Praying Amiss… I stand To Be Corrected

It was on a Friday night, most worship centres sets aside for vigil; I guess it is mainly to capitalize that it falls on weekend most people don’t work on Saturdays which is quite reasonable. I obliged to a neighbor’s invitation to their church for Vigil, I will not mention the name of the center but if you can identify with the pattern of what I will describe, I beg you, REPENT AND BELIEVE THE GOSPEL.
What is the Gospel of prayers?

Matt.6:7, it says, “And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.”

On that day, we (myself and my neighbor) came into church service right in the middle of praising which I did justice to, with my maracas and heart full of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord, I danced my sweat out of my body. I guess they had worshiped before we got there. Afterwards, prayers segment started, and it was like… Oh my God, what is going on? Seriously speaking I believe it is time we put a stop to human craftiness embedded into church organization (organized religion), what I witnessed that night was totally out of the scriptures and I refused to partake with them. If the event had fallen on a daytime, I would have quietly took my leave, but the darkness outside the building made me stuck with them.

The questions going through my mind were unlimited: why are we reading the Bible? Why did Jesus Christ took time to teach His disciples (us) how to pray? Do we choose to be one of the women in the book of Is.4:1, these women (churches) only needed the Name of Christ to put away their shame but their doctrines (what they would wear and eat) are their responsibilities. They don’t need Christ’ commandments or righteousness but the Bible says, a Man (Christ) as the head of home (Church) must provides food, shelter, love, comfort for his family (1Tim.5:8). Are we not supposed to be imitators of God? Eph.5:1-2
Anyway, in this gathering I found myself, they placed demand on everyone to shout or scream very loud and louder than the person sitting beside you, so that God could hear them… Haba! I thought within myself if God was far from them or hard of hearing.

Well, there’s nothing wrong in shouting if the person you are calling out to is far from you like Bartimeaus calling to Jesus Christ who was in the midst of a large crowd (Mark 10:46-52). or if you think the person you are calling has hearing problem like the gods of Baal (1Kings18:27-29) but the Scriptures says in Ps. 94:8-11, The one that created the ears, is able to hear us even from the beatings of our heart if we are sincere.


 Let me say this here, you may shout like Blind Bartimeus or speak silently like Hannah in Shiloh, if the Holy Spirit does not affect your prayers, it will be a waste of ventilation.
So that night, as we came to the part of prayer rhythms, I will give you a graphic example:
The leader of the prayer said, let us read from the book of Leviticus 6:13, which says, “A fire shall always be burning on the altar; it shall never go out.” (I actually do not have problem with that).

NOW The PRAYER POINT started: the leader asked everyone to shout by saying: Father, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, (they will command the people to call on the name of Jesus Christ 7 or 21 times, (depending on his mood I guess) and asked us to call Holy Spirit 15 times) and instructed us to say: let the fire of God possess me…. (now the rhythm would begin): posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me, posses me (for the sakes of my page space, I have to cut it short here) With drums and clapping and shaking of heads like the Agama lizard.
Can anyone give me a verse and chapter from the bible to this regard? Where can we find where our Lord Jesus Christ or His Apostles did this kind of enchanting and prayer gymnastics? Not even in the olden Testament have we come across this or possibly are we writing our own Bible for the next generations ni? I thought what we have now is the beginning and the ending of God’ Revelation to man?

Another Example that I witnessed and I will like to use here for people to learn is: They will say let the enemies of my destiny die, and the music begin: die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die……..

Let me tell you the GOSPEL TRUTH, the enemy which is satan is a spirit, and spirit cannot die and he must not die because:

1. Your day of showing (manifestations) is coming shortly which is important for the enemy to witness; if the enemies do not witnessed it, they may count themselves to be something of importance which they are not. The brothers of Joseph lived to witness the day of his advancement, after selling him off into slavery with intention to thwart the purpose of God upon his life but God always have the final say in every situation. This is why Joseph said in Gen. 50:20, “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.” 

The relations of Jephthah came back to beg him to rule over them when the time of adversity reared it’s ugly head against them (Judges 11:1-11). If they had died, who would call him.

Jabez became more honorable than his brothers who had written him off, (1Chr.4:9-10).

The people that dropped time-bomb in the home of Obed-Edom including King David later saw God’s hand of blessings upon his household and helped him carry the story of blessings all around the cities of Israel (2Sam.6:1-12).

The enemies must not die, My enemies should not die because they need to witness my days of glory. Please don’t pass death sentence on the enemy, there is always PART 2 to every matter that concerns the children of God, in other to prove that it is only the counsel of Jehovah that shall stand (Is.46:10, Ps.33:11). The Psalmist, King David that we all know with dangerous prayers because of his adversaries testifies how God laid table before him in the presence of my numerous household enemies (Ps. 23:5] King Solomon learn quickly from his father when he said in Pro.26:1-2 that “The curse causeless shall not come because Christ has taken the bitter pill of the curse.”

Friends, Let the enemy use their mouth to say evil words, the efficacy infallible Word of God says something in Gen.12:3, and culminate it for every believer in Christ Jesus in Gal.3:13-14. He who Jah blessed, no man can curse.

It is documented how Mr. Ahithophel’s evil plan boomeranged on himself, did King David sentenced him to death? NO, He only prayed for the evil plans to be confounded and it was so but Ahithophel choosed his own destiny 2Sam. 17:23. The enemies knows exactly what to do with themselves when God Arise on your behalf because Ahithophel did the needful. I don’t want to take you too far to Haman, the enemy of the Jews in the book of Esther. Ask yourself where satan was when The Lord of Glory Arose from the dead in resurrection by the Power of the Holy Spirit? Haaahaaahaa!!!! Hallelujah! I just laughed in Spanish.
Stop praying amiss, search the scriptures, in the Scripture you have life, the book of Pro.4:22 says, “they are life to those who found it, health to their flesh.”


Many of us are getting prayers wrongly and leadership in churches are not helping but complicating matters, you are praying right? yet, your heart is still filled with unforgiveness, hatred, malice, etceteras. Let your ways pleased the Lord and see how God will deal with every situation for you.
Stop chanting like the enchanters
Stop repetition, Your Father has ears, He is not deaf like the gods of the Amorites.
Stop concocting like the heathens
Speak the Engrafted Word of God that liveth and abideth forever and which is able to save your soul.
When our Lord was tempted, He only spoke the Word and satan understood clearly
Stop wasting time on fruitless effort and meaningless activities.

