Fresh Crisis Rocks SCOAN As Members Rejects Evelyn Joshua

In the latest development, after Evelyn Joshua forcefully ejected some TB Joshua loyalist disciples out of the Synagogue over leadership tussle. She had gotten a backdoor judgement to be part of the Synagogue “church” of all Nations’ Trustees.

Remember few weeks ago a Thailand citizen died inside the Synagogue and his body was hidden for many days before it was discovered.

Immediately TB Joshua died, there has been looting amongst the workers who fear for their future.

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The TB Joshua I Know
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After her maiden speech, some members of the Synagogue have come out strongly against her saying “You Are Not My Pastor”

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I am a recipient of His Marvelous Grace, my life is a testimony to the Truth that Jesus Christ is Real. My past was forgiven, my present is renew, and my future is guaranteed. What more can I ask for? If my intention in pursuing been a Christian, and in figment of my imagination of serving God during my years at the Synagogue was a full-time job; Now, that I have known Christ, The Truth, it is a lifetime Job for me.

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