil. Naïve, gullible, and vulnerable people are falling into the hands of these lots every second. Some of these evil people targets to have sex with female, married or unmarried; and some of these sex may be to initiates you into dark world. Some will take your hard earn money from you. Through this, many lives, home, marriage, career have destroyed. John 10:10 says, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10 NKJV


In the New Testament, Salvation is free, Deliverance is free, God’s blessings is free, Healing is free, Redemption is free. The King left His Ivory Tower to the mundane to be ridiculed, humbled and humiliated to pay the debt that sets us free:

If anyone ask you to give anything in exchange for whatever you desire in life, he/she is not speaking for God.

Anyone who ask you to go and bathe in the flowing river is an agent of devil.

Anyone who ask for a sacrifice in exchange for your need is an hell representative; Jesus Christ paid in full.

Stop enriching hirelings to impoverish your soul.

Stop crucifying the Son of God the second time again.

Stop selling your glory to the agents of darkness.

Stop being led into the camp of the enemy against God.

Stop eating crumbs on the tables of demons.

The Bible says, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9 NKJV
Prophet Ekeng Bassey and his likes, I have word for you… I am not your candidate anymore. My life is not tied to physical blessings, No matter what come, old things are passed away, all things are new for me by the Mercy of He, who lives and abides forever. “For we are the circumcision, who worship God in the Spirit, rejoicing in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh,” Philippians 3:3 NKJV
And to you lazy and crippled Christians, who don’t read your Bible, and you are keeping malice with God and you don’t like fasting; but you always look for prayer contractors that will help you talk to God, why would you say God is silent when your Bible is closed? The scripture says, Beware, Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary Ekeng Bassey, Fatai Temitope Balogun alias T.B. Joshua and their likes are on rampage in the world, seeking whom they may devour. Resist them, be steadfast in the faith,” I Peter 5:8-9 NKJV

We are in end-time, do not take the mark of the Beast.


Celebrating God’s Faithfulness – My Freedom Day Out Of The Synagogue

ISAIAH 15:20-21

20Then I will make you a wall to this people, a fortified wall of bronze; they will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you to save and deliver you, declares the LORD. 21I will deliver you from the hand of the wicked and redeem you from the grasp of the ruthless.”




Today February 8th as I always remember yearly the moment I finally stepped out of the house of bondage. I join with the twenty-four elders, the Host of Heaven and the four living creatures, (the awesome foursome, and the foursome awesome) that surrounds the Throne of Majesty in Heaven to give glory, honors and thanksgiving to Him who reigns and lives forever and ever. I fall to my face before Him who sits enthrone on the Throne and I worship Him who lives forever and ever, Revelation 4:9-10 NKJV.

Looking back, I celebrates the goodness of His Most Excellency, The Royal Majesty, The Glorious Redeemer, Everlasting Father, All-Powerful, He that overthrown the enemy into the sea of forgetfulness, The Lifter of my head, Agbanilagbatan, Oloore- Ofe, Obangiji, Osa N’oghidua, Osa’lobua, Osẹikhuẹmhẹn Ekhuẹmhẹn, Odogwu Akataka (Fearless warrior), Ejide obi esike (My confidence), Echeta Echezo nkpa (He that takes away pain/worry), Di nwanyi isi mpe (Husband of the widow), Ikuku amanoya(Unquenchable God) Obata obie (He that ends every trouble)
Akwakwuru (Unpushable God), Dike na’gha (Mighty Warrior), Chi ne cherem (The God that thinks for me), Eze ndi Eze (King of kings)
Oke mmiri n’ebu ogwe (Great water that carry fearful storms), Oku n’ere ere (Consuming fire), Ike nkwu aba mba (The authority upon which I make my declarations), Oje na mmuo (He that works in the spirit), Ebube mbekumbe ( Glorious forever), Oloru ihe, loro ihe , loro ihe, loro enyi ( Bigger than the biggest), Nkume mgbe ebighi ebi (Firm foundation)

Today, the 8th, February in history marks another unforgettable day that Mercy roared from His Throne to liberate me out of the pangs of darkness, spiritual and physical incarceration, mental and psychological terror, sexual slavery of Abdul-Fatai Temitope Balogun alias T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue ‘church’ of all nations, Ikotun -Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria.

When God saw it was time for me to leave the Synagogue; some cameras malfunctioned in a conference organized by TB Joshua for the farmers in faraway South Africa. When he return to Nigeria, he summoned ‘disciples’ meeting and accused those ‘disciples’ that followed him to the conference including the foreign ‘disciples’ that they caused the fault of the machines. Therefore, we must go to the ‘prayer’ mountain to ask for forgiveness for offending his ‘holy spirit’. I was not with them in South Africa; but I was included to go for forgiveness, my sin was that I did not travel with them. He said if I had gone to South Africa, such experience would not have occurred because of my dedication. While we were at Agodo, in a place we were to go for prayers, I saw in a quick flash the picture of my mother, she was had aged and was very frail; and for the first time in many years I had lived in the Synagogue I felt concern for her. I summoned courage to ask TB Joshua for permission to go and see my mother in case something terrible had happened to her. The moment I mentioned my mother to him, it was as if a thunderbolt hit TB Joshua, he was not expecting it, he became highly upset and asked everybody to clear out of his office including me.
My mind was made up to go visit my mother, so I waited for TB Joshua until 12midnight to be able to inform him that come sun, come rain, I would go to see my mother in the following morning. He said I could not go, period. Among other things he said was, if I went, something terrible would happen on the way, he also said he would lay a curse on his daughter not me, but I insisted. He asked me why I bent on going on a Sunday when every ‘disciple’ supposed to be busy working, I answered him that it has been a long time I had been away from home as he know; possibly she might have moved out of where I knew she lived.

Nevertheless, I said knew my mother’s church where she has been attending before she married to my Dad (she has been a Christian all her life, but my Dad was a Muslim and I grew up with my Dad). We discussed until 3am in the morning. Then, TB Joshua started cajoling me that he was about to send me to South Africa to handle some things for him; but within me, I was not interested in traveling anywhere, but to get out of the Synagogue in one piece.