Rev.12:11 says, And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.”
There are two part here, Christ part that provided platform, chance, opportunity, way for us to overcome and our part is to keep testifying. What is your testimony today?
I am more than conqueror through Him that loved me
Abraham blessing are mine
I shall not die but live, to testify His goodness
I am healed
I am blessed beyond my progenitors
He is Alive in me
Greater is He that lives in me than he that is in the world
I have Peace like a river
I am god under God not a mere men, of course; the scriptures can’t be broken
I am a channel of Light, Peace, Love
I am full of Grace
They are all in the scriptures, written for us that we may be Complete and perfect.
These are our inheritance and we must speak it, live it, claim it rather than jiggling and ventilating, muttering unreasonable and unprofitable human ideology.
Av a blessed time
Evangelist Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson.
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We are in the endtime, No matter how hard, please I beg you; Do not take the mark of the beast. We are all in this together.




After I left the Synagogue church of darkness, I was afflicted badly, TB Joshua used every means of his enchanting power to make me either to run mentally retarded, dead or to return to the Synagogue to beg; since he cannot deal with defiant. Living became dead-end because life without Christ can be dangerous and Disastrous. All the time I lived in the Synagogue was without Christ and coming out made me open to the arrows of darkness. I was initiated into satanism like every ‘disciples’ of TB Joshua in the Synagogue by TB Joshua, the chief priest, the occult grand master. The slave master cannot afford to lose any of his slaves, so I was hunted and violated badly.

If I need God to help me I must change Kingdom, but how? I didn’t know at the time. I started another journey of desperately looking for help without knowing the Helper. Searching for deliverance without having relationship with the Great Deliverer.

I suffered greatly in the hands of my tormentor. Looking for help in wrong places. I later realized it is impossible to use darkness/negative to fight negative/darkness.

At over 40years, I started:



• COBWEBS WAR day and night



• HARD SLAPS ON MY FACE by unseen hand that usually wakes me.

























You may be in that Journey today, I am sharing a way out of wilderness in my Book “ON CHRIST THE ROCK”




The TB Joshua I Know
Deception Of The Age is Unmasked in this Book-THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW
People eyes are beginning to open, read the experiences of people across the world in – Reasons You Should Not Visit The Synagogue ‘church’ Of All Nations

Christianity Endangered By Pimps

(Culled from the Book “THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW”)

The TB Joshua I Know
Deception Of The Age is Unmasked in this Book-THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW

In the first introduction of the Church, the Scripture made us to understand that The Lord Jesus Christ did not took stripes on His back, wore a Crown of Thorns on His head, got His side pierced and died on the Cross for what many professed Church goers are seeking for today; rather The Son of God died on the Cross to liberate man from the power of Sin.

ACTS 2:37-39 “When they heard this, they were stung in the heart and said to Peter and to the rest of the Apostles, “Brothers, what shall we do?” 38Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39For the promise is to you, and to your children, and to all who are far away, as many as the Lord our God will call.”

This simply means, Man’s problem is not about the expensive clothes he has or does not have in his closet, not the kind of car he drives or the house he lives in, man’s problem is Sin, and he need a Saviour and that Saviour is Jesus Christ. When there is no reaffirmation of the transaction Jesus Christ did on Calvary in our Churches, people will be shortchanged of the Truth and pimps will take over the platform. There are different pimps in our Churches today: Pimps of miracles, prophecies, prosperity, turning the house of God into house of merchandise; as they trades in water, oil, apron, etceteras. We don’t need anymore Pimps or snake oil salesmen leading the Church, it is purely Spiritual adulatory, we need genuine ministers who will stand behind the Pulpit and preach the undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Synagogue of T.B. Joshua in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria is another hellish place where every genuine Christian must avoid altogether. The Synagogue is a house of Pimps, headed by T.B. Joshua. 



Another amazing deception I witnessed at the Synagogue was a 76-year-old Moses Marole, who came from Mmabatho, he travelled to Lagos from South Africa in the company of other 120 guests led by a regular group leader Mrs. Santa du Plessis, from Roodeport. Mrs. Santa du Plessis had become part of T.B. Joshua’s clique when money started flowing into her purse through this arrangement, she is a mother of one of T.B. Joshua’s in-house ‘disciples’ called Angelique Goosen. On April 21, Sunday afternoon, while the group took some time off from the long hour of Sunday service to have lunch, Moses Marole suddenly collapsed on the food table. Many people rallied around to help him: amongst them was a neurosurgeon, Dr. Johan Wilkinson from Bloemfontein; he performed a CPR on Moses to no avail. In no long time, message had reached T.B. Joshua in the service where he was still attending to people on the so-called ‘prayer line’. T.B. Joshua sent Benson, one of the junior prophet to ‘pray’ but without success as usual.

The elderly man was taken aside, and the Synagogue medical team who are always on standby during services engaged the fainted old man, and were able to bring him back to life with their medical skill.

Screenshot-7_27_2018-5_32_01-PM-300x169 CHRISTIANITY ENDANGERED BY PIMPS
Synagogue in-house Medical Team helping

The medical team discovered that the complications of heat (hot weather in Nigeria), triggered Marole’s health conditions, which were: diabetes, high blood pressure and stress of an old age. The medical team brought him back to life, not the junior prophet. When T.B. Joshua heard that the man had been resuscitated, he said we must keep the visitors in the dark on the new development; and keep telling them that the elderly man could not be resuscitated; even ‘disciples’ were lying to their fellow ‘disciples’ on the matter. Separate room was quickly made available to keep Moses away from the rest of his group members, and one of the medical team, a Nurse, Mrs. Igeodu who always work hand in hand with the ‘disciples’ of T.B. Joshua was called in but none of the ‘disciples’ knew T.B. Joshua’s intention until after the day’s service. After everyone had eaten and rested, at about 11pm, T.B. Joshua summoned selected members of the Studio: two cameramen, two video editors, and two visitors’ coordinators; those that are very loyal, with Mrs. Igeodu, the Nurse into his office. The short meeting was about the fainted man; and since every member of the foreign visitors still holds the belief that the man was already dead, this time was ripe opportunity for him (T.B. Joshua) to do what he had dreamt of doing a very long time, to raise the dead like Jesus Christ did, but the pattern he planned to use was that of Elisha in 2KINGS 4:33-34.

 Mrs. Igeodu administered sedative injection on the already fragile man in bad condition of health to keep him still on the bed, wool was inserted into his windpipes, and he was laid straight as a dead man on the bed. Everyone knew exactly what he or she must do after the short meeting with T.B. Joshua. Other ‘disciples’ who were not involved in the brief might be seeing your movement, but they cannot decode or understand what was going on except the smart ones who had been involved in a similar errand before. The Cameramen had set up their gadgets in the room where the aged man was laid, and T.B. Joshua was led into the room by a ‘disciple’ who pretended as if she was just passing the information to him. It was a drama.

