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TB Joshua Sexual Recklessness With Minors



Galatians 5:19-21New International Version

19 The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Matthew 7:16-20King James Version

16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

As one who once lived inside the Synagogue, ‘church’ of all nations, Lagos, Nigeria; where uprightness, discipline and purity is expected, but the reverse is the case with TB Joshua. The first hand experiences I had in the Synagogue of TB Joshua are experiences of a lifetime and I will continually to use them to educate people and enlighten their minds so that they will not fall into the pit of bewitchment God delivered people like me from. Be warned! Many did not survived it.


Mr. Abiola, a very rich trailer transporter in his lifetime lived on Abiola Adeyemi Street, Governor Road, Ikotun, Lagos, took T.B. Joshua (then, his name was Abdul-Fatai) into his home, he fed him, and accommodated him when T.B. Joshua was still a struggling young man in Lagos, until he disappeared from their house to join himself with one Celestial prophet called ‘lion of judah’ and Professor Peller, a renown magician respectively. The humble room that accommodated T.B. Joshua at that time is still in the compound of Abiolas till date.

Later in years, vicissitudes of life blew on Abiola family, and as one who was not standing strong in the Lord, they began knocking on several doors of prayer houses, and patronised many spiritual arrangers; believing these contractors could help turn their dwindling financial situation around for good. One day according to the late father, a family friend of theirs introduced them (the Abiolas) to the Synagogue. It was a pleasant surprise for Abiola patriarch to meet with T.B. Joshua once again in life, but this time, not as a struggling young man he knew him to be, but as someone he thought to be in position of spiritual authority to help his family solve their life’s riddle. After both men recognized each other (Mr. Abiola and T.B. Joshua), and they catch up on what led to their separation, and what happened after they got separated. Mr. Abiola trusted T.B. Joshua because he thought kindness begets kindness, the family has at once upon a time shown Fatai, now T.B. Joshua kindness, so, they believe it was payback time.

The Abiolas joined the Synagogue in full force, accepting T.B. Joshua as member of their family. Abiola matriarch became one of the ‘good women’ and the patriarch was active in another department. After a long period of time of dedication, their situation did not change for better, rather, T.B. Joshua proposed to Mr. Abiola to join his ‘disciples’ fully, the elder man declined due to old age and family responsibilities. Whenever Mr. Abiola visited the Synagogue in those days to ask for help; T.B. Joshua would send me to the cash office to collect some smallest denomination of banknotes of the amount he intended given to the elderly man and packed it in a brown envelope to look big to deceive Mr. Abiola. It would weigh heavy in Mr. Abiola’s hand as if T.B. Joshua had given him some large amount of money, which would disappoint him when he gets home.

Soon after, Mr. Abiola died and was buried. After his burial, T.B. Joshua took into his custody Mr. Abiola’s underage 3 girls under the guise to relieve Mrs. Abiola of too much of financial burden, what a noble thing to do, but can T.B. Joshua be this good? They trusted him, but T.B. Joshua betrayed the trust by sexually abused those underage girls with many abortions committed for them.

I remember the time when one of them, Seun Abiola, a very quiet, gentle and talented girl newly joined the ‘disciples’ quarters. T.B. Joshua had called me out of the studio one night into his living room to rub dusting powder on his body before he sleep; it is a usual thing in the Synagogue which ladies do for T.B. Joshua while he would be staked naked. So this very day, Seun Abiola was also there with us. I was doing one part of his body, while Seun was busy with the other part as T.B. Joshua laid on his belly on a couch. At a time, T.B. Joshua would take Seun Abiola’s hand and dip it into his boxer to rub his private part, but because the girl was just a minor of 14year old, she would say, “Nooo, please sir,” squeezing her face to show her displeasure and shyly faced down. After a while, T.B. Joshua excused me out and I went back to the Studio leaving Seun behind with T.B. Joshua. Seun continued to enjoy the privilege of a new girl in the block by staying alone with T.B. Joshua all night, until she graduated and became very bold among the ‘disciples’ and we all knew that Seun had been inducted into the inner caucus hall of sex fame by T.B. Joshua. Afterwards, Seun’s sisters, ‘Motunrayo joined her as ‘disciple’, and ‘Mojoyin, the youngest was 11 year old followed.