May your chains be broken in Jesus’ Name

Lastly, TB Joshua played another card, he asked me to go and prepared to follow him to the marine mountain at that ungodly hour (3am), but I would not bulged, I refused. If it were before this time that my mind was darkened I would gladly have obliged. So, he went alone by himself with his driver.
Next day, in the morning, while others were dressing up for service, and the Synagogue members were trouping into the service, I ran out. As things worked out, I met TB Joshua by the staircase coming back from his water mountain at about 6am, though I greeted him, but I do not even bother to know if he answered or not.
On my way out, the security men caught me but I fought them with all the strength in me and quickly flagged down a motorbike which drove me away from the Synagogue’s frontier. When I got into town, I was just perambulating from one place to another until one Mr. Ojooloye called me on the phone to direct me to the motor park. When I eventually got to my mum’s church, an usher helped me to call her out, and precisely the way I saw her in my vision in a flash, she had aged so much and became frail. A lots had happened to her, she started crying but I encouraged her to be strong. Then, she started praising God for seeing me again, I went with her to her new place as I expected. We talked at length, I apologized for been used to labelled her a witch and not to see her for many years, and I have eventually decided to leave the Synagogue. She asked me ‘why?’ I told her that only God knows but I was no longer comfortable in the place, and I sensed something was not right. I could not bring myself to tell her all my experiences at the time because I was not ready to hear “but we told you so.”
My mother gave me her pastor’s telephone number to ask for counseling, and I left for Lagos, back at the synagogue. When I got there, the security man (Phillip) would not permit me to enter, he said I needed a written permit from TB Joshua because I did not present one when I left in the morning. I believe it was a script given to him by TB Joshua, so I became pissed off, I told him to allow me to go in, and pack my stuff and leave finally. While we were on that argument, someone informed me that TB Joshua was at the marine mountain and he asked me to come with her. At the marine mountain, TB Joshua inquired why I disobeyed his orders not to visit my mother, I had no excuse for him, so he asked me what happened at my mother’s place, I knew he wanted to teleguide me, so I gave him a different story that my mother does not wish to see me again because of the past scenarios. Then, he asked Olamide big to escort me back to the main Synagogue and instructed other ‘disciples’ leaders who he had previously instigated against me to sheath their sword.
‘Disciples’ were not allowed to own a personal phone at the time, but I had secretly bought one for myself at the time I worked in ‘The Exclusive’ Newspaper on behalf of TB Joshua. I called my mother’s pastor the following morning and he prayed with me, after prayers, he asked me where I was calling from, I quickly told him not to worry that I only needed guidance about a step I wanted to take. What he said thereafter got me panicked. He said, “oh, I am very sorry for asking, but as we prayed, my eyes opened and I saw that you are in a kind of bondage where there were chains on your neck, both hands, waist and your two legs; I saw that you are tied up like a criminal.”
In shock, I opened up to him that I was in the Synagogue, ‘church’ of all nations. The pastor asked gently, ‘what are you doing there? I told him that it was not a story I could relate to him at the time. “Ah! The way I saw it, you cannot leave the place,” he replied. I was confused, with a little irritation, I asked him, “I cannot leave? Why? Was I born here? Nobody owns me but God, and right now I am leaving, no one can stop me, not even those chains you said you saw.”
The pastor shouted, “Please don’t try it, if you try it, your enemy can run mad or die because you are already under surveillance radar. If God open your eyes, you will see that there are some horrible looking beings that are manning the gate of where you are; it is not only you, they have the list of the names of those people living there with them.” Ha! as if it was a bad dream to me, I thought within me, is it this bad? I definitely knew some strange things are happening here, but not to this magnitude? I looked around I could not see any strange looking beings, no surveillance radar except security monitors which I know off. In a jiffy, my experience of 7 years backward flashed in my mind, when I left synagogue with strong head, and I ended up roaming the street of Lagos for 3days not knowing where I was heading to (another story). Therefore, I calmed down, almost crying and in a childlike voice, which I could not believe was mine I said, “Sir, am I going to die here? Can God help me? I want to go to heaven.”
The pastor assured me that God is ready to help anyone who call on Him because He owns everywhere and everyone, but I must give my life to Christ genuinely, and walk with God. How, I asked him? He said, “we shall be praying together often for God’s direction, and anytime you finished service in the synagogue, it is paramount that you call me for prayers.” I thanked him and we bade each other goodbye.

(Taken from the Book “THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW)

The TB Joshua I Know
Deception Of The Age is Unmasked in this Book-THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW



After I left the Synagogue church of darkness, I was afflicted badly, TB Joshua used every means of his enchanting power to make me either to run mentally retarded, dead or to return to the Synagogue to beg; since he cannot deal with defiant. Living became dead-end because life without Christ can be dangerous and Disastrous. All the time I lived in the Synagogue was without Christ and coming out made me open to the arrows of darkness. I was initiated into satanism like every ‘disciples’ of TB Joshua in the Synagogue by TB Joshua, the chief priest, the occult grand master. The slave master cannot afford to lose any of his slaves, so I was hunted and violated badly.

If I need God to help me I must change Kingdom, but how? I didn’t know at the time. I started another journey of desperately looking for help without knowing the Helper. Searching for deliverance without having relationship with the Great Deliverer.

I suffered greatly in the hands of my tormentor. Looking for help in wrong places. I later realized it is impossible to use darkness/negative to fight negative/darkness.

At over 40years, I started:



• COBWEBS WAR day and night



• HARD SLAPS ON MY FACE by unseen hand that usually wakes me.

























You may be in that Journey today, I am sharing a way out of wilderness in my Book “ON CHRIST THE ROCK”




The TB Joshua I Know
Deception Of The Age is Unmasked in this Book-THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW
People eyes are beginning to open, read the experiences of people across the world in – Reasons You Should Not Visit The Synagogue ‘church’ Of All Nations

Christianity Endangered By Pimps

(Culled from the Book “THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW”)

The TB Joshua I Know
Deception Of The Age is Unmasked in this Book-THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW

In the first introduction of the Church, the Scripture made us to understand that The Lord Jesus Christ did not took stripes on His back, wore a Crown of Thorns on His head, got His side pierced and died on the Cross for what many professed Church goers are seeking for today; rather The Son of God died on the Cross to liberate man from the power of Sin.