NARRATION: –T.B. Joshua touched the man on the bed to see if he had slept off, of course, there can never be any response, thanks to Mrs. Igeodu’s sedative injection. So, T.B. Joshua raised his hand up in the air in front of cameras as if ‘praying’, there were lots of mistakes which was taken care of by Seun Abiola, one of the editors in the Studio. T.B. Joshua practices on the camera cassette were wiped off through reuse of the cassette by Sister Deola. Then T.B. Joshua laid flat on the man for some seconds and stood up; that was his own part.

Then, we have to be on standby until the man wakes up from the effect of the sedation. With the Voice of T.B. Joshua inserted, the real voice used was Brother Nkechi who shouted the man’s name severally before the man suddenly jacked out from his deep sleep, as he opened his eyes and mouth to answer the caller; that was the reaction the Editor needed to finalize the deceptive packaging, Shina and I were called upon to-do voice over to perfect all gaps of unnecessary noise on the tape.

 This video cassette was sold all over the world, and it went viral on YouTube to deceive the naive. The following morning, T.B. Joshua instructed us to play the edited video to the foreign visitors in their dining room. We assembled the entire guests in the dining room, they were looking gloomy as we told them the cock and bull story of the previous day event. It was basically about one of them who had gone to be with the ‘Lord’, they all answered affirmative. They were still in mourning mood; their breakfast was left untouched. We informed them how we prepared the man for the morgue, but message came from T.B. Joshua that the man’s death was to the ‘glory of T.B. Joshua’s fake god’ (always using biblical quotation to deceive people); that they should not bother to take his body to the morgue. The guests were a little confused and perplexed, asking why we should keep human remains

inside the hostel? The packaged video of lies, and deceit explained the rest as we played it for them. When they saw what happened with tight editing, they rejoiced and demanded to see the resurrected man, many of them started calling South Africa to testify lies. We told them that Moses would still need some rest. The sedative injection administered on him was still in his system, he could not yet coordinate himself. It took another day before we allowed Moses Marole to receive visitors from among his group members, and before then, he had been thoroughly brainwashed on the Synagogue version of what happened to him. If you watch the video, Moses had no testimony at all, he was just rambling, a pure patched interview. Some of the visitors knew that Moses case was not as bad as we presented it in the video, but they went back home pondering over the event in their mind. GOD IS WATCHING!

If T.B. Joshua truly has power to heal or raise the dead, what about many other visitors who died under his roof without been able to raise them to life? The incident of the first story I recounted in this Chapter took place at the adjacent room to where T.B. Joshua slept that fateful day in his bedroom; until I woke T.B. Joshua up from his sleep that morning, he was sleeping next room to a dead man. General Tumenta Martin died under Synagogue roof, a Botswana magistrate, Lorraine Makati-Lesang died inside the Synagogue on their so-called ‘prayer line’, if truly Moses Marole died and was raised to life by T.B. Joshua; what about Benson, his junior pastor who worked for him for more than 20 years and died in T.B. Joshua’s presence without been raised to life? Samson, who was a cousin to him died under his roof; and there were other unreported cases of death amongst the general workers inside the Synagogue. I witnessed on many occasions while T.B. Joshua was doing his so-called jingoism type of ‘prayer’ on the sick, and they died right before him. Tamara, a ‘disciple’ from Austria died in two days after she left the Synagogue, Lagos to Austria. T.B. Joshua could not heal or raise any of these people we mentioned from the dead. Ask yourself… what is the authenticity of the Synagogue blatant editing videos that went viral, what is the authenticity of anything you see on Emmanuel TV? Are they real? Forget about what you watch on television; T.B. Joshua manufactures and arranges miracles. Why is T.B. Joshua having pleasure deceiving people? It is for only one reason, to take your focus away from God’s presence, from holding and waiting upon the Lord ISAIAH 40:29-31. Now, the easy one, T.B. Joshua did not travel when the Synagogue collapsed upon him, what a good opportunity presented before him, and his junior prophets or wise men, to get busy by displaying their prowess of healing those that were wounded and raising the dead to life (sic). Even, two of his choir girls were badly wounded, and were hospitalized, one of them was on crutches for many months, while the other was flown out of the country for treatment; but T.B. Joshua would always present on Emmanuel TV to be healing cripple, healing those with cancer, healing the blind, and paralyzed, why does he allow his precious singer to be using walking aid? On top of it, he lied and dodged been prosecuted by the government. IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP people of God! Emmanuel TV propagates falsehood on daily basis. BE WARNED, BEWARE!

(Culled from the Book “THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW”)

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6 YEARS ON… When Will SCOAN’ Victims Of Collapsed Building Gets Justice?

6 YEARS ON… When Will The SCOAN’ Victims Of Collapsed Building Gets Justice?


When I left the Synagogue, ‘church’ of all nations in the morning of Friday, 8th February, 2008, the gates of going to crusades in different countries were shut on TB Joshua until 6 years afterwards in 2014, the year of huge human sacrifice in the Synagogue, when TB Joshua collapsed one of his building on innocent people. If the victims had known that the journey they planned to embark on would become a journey of no return… only if they had known. They would have adhere to Jesus’ Message in John 4:21-24.
Our Prayers and thoughts are still with the families of the victims.

 It was exactly 3 month after Abdul-Fatai Balogun alias TB Joshua celebrated his infamous birthday on 12th, June, 2014, 6years ago today that over 115 vulnerable, gullible and naïve people from different nations headed to the Synagogue �?church’ of all nations, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria in desperation for miracles. In need for succour, healing and encounter with God, but ended dying violently when a building suddenly collapsed completely to the ground on top of them.

Countless died painful death, others got life changing injuries, many can never use their legs to walk again after the gruesome experience and many can never use their arms to embrace their loved ones.

Though that incident was not new in the demonic Synagogue of TB Joshua, every insider in the Synagogue know how occasional incident like this occurs to take lives of people in gruesome manner, but that of 12th, September, 2014 could not be covered up like many others, and it has entered into the record of Wikipedia for generations unborn to read and be wiser. Never in the history of the Church of the living God has the children of God suffered such terror and calamities in the hands of a fraudster, and a satanic agent like T.B. Joshua, this is calling for returning to the Lord as the scripture says in Zechariah 1:3.

Many breadwinners are gone unprepared, leaving their protégés at the mercy of life, God is faithful always.

