Apostle Sule Backs Out To Prove His Fake Miracle Money

Nigeria and Nigerians are going through the worse in history. Crying and being killed daily for asking for their rights. Church Pastors, Politicians, Government officials gang up to destroy the citizens of this great Nation. In our episode tonight, we look into the activities of one Apostle Johnson Suleman, a charlatan, who is famous for deception, and performing fake miracle money. This Apostle Johnson Suleman at one time connive with another charlatan from Zimbabwe called Uebert Angel to organize another fake miracle money in Nigeria. They showed many actors and actresses they sponsored to displayed fake Bank alerts to deceive the public. Now, that Nigerians are suffering because of bad monetary policy of CBN and Banks, we are calling on these charlatans to come out of their hideout to help Nigerians out of this menace if truly they can perform miracle money. There is no better time opportunity has presented itself to these pulpit bandits, casino pastors to do their usual razzmatazz to alleviate the suffering of the common men who stupidly had in the past made these false pastors to be rich, famous and deviant in the society. Watch the below video and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

God Bless!

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I am a recipient of His Marvelous Grace, my life is a testimony to the Truth that Jesus Christ is Real. My past was forgiven, my present is renew, and my future is guaranteed. What more can I ask for? If my intention in pursuing been a Christian, and in figment of my imagination of serving God during my years at the Synagogue was a full-time job; Now, that I have known Christ, The Truth, it is a lifetime Job for me.

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