CHURCHES You Must Avoid Because They Are CULTS

Religion is said to be the “opium for the people” or “opiate of the masses.” I believe the contention behind this phrase is related to the prevalence of false information about God being circulated by wicked set of people who takes the advantage of feeble-minded people in our time. God is not interested in religion but in relationship with His creatures. So, falsehood deceptively gives people artificial, illusory happiness – like the opium does to drug addicted people. This goes further to say that false religion is for the weak-minded or the emotionally disturbed that need religion as crutches to get through life.

Religious cults are groups of people that organized themselves to control their followers’ minds and compels them to adhere to a strict belief system organize around a charismatic leader. Unlike a true church of Jesus Christ, a religious cult is destructive and uses fear and manipulation to command their membership. If you evaluate their doctrine, examine their practices, and take your time to look at the true church objectively, you can determine whether an organization is a legitimate church of Jesus Christ or a Cult.

CHURCHES You Must Avoid Because They Are CULTS:

  1. Churches that use and sell anointed (Holy) water and give out pastor’s pictures as protection.
  2. Churches that expects you to respect the Man of God over your parents and family
  3. Churches that only one single man that claims to be GO pray for the sick to claim relevance instead of allowing elders to pray according to the scripture.
  4. Churches that claim that the Pastor, apostle or prophet is always right and never wrong
  5. Churches that expect you to be in church 3-4 times a week and pray to the God of your man of God.
  6. Churches that don’t do altar call to pray for people’s Salvation.
  7. Churches that don’t preach about sinful lifestyle, Heaven and Hellfire.
  8. Churches that the Man of God always counsel and pray for women alone.
  9. Churches that force and manipulates you to give money for prayer, prophecy and conference.
  10. Churches that the Man of God is too important, exclusive and difficult to have a meeting with and kneel, stand or clap when he comes into church.
  11. Churches that the Man of God abuses his wife and doesn’t want to recognize his wife or be seen with her.
  12. Churches that members dream about their pastors/prophets praying or having sex with them.
  13. Churches that want you to allow your underaged female children to live with the pastor/prophet.
  14. Churches that use fear, to cage people’s minds.
  15. Churches that the leadership is a lying machine, using lies to cage people’s minds.
  16. Churches that turn their members to be morons/zombies.

Run, Run, Run for your life🏃🏃🏃🏃,

Let me read your comments and experiences if you have any at the comment section.

God bless!


I am a recipient of His Marvelous Grace, my life is a testimony to the Truth that Jesus Christ is Real. My past was forgiven, my present is renew, and my future is guaranteed. What more can I ask for? If my intention in pursuing been a Christian, and in figment of my imagination of serving God during my years at the Synagogue was a full-time job; Now, that I have known Christ, The Truth, it is a lifetime Job for me.

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