Jean Louis Kalambaie left families and friends in South Africa
eronica Mathebula and her husband, Lybon in SCOAN the day before the collapse were among the unfortunate


Intelligent Nigerians knows how T.B. Joshua has become embarrassment to Nigeria as a country and to Nigerians. What more could prove this charlatan, con-artist is a dangerous false prophet than him not been able to see the collapse of his own building which killed over 116 gullible foreigners, and uncountable unaccounted-for Nigerians. But he is very quick to put out his over-edited videos and Photoshop pictures, purporting to have predicted many disasters happening around the world to make himself look relevant, but right in his own compound, under his watch, he could not predict those that add up to the number of people that perished in his own house. T.B. Joshua is a psychopath with zero empathy for the victims of tragedies as he releases fulfillment of false videos to corroborate lies.

Now, read this: This is neither allegation, nor speculation; I will speak and write as one who once lived inside the Synagogue for over a decade, and work in various departments in leadership capacity and closely to the direct source, I know some deeper truth about T.B. Joshua and the Synagogue. There are two major reasons pointing to the collapse of the Synagogue, I cannot be wrong in both ways, the first assertion is final:

T.B. Joshua used the people that died for spiritual lifting sacrifice as a stepping stone to gain more power in satanic realm. TB Joshua has been doing it for many years, we have witnessed how people mysteriously die inside the Synagogue, workers die inside the Synagogue, members suddenly collapse and died, I have coordinated foreign visitors that died inside the Synagogue, we witnessed many �?disciples’ of T.B. Joshua that died inside the �?disciples’ quarters inside the Synagogue, and their bodies were smuggled out to be buried secretly, but this particular one of 12th September 2014 was too huge for cover-up, T.B. Joshua couldn’t hide it. The sacrifice was one of the reason immediately the house collapsed, TB Joshua needed certain number of deaths, so the Synagogue quickly closed its gate on the good Samaritans that volunteered to help the victims to get number of deaths; and until it became undeniable and un-coverable, if not, the Synagogue ground would have been their graveyard. T.B. Joshua would have buried them all inside his shrine with corporation of his spiritual moron �?disciples’ and members that are under his spell. In usual manner, TB Joshua would let the �?disciples’ believe it is �?God’s’ work they are protecting.

Since I left the Synagogue in 2008, (for over 6years) to 2014, T.B. Joshua was not able to travel outside the shores of Nigeria to perform his usual scam crusades; but in the year 2014 before the collapse and shortly after the collapse, gateway was open for T.B. Joshua through the huge human sacrificing both locals and foreigners souls in one swing, and he went over to South Korea, Mexico, Paraguay, UK, Israel, Panama etc to display falsehood. Never in the history of the Church of the living God has the children of God suffered such terror and calamities in the hands of a fraudster, and a satanic agent like T.B. Joshua, this is calling for returning to the Lord on the part of genuine believer and followers of Christ Jesus as the scripture says in Zechariah 1:3. The more reason why people should know their Creator personally and serve Him devotedly wherever they may be, rather than running helter skelter to prayer arrangers, especially places like the Synagogue �?church’. The Synagogue is not a Church of Jesus Christ, T.B. Joshua is not a Christian, and I am warning everyone in the Synagogue to be at alert because you can never tell when T.B. Joshua’s demons intend to strike to unleash mayhem on the innocent people in the compound of the Synagogue. TB Joshua buried many demonic things and swords all around the Synagogue, which also is in the logo of the Synagogue.

The type of Swords TB Joshua buried under the Synagogue appears in his emblem. It symbolizes sacrifices and death.

  To further confirmed what I enumerated above, Brother Nkechi, one of TB Joshua’ �?disciples’ said he was called into T.B. Joshua’ office to conduct some strange looking men round that particular collapsed building site, and he noticed how they walk round the building three times before they left, and the unimaginable happened a week after their visit. He said they return after the collapsed and did the same walking round at the same spot where the building collapsed.

One certain time, the Synagogue was expecting large number of visitors from South Africa, and few days later, unexpectedly, one Mr. Adebayo, a prophet from Japan call into the Synagogue to inform us that he would be leading 100 Japanese religious tourists to the Synagogue. Faced with problem of accommodation space; greedy T.B. Joshua does not want the expected visitors to stay in hotels outside of the Synagogue because he does not want to lose the money the Japanese visitors come with. So, T.B. Joshua instructed that they should put unplanned new layer of floor on top of a building within a short period of 2 weeks that will accommodate the expected guest. Masons/workers work day and night including their supervisors (�?disciples’); and building process was not duly followed. The very day the visitors arrived, while they and their luggage were delay at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos; wet plastered walls were being hurriedly painted in the Synagogue; and plumbers also were busy still fixing water faucets, and other convenient fittings. Everywhere smell fresh paint, putting the visitors and their coordinators at risk. This is the story of a greedy man called T.B. Joshua.


 It is not surprising in July 2015, when the coroner released its report on the Synagogue’s collapsed building – proving that the collapse was inevitable due to a litany of serious structural failings, for example:

  1. Inadequate beams of 750mm by 225mm, which should have been 900mm by 300mm.
  2. Inadequately reinforced columns, which should have been reinforced with 12 x Y25 bars or 20 x Y20 bars, instead of 10 x Y20 bars as seen in the video released by SCOAN.
  3. Inadequate bearing pressure for the central column due to the 2m x 2m x 0.9m foundations.
  4. Failure to introduce rigid zones for bracing the structure and did not design the frames as an embraced structure
  5. Failure to provide movement joints that could have absorbed any movement due to creep, contraction and expansion, and differential settlement, etcetera.
  6. 8 out 12 main beams of the structure failed because they were undersized, under-reinforced both in tension and shear, the tension bars were poorly anchored to the column supports and 8 x Y20 was used instead of 14 x Y20.
  7. The ground floor columns were slender and readily gave in to buckling.

The coroner, Oyetade Komolafe ruled that SCOAN was criminally negligent, and should be investigated and prosecuted, “SCOAN was culpable because of criminal negligence resulting in the death of the victims.” (Source: BBC). This is on the net for everyone to see.

