Warning to SCOAN

Warning To Evelyn Onyisi Joshua & Worshippers Of The Spirit Of Late TB Joshua

Unfortunately, many people who joined SCOAN/Emmanuel TV in the recent time of year 2000 down are not in the knowing of the beginning or the starting point of the late charlatan called TB Joshua and never in his history he talked about his conversion, rather, he said he became born again inside his mother (Alhaja)’ womb. In my book “THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW” I wrote that, THE TELLTALE of cultism IS GONE, and PACKAGING that IS DECEPTIVE is gaining ground!
We must know that we are in the time of great deception spoken of by the Lord Jesus and His Apostles; we live in a highly polluted world where deception thrives from the topmost echelon height of the society to the grassroots. We are in time magicians no longer parade themselves openly the way they used to be known. They do not have the familiar telltale as it was in the time of old. They don’t do body-art of decorating their bodies with shells and cowries or rubbing local chalks on their faces to look fearful on the street or in the marketplaces like before. Everything revolves around in our present age and time. Today, satanists, enchanters, necromancers, occultists, dresses in designer’s three-piece suits like you. They package themselves in expensive shoes, Giorgio Armani perfume and powerful eyeglasses to look touché. They even carry bigger Bibles these days as a smokescreen so that you would not recognize them. Our Lord Jesus Christ warned, “BEWARE”

Since the demise of TB Joshua, just like usual cult organization; TB Joshua’s family and his ardent followers have made rigorous efforts to turn the late charlatan into a demigod for the world to worship. He was buried in grand style with a presidential-looking mausoleum where people go to this day to interact with the spirit of the satanist. The legacy of witchcraft, wickedness, and sexual perversion TB Joshua left behind has made indelible marks in the lives of many. May the memory of wickedness be cut off in Jesus Mighty Name.


From the early 2000s all members of TB Joshua’s SCOAN worldwide had to buy his picture and put it up at strategic positions in their houses, preferably at the entrance, the gate, the door, etc. When I observed that it stroke a cord in my spirit but I held my peace. Before the end of the 2000s he rolled out other ones – ANOINTING WATER and ANOINTING STICKERS. I winked but not without blowing a warning signal.

In the early 2010s he rolled out yet another one – FAITH BRACELETS used to pray and develop faith. Spiritual minded people couldn’t contain this one and some sent out a warning that there something is coming ahead which many have refused to see.

The picture in strategic positions, the anointed stickers, anointed water and faith bracelets were seeds planted and nurtured – SEEDS OF IDOLATRY! I stand corrected. After the death of the charlatan the tree has already grown – Human worship at the grave. What! How did we get here, of all places to be buried, he was buried INSIDE THE SYNAGOGUE and a special tomb erected and positions around it for prayer “to receive revelations and miracles.” God have mercy!

Is 2021 offering us another religion with pilgrimages to another “Mecca” this time in Lagos?

Muslims pray with Islamic prayer beads called Misbaha at the tomb of their prophet, Roman Catholics pray with their Rosary kneeling down in front of statutes of Mary, now we have SCOANS praying with their Faith bracelets at the tomb of their prophet. Something is cooking. If you can’t see it please open your eyes.

What is 2021 offering us? Is anyone seeing anything?

I know stones will start rolling but before you roll out your stone of defense and insults can you think for a moment first? I don’t have a problem receiving the stones, in fact, I’m training myself to be comfortable with some stones thrown at me by my Christian Brothers and sisters who have refused to see with the eyes of discernment. But before you cast the first stone can you please try to search and locate where these things are justified in scripture?

Those who have eyes let them see.

Warnings are coming out from the Lord against SCOAN, Evelyn Joshua and the worshippers of the spirit of TB Joshua.

We pray they listen and repent