How My Beloved Sister Died In SCOAN & James Obiorah Connection

By Christine

Dear Everyone,


This is how I lost my beloved sister to death through TB Joshua’ deception, and how late TB joshua stole from my family and also tried to sexually molest my 12year old daughter.
I’m the Swiss lady Christine she is talking about, and Mary is my beloved late sister, whom evil TB Joshua killed. Everything Ms. Theresa Johnson said is nothing but the truth. James Obiorah introduced us to this fake prophet. My beloved sister was just 24 years, was taking her medication and was in good health condition under the care of her European Doctors in Switzerland, until James Obiora came with some of TB Joshua’s miracle healing videos to our house, he pleaded with us to visit the prophet, whom he was calling his spiritual father, assuring us that our sister will be totally healed when we visit TB Joshua in Nigeria.

My daughter was not up to 14 years, she was 12years it a shame that this pedophile is not behind bars. What happened to my sister is beyond words and many innocent souls that I met in Synagogue that died around the same time my beloved sister past on. They were also asked and forced to stop taking their medication, I know several of them. I’m very disappointed and still very sad, in the manner that my beloved sister Mary was mishandled, hiring this testimony from THERESA BROUGHT BACK SAD MEMORY AND UNCONTROLLABLE TEARS, reliving this horror over again!

What Bisola did not mention is that they advised us to leave my sister Mary and one of our Swiss friends that also passed away behind, the reason was that it was just 5 day’s left for the miracle water that was done every month, we were told that once my sister bath with that water she will be permanently healed. That is the only reason we left her behind and fly back to Switzerland because we had to go back to work. She was in very good health when we left her and happy, she even escorted us to the car as we were heading to the airport, I can’t forget her beautiful smile as she was waving bye to me, little did I know that this was going to be her last smile. I tried to call her over 10 times every day when I got back to Switzerland but never had the chance to talk to her again.

Bisola and many other disciples that picked the phone kept on giving me excuses one after another, either she was sleeping or away in the crowd. A few days later, I received a very short phone call from Theressa instructing me to go to Zurich airport just a few hours before the flight landed at Zurich airport to pick up my sister, was very happy to hear that my sister was finally coming back home, but the joy did not last long! When I got to the airport, I almost passed out when I saw my beloved sister……She was in a very bad condition, it was the most horrifying and very painful experience in my life, that I will never forget, my sister was speechless and was in a coma lying half dead.

Bisola never told me the condition my sister was in when she called me, and when I called her to ask what happened she refused to pick up our calls, she only picked my phone one time very short when my sister died, and when I told her my sister died, we were blamed for her death, we were told that it was either our fault or my late sister’s fault, that she was healed but probably she had some sins she did not confess, I called TB Joshua, but he never picked our calls. They were so hurtless and cold-blooded, absolutely no sympathy or any kind words of consolation. The Swiss doctors almost sued us for allowing this fake prophet to stop my sister from taking her medication including the Swiss guy we brought to synagogue who also passed away later on.

A lady nurse from England that we met in synagogue also died shortly after going back to England, she was taken out of her medication too. I found it very difficult to forgive myself for ever taking my beloved sister to the Synagogue and letting her remain behind in the hands of those evil creatures. To be honest, when Bisola contacts me through Facebook, I was not happy and did not take it easy with her at all, after years of going through all the pains and the sorrows, not knowing what happened to our sister, and the most painful thing is her videos of testimony was all over on TV, even though they knew she was dead, they still used her videos of her planned fake testimonies that she was healed.

After the burial, I even flew back to the synagogue to find out what actually happened since they refused to pick my calls, but Bisola and all other disciples were not amazed to see me, TB Joshua hide from me, every one of them totally ignored me and was warned not to tell anyone that my sister Mary died. TB Joshua assigned few of his disciples to watch my every move and whom I was talking to as I was trying to investigate the course of the sudden death of my sister during those two days I spent there, I left to go back without any answer. I trusted Theresa so much and I took her as a sister, she begged me to bring my daughter with me the second time of our visit to meet TB Joshua, that he wanted to pray for her, knowing that this man was a pedophile and she even told me that TB Joshua wanted me to leave my daughter at the Synagogue church, when we said NO,

TB Joshua himself pleaded with us to let our daughter remain there, and we said NO. And for me to hear this to on this YouTube today that his intention was to destroy my innocent daughter live too is still very disturbing to me, and I’m glad we did not let that happen. It took me some time to forgive Theresa as she remorseful begged for forgiveness if took God to touch my heart to be able to forgive her. I felt her sincerity and guilt. I’m glad she was able to get out of that dark hole, I’m glad and admire her boldness to expose this evil practice in that Synagogue of Satan. I know Kanu, Amokachi and James Obiora, I also met some Nigerian actors and actress in the synagogue two of them died too. Since my beloved sister tragic incident. I have learnt the hard way, never to ever trust any of the so-called prophets or men of God. TB Joshua used us, we were like his Swiss bank, thinking about it want to make me throw out. Bisola called me several times and gave me a list of the things TB Joshua needed; you can be sure they were not cheap. Was in Synagogue more than 3 times, when I look back during those days, I always ask myself how blind was I……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Confirm that every word that Bisola saying about TB Joshua is nothing but the truth… I’m glad she is standing up for the truth. I’m so surprised to hear my own story and my name on this YouTube. People that are calling Bisola a liar are ignorant and most of them are totally brainwashed. Maybe because they have not experienced a loss of a loved one in such a brutal manner. TB Joshua killed my sister Mary……And many others that I personally met there, we exchanged the phone numbers, and that’s how I found out about their death. Visiting SCOAN was a curse for me, after Mary died, I lost 5 members of my family back to back.