ACTS 2:37-39 “When they heard this, they were stung in the heart and said to Peter and to the rest of the Apostles, “Brothers, what shall we do?” 38Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39For the promise is to you, and to your children, and to all who are far away, as many as the Lord our God will call.”

This simply means, Man’s problem is not about the expensive clothes he has or does not have in his closet, not the kind of car he drives or the house he lives in, man’s problem is Sin, and he need a Saviour and that Saviour is Jesus Christ. When there is no reaffirmation of the transaction Jesus Christ did on Calvary in our Churches, people will be shortchanged of the Truth and pimps will take over the platform. There are different pimps in our Churches today: Pimps of miracles, prophecies, prosperity, turning the house of God into house of merchandise; as they trades in water, oil, apron, etceteras. We don’t need anymore Pimps or snake oil salesmen leading the Church, it is purely Spiritual adulatory, we need genuine ministers who will stand behind the Pulpit and preach the undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Synagogue of T.B. Joshua in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria is another hellish place where every genuine Christian must avoid altogether. The Synagogue is a house of Pimps, headed by T.B. Joshua. 



Another amazing deception I witnessed at the Synagogue was a 76-year-old Moses Marole, who came from Mmabatho, he travelled to Lagos from South Africa in the company of other 120 guests led by a regular group leader Mrs. Santa du Plessis, from Roodeport. Mrs. Santa du Plessis had become part of T.B. Joshua’s clique when money started flowing into her purse through this arrangement, she is a mother of one of T.B. Joshua’s in-house ‘disciples’ called Angelique Goosen. On April 21, Sunday afternoon, while the group took some time off from the long hour of Sunday service to have lunch, Moses Marole suddenly collapsed on the food table. Many people rallied around to help him: amongst them was a neurosurgeon, Dr. Johan Wilkinson from Bloemfontein; he performed a CPR on Moses to no avail. In no long time, message had reached T.B. Joshua in the service where he was still attending to people on the so-called ‘prayer line’. T.B. Joshua sent Benson, one of the junior prophet to ‘pray’ but without success as usual.

The elderly man was taken aside, and the Synagogue medical team who are always on standby during services engaged the fainted old man, and were able to bring him back to life with their medical skill.

Screenshot-7_27_2018-5_32_01-PM-300x169 CHRISTIANITY ENDANGERED BY PIMPS
Synagogue in-house Medical Team helping

The medical team discovered that the complications of heat (hot weather in Nigeria), triggered Marole’s health conditions, which were: diabetes, high blood pressure and stress of an old age. The medical team brought him back to life, not the junior prophet. When T.B. Joshua heard that the man had been resuscitated, he said we must keep the visitors in the dark on the new development; and keep telling them that the elderly man could not be resuscitated; even ‘disciples’ were lying to their fellow ‘disciples’ on the matter. Separate room was quickly made available to keep Moses away from the rest of his group members, and one of the medical team, a Nurse, Mrs. Igeodu who always work hand in hand with the ‘disciples’ of T.B. Joshua was called in but none of the ‘disciples’ knew T.B. Joshua’s intention until after the day’s service. After everyone had eaten and rested, at about 11pm, T.B. Joshua summoned selected members of the Studio: two cameramen, two video editors, and two visitors’ coordinators; those that are very loyal, with Mrs. Igeodu, the Nurse into his office. The short meeting was about the fainted man; and since every member of the foreign visitors still holds the belief that the man was already dead, this time was ripe opportunity for him (T.B. Joshua) to do what he had dreamt of doing a very long time, to raise the dead like Jesus Christ did, but the pattern he planned to use was that of Elisha in 2KINGS 4:33-34.

 Mrs. Igeodu administered sedative injection on the already fragile man in bad condition of health to keep him still on the bed, wool was inserted into his windpipes, and he was laid straight as a dead man on the bed. Everyone knew exactly what he or she must do after the short meeting with T.B. Joshua. Other ‘disciples’ who were not involved in the brief might be seeing your movement, but they cannot decode or understand what was going on except the smart ones who had been involved in a similar errand before. The Cameramen had set up their gadgets in the room where the aged man was laid, and T.B. Joshua was led into the room by a ‘disciple’ who pretended as if she was just passing the information to him. It was a drama.

NARRATION: –T.B. Joshua touched the man on the bed to see if he had slept off, of course, there can never be any response, thanks to Mrs. Igeodu’s sedative injection. So, T.B. Joshua raised his hand up in the air in front of cameras as if ‘praying’, there were lots of mistakes which was taken care of by Seun Abiola, one of the editors in the Studio. T.B. Joshua practices on the camera cassette were wiped off through reuse of the cassette by Sister Deola. Then T.B. Joshua laid flat on the man for some seconds and stood up; that was his own part.

Then, we have to be on standby until the man wakes up from the effect of the sedation. With the Voice of T.B. Joshua inserted, the real voice used was Brother Nkechi who shouted the man’s name severally before the man suddenly jacked out from his deep sleep, as he opened his eyes and mouth to answer the caller; that was the reaction the Editor needed to finalize the deceptive packaging, Shina and I were called upon to-do voice over to perfect all gaps of unnecessary noise on the tape.

 This video cassette was sold all over the world, and it went viral on YouTube to deceive the naive. The following morning, T.B. Joshua instructed us to play the edited video to the foreign visitors in their dining room. We assembled the entire guests in the dining room, they were looking gloomy as we told them the cock and bull story of the previous day event. It was basically about one of them who had gone to be with the ‘Lord’, they all answered affirmative. They were still in mourning mood; their breakfast was left untouched. We informed them how we prepared the man for the morgue, but message came from T.B. Joshua that the man’s death was to the ‘glory of T.B. Joshua’s fake god’ (always using biblical quotation to deceive people); that they should not bother to take his body to the morgue. The guests were a little confused and perplexed, asking why we should keep human remains

inside the hostel? The packaged video of lies, and deceit explained the rest as we played it for them. When they saw what happened with tight editing, they rejoiced and demanded to see the resurrected man, many of them started calling South Africa to testify lies. We told them that Moses would still need some rest. The sedative injection administered on him was still in his system, he could not yet coordinate himself. It took another day before we allowed Moses Marole to receive visitors from among his group members, and before then, he had been thoroughly brainwashed on the Synagogue version of what happened to him. If you watch the video, Moses had no testimony at all, he was just rambling, a pure patched interview. Some of the visitors knew that Moses case was not as bad as we presented it in the video, but they went back home pondering over the event in their mind. GOD IS WATCHING!