Paid Gullible youths, Journalists, and Nollywood Celebrities used by TB Joshua against the Judiciary.
They protest with placards on October 24, 2014 outside the Ikeja High Court in Lagos during a hearing into the cause of the September 12 collapse at a guesthouse of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), which killed 115 people, including 84 South Africans. A coroner on October 24 ordered one of Nigeria’s most popular preachers to give evidence at the inquest. TB Joshua’s lawyer, Jude Nnadi, had argued at the hearing that his client would not be able to come in person “because he was not an eye-witness” to the tragedy. But coroner Oyetade Komolafe overruled him and summoned the popular televangelist, known to his followers as “The Prophet”, to appear on November 5 because his evidence was crucial. AFP PHOTO / PIUS UTOMI EKPEI (Photo credit should read PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images)

Supporters that were hired by TB Joshua hold T-shirt shared to them during the ruling of the coroner’s inquest on the collapsed guesthouse of Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) at the Lagos High Court, on July 8, 2015. A coroner on July 8 said a megachurch run by popular Nigerian preacher TB Joshua should be prosecuted after a building collapse killed 116 people, most of them South Africans. AFP PHOTO / PIUS UTOMI EKPEI (Photo credit should read PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images)

A South African official Funeka Ndungane (R) discusses Tee Mac who pimps Nollywood artists for TB Joshua. Omatshola Iseli in the Coroner’s courtroom at the Lagos High Court on October 13, 2014. A coroner’s inquest was opened and adjourned in Nigeria on October 13 into the deaths of scores of people who were killed at the TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations. AFP PHOTO/PIUS UTOMI EKPEI (Photo credit should read PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images)

  • “failure to obtain building approval contrary to Section 75 of the Urban and Regional Planning Law of Lagos State 2010.
  •  Involuntary manslaughter causing death contrary to Section 222 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011.”

In June 2016, the trial started, and T.B. Joshua criminally went behind to hire/rent some miscreants, scrupulous entities from Nollywood ranks and other places as agents to bring the government to its kneel, and to seduce the judiciary. People were seen in court premises carrying various placards with intention to intimidates the government through the inscriptions they bare, shouting war songs and with innuendo remarks, a repented insider amongst them later informed me that every person present in court was rewarded 200,000 naira each ($600) of blood money from T.B. Joshua; and the Synagogue provided transportation that conveyed them to and fro; only God knows the amount of money he pass through to the people on the bench because after couple of days all the shenanigans of the judiciary went silent without conclusion. SCOAN have not been cleared of the charges – where is the justice for the many families who lost their loved ones, bread winners, head of families, or those whose lives will never remain the same again due to their horrific injuries? We believe Lagos State Government can do better than what they are doing presently. We need to keep the families of the departed in our prayers to be strong, and continue to use this sad occurrence as warning to others who are in habits of looking for spiritual arrangers and false prophets. Stay in your homes and cry out to God, He promised to answer you whenever you call on Him JEREMIAH 33:3. The same God of the mountain is still God in the valley, He is the God everywhere; don’t act in unbelief by travelling up and down.

Our prayers are with the families of the departed



Ex-U17 Golden Ball winner, Sani Emmanuel, has revealed his reasons for quitting football after emerging as one of the brightest stars when Nigeria hosted and reached the final of the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup- but lost to Switzerland by a lone goal. Many had expected the Former My People FC kid wonder to become a superstar after coming from the bench to score five goals and won the Golden Ball award in 2009- but while many of the other youngsters, including Nigeria’s Kenneth Omeruo, have gone on to stardom, the tournament’s highest goal scorer has disappeared into obscurity.The former Beitar Jerusalem forward has now explained the circumstances which forced him to quit football at the time when Chelsea wanted to sign him. “I had problems with my feet, even during the tournament in 2009. If you remember, I often played in the second half because the pain was unbearable. “After the World Cup, I could not play at all because I had pulled too much on the hamstring playing with pain. Then I had to stop my career. Even today, it still hurts on the front of the foot. “I tried to contact a lot of Nigerian international players, but I never got an answer and it was very difficult to cash,” Sani Emmanuel told Leero Sports News. Read more:


With SCOAN (the Synagogue) microphone, the world never know the truth until now

This story of Sani is very emotional for me because I remember this young man vividly during the time I lived in the Synagogue, he was amongst the young boys I used to coordinate alongside Kemi, until later in years when Lawal took over from us because I initiated buying Sports Jersey for the young footballers when I traveled to Togo to see Sarah at School (TB Joshua’ daughter). So, for that singular reason to be audacious, TB Joshua as usual felt bitter and sidelined because he believe the boys’ body, soul and spirit belongs to him. Anyone who tries to show more concern for them will be seen by TB Joshua as an enemy who plan to hijack his property from him. It wasn’t that TB Joshua cared so much about them in terms of well-being, but the boys were just contented for having an open space to practice the game they love often.
Anyway, as time passed, Sani struggled his way into the Nigeria National Youth Football Team called Golden Eaglets’ camp, I believe through his doggedness and resilient mind his talent caught the attention of the people that matter and the rest was history as he was included in the National Team contingent that represented the country in 2009 World cup, which the young man did his family and the Nation proud. Shortly after the news infiltrated into TB Joshua office, of course through his machineries/informants (�?disciples’) that the tournament could project Sani into the limelight the way things was heading, this was the time TB Joshua and his cohorts, the drama group (�?disciples’) began to strategize and show more interest in this young National star for the Synagogue to be included, no, not included; but to take all glory for what God was preparing to do for Sani.
So, as the norm in the Synagogue, TB Joshua manipulated Sani to act in the drama of (before and the after film) how Sani visited the Synagogue for the first time to ask for spiritual help (Lawal can bear witness); before this period, Sani had been one of the boys playing around in the Synagogue for so many years unnoticed to TB Joshua, but when fame started smiling on him, TB Joshua hijacked the show. Sani was coached on how he should cry for help under the camera while trying to gain the attention of the fraudster TB Joshua (It was all scam, drama) because the Synagogue must package a false video for the public that will back-up their claim showing how TB Joshua has been the maestro that groomed and prayed the young boy to stardom. This is to deceive the Nation, youths and will also use it as a dragnet to catch many vulnerable important personality in the society into the Synagogue. Many youths that were deceived into the Synagogue at that time through Sani’s documentary on Emmanuel TV became errand boys in the Synagogue, waiting for their time to become star like Sani, but it will shock you to know that many of them died unaccounted for, as unknown solders, inside the Synagogue collapsed building. It was only the foreigners that were documented, all the Nigerian youths that worked as labor force in the place became forgotten conclusion. Anyway, to brand Sani for the Synagogue’ glory, Sani’ birth name was changed to Emmanuel, the same was I narrated how my name was changed to Theresa by TB Joshua.
As usual, TB Joshua’s errand boys in the media houses helped him to circulate the fake news of being Sani’ mentor in exchange for money and of course many people bought into it.


