Praying Amiss… I stand To Be Corrected

It was on a Friday night, most worship centres sets aside for vigil; I guess it is mainly to capitalize that it falls on weekend most people don’t work on Saturdays which is quite reasonable. I obliged to a neighbor’s invitation to their church for Vigil, I will not mention the name of the center but if you can identify with the pattern of what I will describe, I beg you, REPENT AND BELIEVE THE GOSPEL.
What is the Gospel of prayers?

Matt.6:7, it says, “And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.”

On that day, we (myself and my neighbor) came into church service right in the middle of praising which I did justice to, with my maracas and heart full of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord, I danced my sweat out of my body. I guess they had worshiped before we got there. Afterwards, prayers segment started, and it was like… Oh my God, what is going on? Seriously speaking I believe it is time we put a stop to human craftiness embedded into church organization (organized religion), what I witnessed that night was totally out of the scriptures and I refused to partake with them. If the event had fallen on a daytime, I would have quietly took my leave, but the darkness outside the building made me stuck with them.

The questions going through my mind were unlimited: why are we reading the Bible? Why did Jesus Christ took time to teach His disciples (us) how to pray? Do we choose to be one of the women in the book of Is.4:1, these women (churches) only needed the Name of Christ to put away their shame but their doctrines (what they would wear and eat) are their responsibilities. They don’t need Christ’ commandments or righteousness but the Bible says, a Man (Christ) as the head of home (Church) must provides food, shelter, love, comfort for his family (1Tim.5:8). Are we not supposed to be imitators of God? Eph.5:1-2
Anyway, in this gathering I found myself, they placed demand on everyone to shout or scream very loud and louder than the person sitting beside you, so that God could hear them… Haba! I thought within myself if God was far from them or hard of hearing.

Well, there’s nothing wrong in shouting if the person you are calling out to is far from you like Bartimeaus calling to Jesus Christ who was in the midst of a large crowd (Mark 10:46-52). or if you think the person you are calling has hearing problem like the gods of Baal (1Kings18:27-29) but the Scriptures says in Ps. 94:8-11, The one that created the ears, is able to hear us even from the beatings of our heart if we are sincere.


 Let me say this here, you may shout like Blind Bartimeus or speak silently like Hannah in Shiloh, if the Holy Spirit does not affect your prayers, it will be a waste of ventilation.
So that night, as we came to the part of prayer rhythms, I will give you a graphic example:
The leader of the prayer said, let us read from the book of Leviticus 6:13, which says, “A fire shall always be burning on the altar; it shall never go out.” (I actually do not have problem with that).

NOW The PRAYER POINT started: the leader asked everyone to shout by saying: Father, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, (they will command the people to call on the name of Jesus Christ 7 or 21 times, (depending on his mood I guess) and asked us to call Holy Spirit 15 times) and instructed us to say: let the fire of God possess me…. (now the rhythm would begin): posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me (for the sakes of my page space, I have to cut it short here) With drums and clapping and shaking of heads like the Agama lizard.
Can anyone give me a verse and chapter from the bible to this regard? Where can we find where our Lord Jesus Christ or His Apostles did this kind of enchanting and prayer gymnastics? Not even in the olden Testament have we come across this or possibly are we writing our own Bible for the next generations ni? I thought what we have now is the beginning and the ending of God’ Revelation to man?

Another Example that I witnessed and I will like to use here for people to learn is: They will say let the enemies of my destiny die, and the music begin: die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die……..

Let me tell you the GOSPEL TRUTH, the enemy which is satan is a spirit, and spirit cannot die and he must not die because:

1. Your day of showing (manifestations) is coming shortly which is important for the enemy to witness; if the enemies do not witnessed it, they may count themselves to be something of importance which they are not. The brothers of Joseph lived to witness the day of his advancement, after selling him off into slavery with intention to thwart the purpose of God upon his life but God always have the final say in every situation. This is why Joseph said in Gen. 50:20, “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.” 

The relations of Jephthah came back to beg him to rule over them when the time of adversity reared it’s ugly head against them (Judges 11:1-11). If they had died, who would call him.

Jabez became more honorable than his brothers who had written him off, (1Chr.4:9-10).

The people that dropped time-bomb in the home of Obed-Edom including King David later saw God’s hand of blessings upon his household and helped him carry the story of blessings all around the cities of Israel (2Sam.6:1-12).

The enemies must not die, My enemies should not die because they need to witness my days of glory. Please don’t pass death sentence on the enemy, there is always PART 2 to every matter that concerns the children of God, in other to prove that it is only the counsel of Jehovah that shall stand (Is.46:10, Ps.33:11). The Psalmist, King David that we all know with dangerous prayers because of his adversaries testifies how God laid table before him in the presence of my numerous household enemies (Ps. 23:5] King Solomon learn quickly from his father when he said in Pro.26:1-2 that “The curse causeless shall not come because Christ has taken the bitter pill of the curse.”

Friends, Let the enemy use their mouth to say evil words, the efficacy infallible Word of God says something in Gen.12:3, and culminate it for every believer in Christ Jesus in Gal.3:13-14. He who Jah blessed, no man can curse.

It is documented how Mr. Ahithophel’s evil plan boomeranged on himself, did King David sentenced him to death? NO, He only prayed for the evil plans to be confounded and it was so but Ahithophel choosed his own destiny 2Sam. 17:23. The enemies knows exactly what to do with themselves when God Arise on your behalf because Ahithophel did the needful. I don’t want to take you too far to Haman, the enemy of the Jews in the book of Esther. Ask yourself where satan was when The Lord of Glory Arose from the dead in resurrection by the Power of the Holy Spirit? Haaahaaahaa!!!! Hallelujah! I just laughed in Spanish.
Stop praying amiss, search the scriptures, in the Scripture you have life, the book of Pro.4:22 says, “they are life to those who found it, health to their flesh.”


Many of us are getting prayers wrongly and leadership in churches are not helping but complicating matters, you are praying right? yet, your heart is still filled with unforgiveness, hatred, malice, etceteras. Let your ways pleased the Lord and see how God will deal with every situation for you.
Stop chanting like the enchanters
Stop repetition, Your Father has ears, He is not deaf like the gods of the Amorites.
Stop concocting like the heathens
Speak the Engrafted Word of God that liveth and abideth forever and which is able to save your soul.
When our Lord was tempted, He only spoke the Word and satan understood clearly
Stop wasting time on fruitless effort and meaningless activities.

Rev.12:11 says, And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.”
There are two part here, Christ part that provided platform, chance, opportunity, way for us to overcome and our part is to keep testifying. What is your testimony today?
I am more than conqueror through Him that loved me
Abraham blessing are mine
I shall not die but live, to testify His goodness
I am healed
I am blessed beyond my progenitors
He is Alive in me
Greater is He that lives in me than he that is in the world
I have Peace like a river
I am god under God not a mere men, of course; the scriptures can’t be broken
I am a channel of Light, Peace, Love
I am full of Grace
They are all in the scriptures, written for us that we may be Complete and perfect.
These are our inheritance and we must speak it, live it, claim it rather than jiggling and ventilating, muttering unreasonable and unprofitable human ideology.
Av a blessed time
Evangelist Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson.
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We are in the endtime, No matter how hard, please I beg you; Do not take the mark of the beast. We are all in this together.