If T.B. Joshua truly has power to heal or raise the dead, what about many other visitors who died under his roof without been able to raise them to life? The incident of the first story I recounted in this Chapter took place at the adjacent room to where T.B. Joshua slept that fateful day in his bedroom; until I woke T.B. Joshua up from his sleep that morning, he was sleeping next room to a dead man. General Tumenta Martin died under Synagogue roof, a Botswana magistrate, Lorraine Makati-Lesang died inside the Synagogue on their so-called ‘prayer line’, if truly Moses Marole died and was raised to life by T.B. Joshua; what about Benson, his junior pastor who worked for him for more than 20 years and died in T.B. Joshua’s presence without been raised to life? Samson, who was a cousin to him died under his roof; and there were other unreported cases of death amongst the general workers inside the Synagogue. I witnessed on many occasions while T.B. Joshua was doing his so-called jingoism type of ‘prayer’ on the sick, and they died right before him. Tamara, a ‘disciple’ from Austria died in two days after she left the Synagogue, Lagos to Austria. T.B. Joshua could not heal or raise any of these people we mentioned from the dead. Ask yourself… what is the authenticity of the Synagogue blatant editing videos that went viral, what is the authenticity of anything you see on Emmanuel TV? Are they real? Forget about what you watch on television; T.B. Joshua manufactures and arranges miracles. Why is T.B. Joshua having pleasure deceiving people? It is for only one reason, to take your focus away from God’s presence, from holding and waiting upon the Lord ISAIAH 40:29-31. Now, the easy one, T.B. Joshua did not travel when the Synagogue collapsed upon him, what a good opportunity presented before him, and his junior prophets or wise men, to get busy by displaying their prowess of healing those that were wounded and raising the dead to life (sic). Even, two of his choir girls were badly wounded, and were hospitalized, one of them was on crutches for many months, while the other was flown out of the country for treatment; but T.B. Joshua would always present on Emmanuel TV to be healing cripple, healing those with cancer, healing the blind, and paralyzed, why does he allow his precious singer to be using walking aid? On top of it, he lied and dodged been prosecuted by the government. IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP people of God! Emmanuel TV propagates falsehood on daily basis. BE WARNED, BEWARE!

(Culled from the Book “THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW”)

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6 YEARS ON… When Will SCOAN’ Victims Of Collapsed Building Gets Justice?

6 YEARS ON… When Will The SCOAN’ Victims Of Collapsed Building Gets Justice?


When I left the Synagogue, ‘church’ of all nations in the morning of Friday, 8th February, 2008, the gates of going to crusades in different countries were shut on TB Joshua until 6 years afterwards in 2014, the year of huge human sacrifice in the Synagogue, when TB Joshua collapsed one of his building on innocent people. If the victims had known that the journey they planned to embark on would become a journey of no return… only if they had known. They would have adhere to Jesus’ Message in John 4:21-24.
Our Prayers and thoughts are still with the families of the victims.

 It was exactly 3 month after Abdul-Fatai Balogun alias TB Joshua celebrated his infamous birthday on 12th, June, 2014, 6years ago today that over 115 vulnerable, gullible and naïve people from different nations headed to the Synagogue �?church’ of all nations, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria in desperation for miracles. In need for succour, healing and encounter with God, but ended dying violently when a building suddenly collapsed completely to the ground on top of them.

Countless died painful death, others got life changing injuries, many can never use their legs to walk again after the gruesome experience and many can never use their arms to embrace their loved ones.

Though that incident was not new in the demonic Synagogue of TB Joshua, every insider in the Synagogue know how occasional incident like this occurs to take lives of people in gruesome manner, but that of 12th, September, 2014 could not be covered up like many others, and it has entered into the record of Wikipedia for generations unborn to read and be wiser. Never in the history of the Church of the living God has the children of God suffered such terror and calamities in the hands of a fraudster, and a satanic agent like T.B. Joshua, this is calling for returning to the Lord as the scripture says in Zechariah 1:3.

Many breadwinners are gone unprepared, leaving their protégés at the mercy of life, God is faithful always.

Jean Louis Kalambaie left families and friends in South Africa
eronica Mathebula and her husband, Lybon in SCOAN the day before the collapse were among the unfortunate


Intelligent Nigerians knows how T.B. Joshua has become embarrassment to Nigeria as a country and to Nigerians. What more could prove this charlatan, con-artist is a dangerous false prophet than him not been able to see the collapse of his own building which killed over 116 gullible foreigners, and uncountable unaccounted-for Nigerians. But he is very quick to put out his over-edited videos and Photoshop pictures, purporting to have predicted many disasters happening around the world to make himself look relevant, but right in his own compound, under his watch, he could not predict those that add up to the number of people that perished in his own house. T.B. Joshua is a psychopath with zero empathy for the victims of tragedies as he releases fulfillment of false videos to corroborate lies.

Now, read this: This is neither allegation, nor speculation; I will speak and write as one who once lived inside the Synagogue for over a decade, and work in various departments in leadership capacity and closely to the direct source, I know some deeper truth about T.B. Joshua and the Synagogue. There are two major reasons pointing to the collapse of the Synagogue, I cannot be wrong in both ways, the first assertion is final:

T.B. Joshua used the people that died for spiritual lifting sacrifice as a stepping stone to gain more power in satanic realm. TB Joshua has been doing it for many years, we have witnessed how people mysteriously die inside the Synagogue, workers die inside the Synagogue, members suddenly collapse and died, I have coordinated foreign visitors that died inside the Synagogue, we witnessed many �?disciples’ of T.B. Joshua that died inside the �?disciples’ quarters inside the Synagogue, and their bodies were smuggled out to be buried secretly, but this particular one of 12th September 2014 was too huge for cover-up, T.B. Joshua couldn’t hide it. The sacrifice was one of the reason immediately the house collapsed, TB Joshua needed certain number of deaths, so the Synagogue quickly closed its gate on the good Samaritans that volunteered to help the victims to get number of deaths; and until it became undeniable and un-coverable, if not, the Synagogue ground would have been their graveyard. T.B. Joshua would have buried them all inside his shrine with corporation of his spiritual moron �?disciples’ and members that are under his spell. In usual manner, TB Joshua would let the �?disciples’ believe it is �?God’s’ work they are protecting.