Bedridden Sani
This young man does not belong here, he need help from all Nigerians. He had suffered too much for many years under TB Joshua. He is crying out because he cannot bear it anymore

Time is the enemy of lies. Lies cannot be hidden forever. Today, we are seeing that even from the time the Synagogue has been packaging lies for the gullible to buy into, till recent time, the young man Sani, has been suffering in silence. The good question that Sani need to answer truthfully is: “at what point did he started suffering this leg disaster?” how did he came about leg cancer that stopped his advancement in life? Now he cries out: “Please, guys I need your support. I have done one leg surgery and it was successful, 1 leg to go.” “After the World Cup, I could not play at all because I had pulled too much on the hamstring playing with pain. Then I had to stop my career. Even today, it still hurts on the front of the foot.”
“I tried to contact a lot of Nigerian international players, but I never got an answer and it was very difficult to cash.
“I returned to anonymity, without work, without anything. I wanted to set up an academy, but I never managed to get help and I’m still looking for it.
“I tried to contact them (the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF) so many times, but they told me to come home and get by on my own. They had other projects.”
On Wednesday 20/11/2019, Emmanuel, called for support from Nigerians, adding that he had done one surgery with one to go.
This means this poor boy had suffered for more than 10 years with leg ulcer/cancer only God knows. The unanswered question of how he sustained the injury remain a mystery. This is distressing, heart wrenching, disheartening and painful. I am calling on well-meaning Nigerians to rise up to the occasion to help this National talent. The name Emmanuel must be removed from his name immediately because it is a curse to his career.
If TB Joshua is truly who he claims to be, why is the star boy suffering for so many years without healing and why the cover-up? Let me unravel that. TB Joshua is a glory hijacker, he loves catching glorious children so that he can be exchanging their greatness to himself while interacting with them. In as much as those people are collecting money, food from him and he is having sex with them, they will be reducing spiritually while TB Joshua will be becoming what they ought to be. It is an exchange. This is why we are telling our people not to eat their tomorrow today.
Remember the stories of many sports personalities I featured in my first book “THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW” where some of them died, some of them lost track with destiny because they trusted in TB Joshua, and for the mercy of God for some of them that escaped him. People like Daniel Amokachi, and Kanu Nwankwo would have wasted in life if they did not listened to their inner intuition.

I decided to featured this here, even-though part of the story is already in the public domain, but many people do not know the behind the scene inside the Synagogue story. My last take is for every seeker of abundant life is to hold unto God and stop running after false demonic prophets. The Synagogue is not what you see it to be. Watching Emmanuel TV is luring yourself into trap of satan through his representative on earth. Our government also need to do more for the youths in the land so that false prophets like TB Joshua will not be killing the Nation softly through killing of its seeds. While TB Joshua is cruising his private jet around the world, those he had used mentally, spiritually and dump are bearing the brunt.


Why Is TB Joshua Afraid?


Fear has power to cripple man and to cause him to keep running even from his own shadow while no one pursues him. This is quite obvious about TB Joshua, as we see him in desperation looking in the silliest places for lifeline that will keep him afloat. He keeps telling embarrassing lies anyone would not expect from a sane person to cover his tracts in order to feel safe. Can anyone be secured in a house built on lies? It is just a matter of time. In my book “THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW” I elaborated on how the Synagogue’ ‘disciples’ quarters is run, we read how TB Joshua uses divide to rule to turn his moron ‘disciples’ into remote control, and causing them to snitch on each other to satisfy his sickening satisfaction.
TB Joshua is afraid of his shadows
TB Joshua is afraid of his future (forget about his loot)
TB Joshua is afraid his present
TB Joshua is afraid of his many lies he had told coming to the open
TB Joshua is afraid of his past
TB Joshua is afraid of the many evil he had done
TB Joshua is at it again. The child molester who has history of being an unrepentant liar/deceiver/false claims of miracles/deliverance/prophecies; he has been in the business of bewitching the unguarded gullible people over the years. Many enlightened people knows how TB Joshua attracts the GULLIBLE and the vulnerable with magic and fake miracles to his Synagogue of darkness over the years. Joshua, the man in the Synagogue is well known worldwide to be a fake and a prophet of doom, (Get a copy of my new Book “REASONS YOU SHOULD NOT VISIT THE SYNAGOGUE “CHURCH” OF ALL NATIONS or you can read it free on and in TREM BOOKSHOP nearer to you.