After many years they had lived in the Synagogue, without going to school but they were working in the studio and were also members of the chorister because of their voice talents. Things took a new turn when one day as T.B. Joshua travelled out of the country to South Korea. Nevertheless, before he left Nigeria, he had asked Elizabeth Armstrong to do a dirty job for him by setting Seun Abiola up before his return. Because Seun had grown wings; and could no longer be curtailed by T.B. Joshua. She was always rude, sullen, and uncontrollably stubborn to TB Joshua even in public. The true position of things was that Seun’s childish expression of jealousy whenever other girls were constantly sent out of Nigeria including Seun’s sister, Motunrayo to South Africa; she was kept only behind editing table in the studio. I do not know what T.B. Joshua might have promised Seun privately as he usually hoodwinks other girls with false promises in secret, but T.B. Joshua got Seun’ reactions twisted. Also, Seun might have been suffering from psychological or emotional trauma after many abortions. This is a young girl who lost her father at tender age, and the only father figure in her life abused her sexually, emotionally and psychologically. Anyway, Seun’ sudden unpredictable actions and open rudeness towards T.B. Joshua lately threatened T.B. Joshua’s peace of mind. So, T.B, Joshua reasoned that to put Seun under check, a young man in the choir named Emmanuel Dordoye needed to be used as a guinea pig without his knowledge. After T.B. Joshua left for South Korea with his selected choir members (Anu, Anne, and Bose) without informing his general congregation; emergency Choir meeting was communicated to Dordoye alone, and when he showed up in the Synagogue for the meeting, they told him to wait for others to join him. They trikishly delayed him till later time in the night when it was unsafe for him return home and they suggested to him to use choir room for the night. As he passed the night inside their choir practice room unknowing to Seun who had gone there as usual after her work in the studio each evening to practice her trumpet. She found Dordoye sleeping, but continue her personal voice/instrument practice when Elizabeth Armstrong suddenly walked in, and cried Eureka! Elizabeth knew Seun’ timetable, she knew Dordoye was in the Synagogue, because she called Dordoye for the false choir practice. Seun was sent home when Elizabeth witnessed against her that she saw both Seun and Dordoye in the Choir room necking (it was lie from the pit of hell; this is the Synagogue’s typical lifestyle); the embarrassed Seun was speechless as her things were thrown out. T.B. Joshua had already planned things down before he left that Seun should be sent home before his return whenever the case happens.

When T.B. Joshua returned from his journey, Seun’ mother called on him to beg on behalf of the family, and complained how Seun had refused to eat and has been crying for so many days non-stop. She said she had done everything in the Book of motherhood to make Seun confess, but she maintained her innocence regarding the matter. T.B. Joshua assured the mother that since he is back home now, Seun could return to the Synagogue anytime she likes on a condition she give an open confession so that something could be used to hang on her neck and calm her down. I was with T.B. Joshua one time in his bedroom upstairs when the family called again, and T.B. Joshua asked the mother to give Seun the phone so that he could speak with her. When Seun began to cry, T.B. Joshua consoled Seun that he has nothing against her, since she knew he was not around when her saga happened. All what other ‘disciples’ requested of her was for her to give her confession openly and return to her duty post (lie, none of the ‘disciple’ ever said that). I heard when Seun calmly asked him, “which of the confession sir, the one you are doing with me or with my sisters?” T.B. Joshua quickly cut the phone on Seun as if the network was bad. He turned to me who was standing by and asked me what Seun had said, I told him I heard nothing (hear no evil).

Seun does not want to give open confession over what she did not do, many ‘disciples’ would have done that to move on; but Seun had been around a long time in the Synagogue and as an editor to know the implications of such confession. T.B. Joshua underrated the situation on ground, believing he was on top of it like other set-up cases. When Seun’ mother further threatened Seun at home about what she did by disgracing her family the day they accused her, she maintained her innocence but opened up to her mother what has been happening to her and her sisters in the Synagogue with T.B. Joshua. The mother did not believe her, rather, took her for a virginity test and it was so, so, so negative.

Seun’ mother called upon T.B. Joshua for an answer to why a virgin girl sent to him should return home as a woman. As the table suddenly turned on T.B. Joshua, he went over to Abiola’s family house secretly one night without the knowledge of all the ‘disciples’, he went there with one of the foreign ‘disciple’ called Chloe Tonge, who carried his telephone handbag for him (he takes pride moving around with foreigners to impress neighbourhood); and Brother James was the driver. T.B. Joshua took a foreigner who could not understand their discussion in local dialect. On getting into Abiola’s family house, Noah, the older brother of the young girls locked the exit gate on T.B. Joshua after he had entered into Abiola’s compound and threatened to call press reporters on him. Noah also took some pictures of T.B. Joshua on his knees, as he begged the family who had once been his benefactor in life. It took the intervention of their mother, Mrs. Abiola, who wisely advised against the intention of Noah, because she wanted one of the girls, Motunrayo, which T.B. Joshua held ransom in South Africa to use as Joker on them, to come back home first, before any showdown with him.