Since I left the Synagogue in 2008, (for over 6years) to 2014, T.B. Joshua was not able to travel outside the shores of Nigeria to perform his usual scam crusades; but in the year 2014 before the collapse and shortly after the collapse, gateway was open for T.B. Joshua through the huge human sacrificing both locals and foreigners souls in one swing, and he went over to South Korea, Mexico, Paraguay, UK, Israel, Panama etc to display falsehood. Never in the history of the Church of the living God has the children of God suffered such terror and calamities in the hands of a fraudster, and a satanic agent like T.B. Joshua, this is calling for returning to the Lord on the part of genuine believer and followers of Christ Jesus as the scripture says in Zechariah 1:3. The more reason why people should know their Creator personally and serve Him devotedly wherever they may be, rather than running helter skelter to prayer arrangers, especially places like the Synagogue �?church’. The Synagogue is not a Church of Jesus Christ, T.B. Joshua is not a Christian, and I am warning everyone in the Synagogue to be at alert because you can never tell when T.B. Joshua’s demons intend to strike to unleash mayhem on the innocent people in the compound of the Synagogue. TB Joshua buried many demonic things and swords all around the Synagogue, which also is in the logo of the Synagogue.

The type of Swords TB Joshua buried under the Synagogue appears in his emblem. It symbolizes sacrifices and death.

  To further confirmed what I enumerated above, Brother Nkechi, one of TB Joshua’ �?disciples’ said he was called into T.B. Joshua’ office to conduct some strange looking men round that particular collapsed building site, and he noticed how they walk round the building three times before they left, and the unimaginable happened a week after their visit. He said they return after the collapsed and did the same walking round at the same spot where the building collapsed.

One certain time, the Synagogue was expecting large number of visitors from South Africa, and few days later, unexpectedly, one Mr. Adebayo, a prophet from Japan call into the Synagogue to inform us that he would be leading 100 Japanese religious tourists to the Synagogue. Faced with problem of accommodation space; greedy T.B. Joshua does not want the expected visitors to stay in hotels outside of the Synagogue because he does not want to lose the money the Japanese visitors come with. So, T.B. Joshua instructed that they should put unplanned new layer of floor on top of a building within a short period of 2 weeks that will accommodate the expected guest. Masons/workers work day and night including their supervisors (�?disciples’); and building process was not duly followed. The very day the visitors arrived, while they and their luggage were delay at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos; wet plastered walls were being hurriedly painted in the Synagogue; and plumbers also were busy still fixing water faucets, and other convenient fittings. Everywhere smell fresh paint, putting the visitors and their coordinators at risk. This is the story of a greedy man called T.B. Joshua.


 It is not surprising in July 2015, when the coroner released its report on the Synagogue’s collapsed building – proving that the collapse was inevitable due to a litany of serious structural failings, for example:

  1. Inadequate beams of 750mm by 225mm, which should have been 900mm by 300mm.
  2. Inadequately reinforced columns, which should have been reinforced with 12 x Y25 bars or 20 x Y20 bars, instead of 10 x Y20 bars as seen in the video released by SCOAN.
  3. Inadequate bearing pressure for the central column due to the 2m x 2m x 0.9m foundations.
  4. Failure to introduce rigid zones for bracing the structure and did not design the frames as an embraced structure
  5. Failure to provide movement joints that could have absorbed any movement due to creep, contraction and expansion, and differential settlement, etcetera.
  6. 8 out 12 main beams of the structure failed because they were undersized, under-reinforced both in tension and shear, the tension bars were poorly anchored to the column supports and 8 x Y20 was used instead of 14 x Y20.
  7. The ground floor columns were slender and readily gave in to buckling.

The coroner, Oyetade Komolafe ruled that SCOAN was criminally negligent, and should be investigated and prosecuted, “SCOAN was culpable because of criminal negligence resulting in the death of the victims.” (Source: BBC). This is on the net for everyone to see.

Paid Gullible youths, Journalists, and Nollywood Celebrities used by TB Joshua against the Judiciary.
They protest with placards on October 24, 2014 outside the Ikeja High Court in Lagos during a hearing into the cause of the September 12 collapse at a guesthouse of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), which killed 115 people, including 84 South Africans. A coroner on October 24 ordered one of Nigeria’s most popular preachers to give evidence at the inquest. TB Joshua’s lawyer, Jude Nnadi, had argued at the hearing that his client would not be able to come in person “because he was not an eye-witness” to the tragedy. But coroner Oyetade Komolafe overruled him and summoned the popular televangelist, known to his followers as “The Prophet”, to appear on November 5 because his evidence was crucial. AFP PHOTO / PIUS UTOMI EKPEI (Photo credit should read PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images)

Supporters that were hired by TB Joshua hold T-shirt shared to them during the ruling of the coroner’s inquest on the collapsed guesthouse of Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) at the Lagos High Court, on July 8, 2015. A coroner on July 8 said a megachurch run by popular Nigerian preacher TB Joshua should be prosecuted after a building collapse killed 116 people, most of them South Africans. AFP PHOTO / PIUS UTOMI EKPEI (Photo credit should read PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images)

A South African official Funeka Ndungane (R) discusses Tee Mac who pimps Nollywood artists for TB Joshua. Omatshola Iseli in the Coroner’s courtroom at the Lagos High Court on October 13, 2014. A coroner’s inquest was opened and adjourned in Nigeria on October 13 into the deaths of scores of people who were killed at the TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations. AFP PHOTO/PIUS UTOMI EKPEI (Photo credit should read PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images)

  • “failure to obtain building approval contrary to Section 75 of the Urban and Regional Planning Law of Lagos State 2010.
  •  Involuntary manslaughter causing death contrary to Section 222 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011.”