Amongst the uncountable exposé on this CHARLATAN was his numerous failed forecasts and his failure to predict the collapse of his Synagogue’s building in September 2014 while he busy bodies around telling-on people of other nations far and near. TB Joshua, being a manipulator and a deceiver has in many occasion secretly remove his failed forecasts from the Synagogue’ social platform handlers each time his forecast do not fits in, tallied or add up. The unstable pattern of this double-faced double-mouthed impostor had let people know that he is a compulsive and pathological liar who cannot be trusted but can go to any length to prove himself to be true. Joshua is the brain behind every evil machinations that is used to package grade-A Deception called the Synagogue for the innocent to buy into.
Many people who gives their attention to watch TB Joshua and his Synagogue of satan on Emmanuel TV may not understand why and how people are receiving vain promises of spiritual help, except those who had once lived and those that are still living inside the Synagogue can unravel this mystery. I believe Sani Shehu’s present predicament is one of the many ways TB Joshua and his Synagogue of satan is being exposed daily to the world, so that people can know the Truth and begin to follow the true God.
TB Joshua’ alleged spiritual power failed to produce solution in the life of Sani Shehu who TB Joshua hijacked in the days of his glory without inputs, and if Joshua cannot use his magic as usual to fake healing for Sani Shehu, I wonder why he would wickedly ignored to pay for the surgery that can return Sani to his active football for 10 solid years. How do TB Joshua sleeps at night leaving this young man that the Synagogue used in his glorious days in Golden Eaglet to make money, fame, and used as bait to drag many gullible people into the Synagogue. Onazi is doing well in his chosen career because he separated himself from the Synagogue and TB Joshua.
Anyway, for the love of humanity, BISOLA JOHNSON FOUNDATION began to work assiduously round the clock to seek financial aids for Sani Shehu, one of the Nigeria brilliant and brightest football stars to make it possible for his injured leg to be fixed under surgical blade like Kanu Nwankwo and return to the football games he loves, since after 10 years of his father and son lovey dovy relationship with TB Joshua of the Synagogue “church” of satan has not bring any glory to the young man, but retrogression in his life, falling and failing to march up with his peers, but highly favored TB Joshua. To show how much Sani was close to the Synagogue and TB Joshua, it will be recalled in an article written by Evangelist Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson on 23rd of November, 2019 (, you will learn how Sani Shehu’s name was changed to Emmanuel by TB Joshua when the later realized the boy Sani was about going places immediately he was invited into the Nigeria Under 17 (Golden Eaglet)’ camp shortly before the World Cup that was played in 2009 in Nigeria.
Sani who was supposed to break into the first team squad of any top team in the world due to the talent he displayed at the World Cup if he had imitated his friend and ex Golden Eaglets teammate Eddy Onazi; but Sani’ career stalled and nosedive due to long-term Achilles tendonitis problems (TB Joshua how market). While Onazi progressed through the youth rank, Sani’s injury and a nomadic career path took him from the height to the lowest.
Every reasonable person would believe that Sani should not be left in this darkest hour by TB Joshua but alas. So, when the good people of Nigeria began to show the love of God to Sani Shehu alias Emmanuel, the spoiler of destiny came knocking again on Sani Shehu’ door. In one of the days the young man visited Lagos from Abuja, TB Joshua cornered Sani and dragged him to the Synagogue to be manipulated and bewitched and used to be writing what will not put his name in the records of life champions. Onazi is making waves in life, Sani Shehu (Emmanuel) is begging ‘Daddy’ to return home (the Synagogue), what a shame, when a man is bewitched, he sees his friends as enemies and see enemy as a friend.
Any intelligent and humane person knows the important thing Sani Shehu needs at this time is not shenanigans against anyone, because at 26 years old after wasting 10years in the camp of a time waster, talents destroyer, life waster, who claims on Emmanuel TV to be a healer and a giver to disadvantaged people in the society (claims but not in practice), but his claims do not rub on/show or have credible meaning in the lives of the people that go close to him, a man who bought himself 60 million dollar private jet could not spare enough to help a motherless, and disadvantaged Sani Shehu (Emmanuel)’ surgery, rather, TB Joshua used fear/threat to ridicule/debase the quality of Sani Shehu’ life to the point that Sani Shehu will sprawl on the floor to beg for TB Joshua’s peanut which is evident in the eulogy he wrote about TB Joshua to tickle his fancy on Sani Shehu’s page. Only fools will not see the tone behind this writes up, we know Sani is under threat in the Synagogue; we are praying for him.
I know beyond reasonable doubt that TB Joshua is stupid in reasoning but my worries is about those journalists who paid their school fees to be more intelligent and enlightened yet pushing out myopic news for TB Joshua in exchange for dirty money.
My Dear Sani Shehu (Emmanuel), You underrated me, next time TB Joshua send you on errand to snitch on people, try look face oo, nevertheless, you do not need this at this time of you life, but I understand your predicament under TB Joshua’ demonic influence over you, I used to be in that debased state you are right now. We have not stopped praying for you. At your young age, what you needed most in life is to fulfilled destiny, not the curses of those who gave you money through our NGO, I have tried my best to reach out to them to keep you in their prayers, and your action will not stop us from giving right hand of giving and fellowship to those who need help. We are called to make a difference in the world. Remember you told me how spirit of fornication entered into your life through sex dreams inside the Synagogue and you feel you are living another person’s life as you entered into the Synagogue. I never offered you money in exchange of speaking against nobody. I have mouth to tell my stories and no men of God want to use you against satanist, you are only myopic in thinking for saying that. The full text of our conversation will be uploaded to set the record straight. You should know better that I will not be stupid to fall cheaply into your hand because I am not gullible. I only look out for your best in life. I wish you all the best in life but I wish you have done it the other way round. Our WhatsApp chats never show what you said about me. TB Joshua who used you is paranoid. There is no-where I cajole, deceive, compelled Sani Shehu into talking about irrelevant TB Joshua, rather we look out for his better future. 

Dave and Angie

Sexual Assaults’ -TB Joshua Foreign ex-‘disciples’ Cries Out.


Dear Friends 

We apologize that our email earlier this week came as a shock to many. Since then, many have been asking why we made such a drastic decision after 10 years of total commitment to SCOAN. We pray that as you read, you will examine all we say in the light of God’s Word. Its so important to have independent minds – to go to God to seek for the truth. 
First of all we would like to sincerely apologize for misleading you. We have deceived you in that we kept silent about many of things that take place at SCOAN in Lagos. We have also misled you by justifying and making excuses for many inexcusable things that take place at SCOAN and on Emmanuel TV. No matter our good intentions, before God we are responsible for this, and therefore ask for your forgiveness.
Over the last few years, Angie has suffered with depression and suicidal thoughts. She made sure she was strong for the team and in public, but it was a continual battle. In private, she would say things like, “I wish I was never born”, or “Its so difficult to continue with life, I’m praying for God to kill me”, or “If not for you and Loveth, I would kill myself.” I mentioned this to TB Joshua on the phone and he spoke to her and told her not to say things like that. I also mentioned it to him months later when I was in Lagos  and he said he would speak to her. 
Last week, things became really bad and I sat her down in desperation to try and find out what was happening .On the outside her behaviour didn’t make sense. My parents paid for a nice flat for us, we had a beautiful child, a great team and a growing church. She eventually broke down and said that she feels extremely guilty. She explained that TB Joshua used to call her to his room, make her take her clothes off (although not her underwear), and basically either masturbate himself on her, or tell her to masturbate him. On one occasion he told her to  remove her underwear and had sexual intercourse with her. TB Joshua told her that he was doing these things because he loved her, because she was his daughter, and to help her because of the problems that she had. These occasions took place between 2001 and 2005. She felt that talking about this would betray TB Joshua and God. But within her, she could not forgive herself and felt that God could not forgive her. 

Angie has been living in condemnation about these acts for the last 10 years. She felt she couldn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to betray TB Joshua. This may sound ridiculous, but as a former disciple of TB Joshua I fully understand. As disciples we are conditioned to basically consider TB Joshua as infallible (he even has a teaching about this). Disciples will say he has weaknesses, but no disciple will tell you a weakness that he has.  We basically consider him above correction, above wrong. We justify everything he does. Anyone who speaks against him is labelled as a Blasphemer. Questioning him is said to be questioning the Holy Spirit. As a disciple you are taught to be loyal to TB Joshua in all things. 

So on the one hand Angie thought that these acts were OK because it was the “man of God” that was involved, but on the other hand she had huge amounts of condemnation. This secret was destroying her but she felt that to speak about it would be betraying TB Joshua and therefore working against the Holy Spirit. It took 3 years of marriage for her to get to a place that she felt she could trust me enough to tell me. 
When Angie told me, it shocked me and caused some deep reflection. I believe her, for the following reasons:

1. There are 3 other foreign disciples (2 of them Pastors anointed by TB Joshua to pray for people) who have made similar allegations (not to mention the Nigerian allegations)
2. She has nothing to gain by making this up, in fact, her saying this is causing us to lose so much.