Through rigorous pressures mounted on T.B. Joshua, Motunrayo was recalled back to Nigeria; her mother demanded to see her, and she was permitted to visit her parent one day. She blatantly denied the allegation Seun levelled on T.B. Joshua, she insisted on staying back at the Synagogue with or without her sisters because T.B. Joshua had hypnotized her. When Motunrayo returned from her home to the Synagogue, she ridiculed her sister and mother before T.B. Joshua and the inner circle of ‘disciples’ present in T.B. Joshua’s office. She said her mother made her to swear by the Bible, and also took her to the graveside of their late father to confess to the truth. The Abiola waited patiently till the following Sunday service when mammoth crowd had gathered in the Synagogue before leading aggrieved group of people into the Synagogue’ premises, threatening to cause mayhem in the presence of all the Synagogue members if T.B. Joshua failed to release their daughter, Motunrayo to them. In no time Motunrayo’ luggage was quickly packed and sent out to follow them home. But before Motunrayo left, I saw T.B. Joshua given her a new small cell phone, and a dedicated sim card (phone line) to hide and be communicating whatever discussion going on in their home to him in the Synagogue.

For more than two weeks, every night, at about 11pm, Motunrayo would call into the Synagogue to speak with T.B. Joshua; and T.B. Joshua kept brainwashing her not to disclose to her parent anything regarding to the truth that he had sex with them, assuring her that if all matter subsided, he would arrange how Motunrayo would be sent to another country. In Abiola home one night, Motunrayo did not know that her older brother had suspected her movement, and was monitoring her closely. Noah caught her while talking secretly to T.B. Joshua and the phone was seized from her. I am putting the pieces together now, in the Synagogue, I saw that the phone used in talking to her that night was hurriedly destroyed, I wonder why they would do that then. Unfortunately, we are in a country that forensic criminal investigators will not go deeper to uncover this kind of evil. In Abiola’ house after being caught pants down, it was Motunrayo’ turn to sing like a canary as she confessed to how T.B. Joshua inducted her to his sex harem and how many abortions had been carried out on her each time she travelled outside the country. The children’ helpless mother was devastated to see the gravity of evil done to her poor young innocent girls under her watch by someone she had trusted so much. Noah, their older brother tried to fight the sexual molestation case in Nigeria court, but Nigeria’s Judiciary system is full of corruption. The case was swept under the carpet many times. T.B. Joshua used money and his evil network to disrupt the whole case. Later, Noah mysteriously developed depression, which may have happened because of T.B. Joshua’s occult arrows as his usual way of dealing with his enemies, and to silent matters against him, or could it be because of the so much trauma the family had gone through that caused Noah to have brain disorder (emotional stress)? Either way, but God who rules in the affairs of men restored him. It was also recorded how Noah narrowly escaped been assassinated by T.B. Joshua’s snippers. The recorded video clip of T.B. Joshua on his knees in Abiola’s home which they would have tendered in the court as evidence was stolen by a traitor, named Ade, within the family for T.B. Joshua in exchange for money. There was also a certain Lawyer Segun, who pretended to be helping the Abiolas to present their case in court, unknowing to the family that the Lawyer was T.B. Joshua’ secret agent. After Lawyer Segun finished his work by thwarting the case, T.B. Joshua sent hired assassin on him, to delete him. Another lady called Cynthia who had once lived in the Synagogue as ‘disciple’ also testified in court to how T.B. Joshua’ sexual recklessness caused her to run away from the ‘disciples’ quarters; but nothing is heard from the case till today even though the record is still in the High Court, Ikeja, Lagos. No Justice for these fatherless children and their widowed mother, because T.B. Joshua keeps bribing

Judges that are assigned to the case, and he has never for once attended any court proceedings for over 14 years. On my own part after I left Synagogue, since I was privy to the story, there was a journalist that report for Newswatch Magazine, she took much interest in the court proceedings, but the media house she represented refused to publish her story because T.B. Joshua was one of their financier. Then I contacted their former Chairman, Alex Akinyele to wade into the matter. T.B. Joshua, through Mr. Inyang, one Police officer also tried to bribe the journalist, Inyang delivered a bag contained 1Million Naira cash to the doorstep of the journalist, but she turned it down. We are still hoping and praying that this case will see the light of the day for this traumatized family to get Justice at last.

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