In June 2016, the trial started, and T.B. Joshua criminally went behind to hire/rent some miscreants, scrupulous entities from Nollywood ranks and other places as agents to bring the government to its kneel, and to seduce the judiciary. People were seen in court premises carrying various placards with intention to intimidates the government through the inscriptions they bare, shouting war songs and with innuendo remarks, a repented insider amongst them later informed me that every person present in court was rewarded 200,000 naira each ($600) of blood money from T.B. Joshua; and the Synagogue provided transportation that conveyed them to and fro; only God knows the amount of money he pass through to the people on the bench because after couple of days all the shenanigans of the judiciary went silent without conclusion. SCOAN have not been cleared of the charges – where is the justice for the many families who lost their loved ones, bread winners, head of families, or those whose lives will never remain the same again due to their horrific injuries? We believe Lagos State Government can do better than what they are doing presently. We need to keep the families of the departed in our prayers to be strong, and continue to use this sad occurrence as warning to others who are in habits of looking for spiritual arrangers and false prophets. Stay in your homes and cry out to God, He promised to answer you whenever you call on Him JEREMIAH 33:3. The same God of the mountain is still God in the valley, He is the God everywhere; don’t act in unbelief by travelling up and down.

Our prayers are with the families of the departed


Why Is TB Joshua Afraid?


Fear has power to cripple man and to cause him to keep running even from his own shadow while no one pursues him. This is quite obvious about TB Joshua, as we see him in desperation looking in the silliest places for lifeline that will keep him afloat. He keeps telling embarrassing lies anyone would not expect from a sane person to cover his tracts in order to feel safe. Can anyone be secured in a house built on lies? It is just a matter of time. In my book “THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW” I elaborated on how the Synagogue’ ‘disciples’ quarters is run, we read how TB Joshua uses divide to rule to turn his moron ‘disciples’ into remote control, and causing them to snitch on each other to satisfy his sickening satisfaction.
TB Joshua is afraid of his shadows
TB Joshua is afraid of his future (forget about his loot)
TB Joshua is afraid his present
TB Joshua is afraid of his many lies he had told coming to the open
TB Joshua is afraid of his past
TB Joshua is afraid of the many evil he had done
TB Joshua is at it again. The child molester who has history of being an unrepentant liar/deceiver/false claims of miracles/deliverance/prophecies; he has been in the business of bewitching the unguarded gullible people over the years. Many enlightened people knows how TB Joshua attracts the GULLIBLE and the vulnerable with magic and fake miracles to his Synagogue of darkness over the years. Joshua, the man in the Synagogue is well known worldwide to be a fake and a prophet of doom, (Get a copy of my new Book “REASONS YOU SHOULD NOT VISIT THE SYNAGOGUE “CHURCH” OF ALL NATIONS or you can read it free on and in TREM BOOKSHOP nearer to you.


Amongst the uncountable exposé on this CHARLATAN was his numerous failed forecasts and his failure to predict the collapse of his Synagogue’s building in September 2014 while he busy bodies around telling-on people of other nations far and near. TB Joshua, being a manipulator and a deceiver has in many occasion secretly remove his failed forecasts from the Synagogue’ social platform handlers each time his forecast do not fits in, tallied or add up. The unstable pattern of this double-faced double-mouthed impostor had let people know that he is a compulsive and pathological liar who cannot be trusted but can go to any length to prove himself to be true. Joshua is the brain behind every evil machinations that is used to package grade-A Deception called the Synagogue for the innocent to buy into.
Many people who gives their attention to watch TB Joshua and his Synagogue of satan on Emmanuel TV may not understand why and how people are receiving vain promises of spiritual help, except those who had once lived and those that are still living inside the Synagogue can unravel this mystery. I believe Sani Shehu’s present predicament is one of the many ways TB Joshua and his Synagogue of satan is being exposed daily to the world, so that people can know the Truth and begin to follow the true God.
TB Joshua’ alleged spiritual power failed to produce solution in the life of Sani Shehu who TB Joshua hijacked in the days of his glory without inputs, and if Joshua cannot use his magic as usual to fake healing for Sani Shehu, I wonder why he would wickedly ignored to pay for the surgery that can return Sani to his active football for 10 solid years. How do TB Joshua sleeps at night leaving this young man that the Synagogue used in his glorious days in Golden Eaglet to make money, fame, and used as bait to drag many gullible people into the Synagogue. Onazi is doing well in his chosen career because he separated himself from the Synagogue and TB Joshua.
Anyway, for the love of humanity, BISOLA JOHNSON FOUNDATION began to work assiduously round the clock to seek financial aids for Sani Shehu, one of the Nigeria brilliant and brightest football stars to make it possible for his injured leg to be fixed under surgical blade like Kanu Nwankwo and return to the football games he loves, since after 10 years of his father and son lovey dovy relationship with TB Joshua of the Synagogue “church” of satan has not bring any glory to the young man, but retrogression in his life, falling and failing to march up with his peers, but highly favored TB Joshua. To show how much Sani was close to the Synagogue and TB Joshua, it will be recalled in an article written by Evangelist Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson on 23rd of November, 2019 (, you will learn how Sani Shehu’s name was changed to Emmanuel by TB Joshua when the later realized the boy Sani was about going places immediately he was invited into the Nigeria Under 17 (Golden Eaglet)’ camp shortly before the World Cup that was played in 2009 in Nigeria.
Sani who was supposed to break into the first team squad of any top team in the world due to the talent he displayed at the World Cup if he had imitated his friend and ex Golden Eaglets teammate Eddy Onazi; but Sani’ career stalled and nosedive due to long-term Achilles tendonitis problems (TB Joshua how market). While Onazi progressed through the youth rank, Sani’s injury and a nomadic career path took him from the height to the lowest.
Every reasonable person would believe that Sani should not be left in this darkest hour by TB Joshua but alas. So, when the good people of Nigeria began to show the love of God to Sani Shehu alias Emmanuel, the spoiler of destiny came knocking again on Sani Shehu’ door. In one of the days the young man visited Lagos from Abuja, TB Joshua cornered Sani and dragged him to the Synagogue to be manipulated and bewitched and used to be writing what will not put his name in the records of life champions. Onazi is making waves in life, Sani Shehu (Emmanuel) is begging ‘Daddy’ to return home (the Synagogue), what a shame, when a man is bewitched, he sees his friends as enemies and see enemy as a friend.
Any intelligent and humane person knows the important thing Sani Shehu needs at this time is not shenanigans against anyone, because at 26 years old after wasting 10years in the camp of a time waster, talents destroyer, life waster, who claims on Emmanuel TV to be a healer and a giver to disadvantaged people in the society (claims but not in practice), but his claims do not rub on/show or have credible meaning in the lives of the people that go close to him, a man who bought himself 60 million dollar private jet could not spare enough to help a motherless, and disadvantaged Sani Shehu (Emmanuel)’ surgery, rather, TB Joshua used fear/threat to ridicule/debase the quality of Sani Shehu’ life to the point that Sani Shehu will sprawl on the floor to beg for TB Joshua’s peanut which is evident in the eulogy he wrote about TB Joshua to tickle his fancy on Sani Shehu’s page. Only fools will not see the tone behind this writes up, we know Sani is under threat in the Synagogue; we are praying for him.
I know beyond reasonable doubt that TB Joshua is stupid in reasoning but my worries is about those journalists who paid their school fees to be more intelligent and enlightened yet pushing out myopic news for TB Joshua in exchange for dirty money.
My Dear Sani Shehu (Emmanuel), You underrated me, next time TB Joshua send you on errand to snitch on people, try look face oo, nevertheless, you do not need this at this time of you life, but I understand your predicament under TB Joshua’ demonic influence over you, I used to be in that debased state you are right now. We have not stopped praying for you. At your young age, what you needed most in life is to fulfilled destiny, not the curses of those who gave you money through our NGO, I have tried my best to reach out to them to keep you in their prayers, and your action will not stop us from giving right hand of giving and fellowship to those who need help. We are called to make a difference in the world. Remember you told me how spirit of fornication entered into your life through sex dreams inside the Synagogue and you feel you are living another person’s life as you entered into the Synagogue. I never offered you money in exchange of speaking against nobody. I have mouth to tell my stories and no men of God want to use you against satanist, you are only myopic in thinking for saying that. The full text of our conversation will be uploaded to set the record straight. You should know better that I will not be stupid to fall cheaply into your hand because I am not gullible. I only look out for your best in life. I wish you all the best in life but I wish you have done it the other way round. Our WhatsApp chats never show what you said about me. TB Joshua who used you is paranoid. There is no-where I cajole, deceive, compelled Sani Shehu into talking about irrelevant TB Joshua, rather we look out for his better future. 