3. She doesn’t exhibit any signs of a lying spirit (and neither did the other disciples who made allegations previously, none of them went to the press or wrote articles on the Internet, or exhibited other negative behaviour)

4. In my years as a disciple I have seen female disciples lovingly stroking TB Joshua’s legs, and he has not done anything to stop it.

5. I have seen female disciples go to his bedroom alone at night on multiple occasions. I have been called to his room at night, to find him alone with a female disciple (I am not suggesting that something bad is happening on all those occasions, but just that it is unwise)

6. I have witnessed times that TB Joshua has instructed the disciples to put an unmarried couple in the same bedroom.

7. TB Joshua often refers to people as prostitutes and uses sexual language often and without shame (i.e. publicly talking about the male sexual organ), also referring to masturbation in strange ways. (e.g. telling the female disciples that when they are preaching on Emmanuel TV men will be masturbating as they look at them)

8. TB Joshua does not live with his wife. She has her apartment, and he has his apartment.

9. TB Joshua walked unannounced into the girls room in Johannesburg and one of the disciples was topless, he didn’t leave or apologize, and she didn’t cover up.
In the few days after Angie told me, its like a veil was removed from my eyes. I realized that although I have seen wonderful miracles at SCOAN and received some great messages from TB Joshua, at the end of the day he is not perfect and is just a man. In what I am about to say now, I am not saying that I am perfect and above mistake, I do not want to judge TB Joshua, that is for God. I simply want to examine some of TB Joshua’s actions in the light of God’s Word. 


  • TB Joshua fan club? (Its linked from official site)
  • TB Joshua’s face on all merchandise
  • TB Joshua’s picture sold in photo frames at the church, those who buy his picture are allowed to have anointed water.
  • Huge picture of TB Joshua in his office
  • TB Joshua’s picture hung next to other “God’s Generals”
  • People often kneel down when speaking to him (not just in service but in his office)

Anger? I have seen TB Joshua:

  • Slap disciples, men and women, incredibly hard in the face
  • Push disciples over
  • Whip disciples until they bleed and urinate on the floor
  • Make disciples walk around naked to disgrace them
  • Make disciples kneel for 3 days as a form of punishment on numerous occasions.
  • Drops the phone when he hears something he doesn’t want to.
  • Throw his plate on the floor because he didn’t like the food
  • Call cameramen / commentators / ushers abusive names in the live service, 
  • Kick the cameramen if they don’t get the “right shot” during the live service
  • Call disciples together to verbally abuse a disciple he is not happy with.

Deception? Here are a few examples of many.

  • In many of the healing videos, the audio of TB Joshua saying, “in the name of Jesus” is added later, although he never said it at the time.
  • In TB Joshua’s personal testimony documentary, the photo of him in prison is blatantly photoshopped, yet it is claimed to be real.
  • The phone receivers in the office, lie often. TB Joshua instructs them to tell callers that he is either at the mountain or resting, when he is actually in the office.
  • Physically Challenged – In the live service many disciples told the world that they have made friends with the physically challenged and will phone them everyday. This didn’t happen.
  • Haiti – TB Joshua said we will be in Haiti forever and that whatever money we need to give the government for land, we should give it. 2 weeks later he said that we shouldn’t spend any money on the land, and that we should leave in 2 months if they don’t give us the land for free.
  • TB Joshua said to the media that we have adopted 500 orphans and that it is a 3million dollar project for Haiti. Even on Emmanuel TV they showed photos of children that it was claimed were orphans we were helping. They were not orphans, and when he spoke we hadn’t helped any orphans.
  • There is department in Lagos specially set up to make positive comments about TB Joshua using false identities. They are also instructed to make negative comments about other pastors.


  • Out of the 20 disciples who have been anointed as Pastors to pray for the sick, only 7 are still with the ministry and only 5 are still allowed to pray for people. One had an affair and left his wife of more than 20 years. Others left because they weren’t allowed to get married. Three left claiming sexual abuse, etc. 
  • Disciples often lie and many exhibit generally bad behaviour.
  • Many disciples who have been there for 15 years plus and are now in their 30s and 40s are not even allowed to think about getting married. 

Here are a few things out of many, which upon reflection caused me to be seriously concerned about aspects of the ministry. Angie and I went to Lagos to speak to TB Joshua about some of these things, but were unable to meet with him. Our car was held at gun point and we were stopped from leaving the church by the Nigerian police (acting under instruction from TB Joshua). We had to push past the police and get onto a motorbike to be able to leave the church premises. Our driver later called us to tell us that TB Joshua had sent a vehicle full of police to the airport to look for us. We have video evidence of this.
So this is in a nutshell why we are leaving SCOAN. I know a lot of this will come as a big surprise to many of you. Especially as we were so positive about everything to do with Lagos. I can only say that I have been deceived for the past years. I said that we should examine everything in the light of God’s Word, but actually there were certain aspects of TB Joshua and his disciple’s lifestyles and actions that I didn’t examine in the light of God’s Word. I’ve ignored and made excuses for many of those things for many many years. For this I can only apologise.

Miracles or anointing are not a sign of infallibility or perfection. This is evident from the Bible and from church history. Matthew 7 and 1 Corinthians 13 are two chapters which we have spoken about at church that clearly make a distinction between the gifts on the outside and the character on the inside. Peter was the greatest apostle in the history of the church, yet he made some serious mistakes and had to be publicly corrected by Paul (Gal 2:11). Peter was not above mistake, and neither is TB Joshua. No-one is infallible. Even those who walked with Christ and received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost made some major mistakes. If you read the book “God’s Generals” you read about many people used mightily by God who made some very serious mistakes. Grace is grace, its unmerited favour. Either God uses imperfect people, or he doesn’t, who is to say which man is better than another. Romans 9:15 says God has mercy on whom He has mercy. 
I believe that by God’s grace, a lot of what we’ve been building at SCOAN UK has honestly been for the glory of God and has been built on God’s Word. The church is not the structure, the name or the Sunday meeting. It is the people. My prayer is that each of us will draw closer to God in this time and that in whichever way we all move forward, God’s glory would be reflected in each of us. 
I understand that this email my provoke more questions than it answers. Angie and I are happy to speak on the phone or communicate by email about any of these issues. 

Love from Dave and Angie


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