Dave and Angie

Sexual Assaults’ -TB Joshua Foreign ex-‘disciples’ Cries Out.


Dear Friends 

We apologize that our email earlier this week came as a shock to many. Since then, many have been asking why we made such a drastic decision after 10 years of total commitment to SCOAN. We pray that as you read, you will examine all we say in the light of God’s Word. Its so important to have independent minds – to go to God to seek for the truth. 
First of all we would like to sincerely apologize for misleading you. We have deceived you in that we kept silent about many of things that take place at SCOAN in Lagos. We have also misled you by justifying and making excuses for many inexcusable things that take place at SCOAN and on Emmanuel TV. No matter our good intentions, before God we are responsible for this, and therefore ask for your forgiveness.
Over the last few years, Angie has suffered with depression and suicidal thoughts. She made sure she was strong for the team and in public, but it was a continual battle. In private, she would say things like, “I wish I was never born”, or “Its so difficult to continue with life, I’m praying for God to kill me”, or “If not for you and Loveth, I would kill myself.” I mentioned this to TB Joshua on the phone and he spoke to her and told her not to say things like that. I also mentioned it to him months later when I was in Lagos  and he said he would speak to her. 
Last week, things became really bad and I sat her down in desperation to try and find out what was happening .On the outside her behaviour didn’t make sense. My parents paid for a nice flat for us, we had a beautiful child, a great team and a growing church. She eventually broke down and said that she feels extremely guilty. She explained that TB Joshua used to call her to his room, make her take her clothes off (although not her underwear), and basically either masturbate himself on her, or tell her to masturbate him. On one occasion he told her to  remove her underwear and had sexual intercourse with her. TB Joshua told her that he was doing these things because he loved her, because she was his daughter, and to help her because of the problems that she had. These occasions took place between 2001 and 2005. She felt that talking about this would betray TB Joshua and God. But within her, she could not forgive herself and felt that God could not forgive her. 

Angie has been living in condemnation about these acts for the last 10 years. She felt she couldn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to betray TB Joshua. This may sound ridiculous, but as a former disciple of TB Joshua I fully understand. As disciples we are conditioned to basically consider TB Joshua as infallible (he even has a teaching about this). Disciples will say he has weaknesses, but no disciple will tell you a weakness that he has.  We basically consider him above correction, above wrong. We justify everything he does. Anyone who speaks against him is labelled as a Blasphemer. Questioning him is said to be questioning the Holy Spirit. As a disciple you are taught to be loyal to TB Joshua in all things. 

So on the one hand Angie thought that these acts were OK because it was the “man of God” that was involved, but on the other hand she had huge amounts of condemnation. This secret was destroying her but she felt that to speak about it would be betraying TB Joshua and therefore working against the Holy Spirit. It took 3 years of marriage for her to get to a place that she felt she could trust me enough to tell me. 
When Angie told me, it shocked me and caused some deep reflection. I believe her, for the following reasons:

1. There are 3 other foreign disciples (2 of them Pastors anointed by TB Joshua to pray for people) who have made similar allegations (not to mention the Nigerian allegations)
2. She has nothing to gain by making this up, in fact, her saying this is causing us to lose so much.

3. She doesn’t exhibit any signs of a lying spirit (and neither did the other disciples who made allegations previously, none of them went to the press or wrote articles on the Internet, or exhibited other negative behaviour)

4. In my years as a disciple I have seen female disciples lovingly stroking TB Joshua’s legs, and he has not done anything to stop it.

5. I have seen female disciples go to his bedroom alone at night on multiple occasions. I have been called to his room at night, to find him alone with a female disciple (I am not suggesting that something bad is happening on all those occasions, but just that it is unwise)

6. I have witnessed times that TB Joshua has instructed the disciples to put an unmarried couple in the same bedroom.

7. TB Joshua often refers to people as prostitutes and uses sexual language often and without shame (i.e. publicly talking about the male sexual organ), also referring to masturbation in strange ways. (e.g. telling the female disciples that when they are preaching on Emmanuel TV men will be masturbating as they look at them)

8. TB Joshua does not live with his wife. She has her apartment, and he has his apartment.

9. TB Joshua walked unannounced into the girls room in Johannesburg and one of the disciples was topless, he didn’t leave or apologize, and she didn’t cover up.
In the few days after Angie told me, its like a veil was removed from my eyes. I realized that although I have seen wonderful miracles at SCOAN and received some great messages from TB Joshua, at the end of the day he is not perfect and is just a man. In what I am about to say now, I am not saying that I am perfect and above mistake, I do not want to judge TB Joshua, that is for God. I simply want to examine some of TB Joshua’s actions in the light of God’s Word. 


  • TB Joshua fan club? (Its linked from official site)
  • TB Joshua’s face on all merchandise
  • TB Joshua’s picture sold in photo frames at the church, those who buy his picture are allowed to have anointed water.
  • Huge picture of TB Joshua in his office
  • TB Joshua’s picture hung next to other “God’s Generals”
  • People often kneel down when speaking to him (not just in service but in his office)

Anger? I have seen TB Joshua:

  • Slap disciples, men and women, incredibly hard in the face
  • Push disciples over
  • Whip disciples until they bleed and urinate on the floor
  • Make disciples walk around naked to disgrace them
  • Make disciples kneel for 3 days as a form of punishment on numerous occasions.
  • Drops the phone when he hears something he doesn’t want to.
  • Throw his plate on the floor because he didn’t like the food
  • Call cameramen / commentators / ushers abusive names in the live service, 
  • Kick the cameramen if they don’t get the “right shot” during the live service
  • Call disciples together to verbally abuse a disciple he is not happy with.

Deception? Here are a few examples of many.

  • In many of the healing videos, the audio of TB Joshua saying, “in the name of Jesus” is added later, although he never said it at the time.
  • In TB Joshua’s personal testimony documentary, the photo of him in prison is blatantly photoshopped, yet it is claimed to be real.
  • The phone receivers in the office, lie often. TB Joshua instructs them to tell callers that he is either at the mountain or resting, when he is actually in the office.
  • Physically Challenged – In the live service many disciples told the world that they have made friends with the physically challenged and will phone them everyday. This didn’t happen.
  • Haiti – TB Joshua said we will be in Haiti forever and that whatever money we need to give the government for land, we should give it. 2 weeks later he said that we shouldn’t spend any money on the land, and that we should leave in 2 months if they don’t give us the land for free.
  • TB Joshua said to the media that we have adopted 500 orphans and that it is a 3million dollar project for Haiti. Even on Emmanuel TV they showed photos of children that it was claimed were orphans we were helping. They were not orphans, and when he spoke we hadn’t helped any orphans.
  • There is department in Lagos specially set up to make positive comments about TB Joshua using false identities. They are also instructed to make negative comments about other pastors.


  • Out of the 20 disciples who have been anointed as Pastors to pray for the sick, only 7 are still with the ministry and only 5 are still allowed to pray for people. One had an affair and left his wife of more than 20 years. Others left because they weren’t allowed to get married. Three left claiming sexual abuse, etc. 
  • Disciples often lie and many exhibit generally bad behaviour.
  • Many disciples who have been there for 15 years plus and are now in their 30s and 40s are not even allowed to think about getting married. 

Here are a few things out of many, which upon reflection caused me to be seriously concerned about aspects of the ministry. Angie and I went to Lagos to speak to TB Joshua about some of these things, but were unable to meet with him. Our car was held at gun point and we were stopped from leaving the church by the Nigerian police (acting under instruction from TB Joshua). We had to push past the police and get onto a motorbike to be able to leave the church premises. Our driver later called us to tell us that TB Joshua had sent a vehicle full of police to the airport to look for us. We have video evidence of this.
So this is in a nutshell why we are leaving SCOAN. I know a lot of this will come as a big surprise to many of you. Especially as we were so positive about everything to do with Lagos. I can only say that I have been deceived for the past years. I said that we should examine everything in the light of God’s Word, but actually there were certain aspects of TB Joshua and his disciple’s lifestyles and actions that I didn’t examine in the light of God’s Word. I’ve ignored and made excuses for many of those things for many many years. For this I can only apologise.

Miracles or anointing are not a sign of infallibility or perfection. This is evident from the Bible and from church history. Matthew 7 and 1 Corinthians 13 are two chapters which we have spoken about at church that clearly make a distinction between the gifts on the outside and the character on the inside. Peter was the greatest apostle in the history of the church, yet he made some serious mistakes and had to be publicly corrected by Paul (Gal 2:11). Peter was not above mistake, and neither is TB Joshua. No-one is infallible. Even those who walked with Christ and received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost made some major mistakes. If you read the book “God’s Generals” you read about many people used mightily by God who made some very serious mistakes. Grace is grace, its unmerited favour. Either God uses imperfect people, or he doesn’t, who is to say which man is better than another. Romans 9:15 says God has mercy on whom He has mercy. 
I believe that by God’s grace, a lot of what we’ve been building at SCOAN UK has honestly been for the glory of God and has been built on God’s Word. The church is not the structure, the name or the Sunday meeting. It is the people. My prayer is that each of us will draw closer to God in this time and that in whichever way we all move forward, God’s glory would be reflected in each of us. 
I understand that this email my provoke more questions than it answers. Angie and I are happy to speak on the phone or communicate by email about any of these issues. 

Love from Dave and Angie