Ex-U17 Golden Ball winner, Sani Emmanuel, has revealed his reasons for quitting football after emerging as one of the brightest stars when Nigeria hosted and reached the final of the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup- but lost to Switzerland by a lone goal. Many had expected the Former My People FC kid wonder to become a superstar after coming from the bench to score five goals and won the Golden Ball award in 2009- but while many of the other youngsters, including Nigeria’s Kenneth Omeruo, have gone on to stardom, the tournament’s highest goal scorer has disappeared into obscurity.The former Beitar Jerusalem forward has now explained the circumstances which forced him to quit football at the time when Chelsea wanted to sign him. “I had problems with my feet, even during the tournament in 2009. If you remember, I often played in the second half because the pain was unbearable. “After the World Cup, I could not play at all because I had pulled too much on the hamstring playing with pain. Then I had to stop my career. Even today, it still hurts on the front of the foot. “I tried to contact a lot of Nigerian international players, but I never got an answer and it was very difficult to cash,” Sani Emmanuel told Leero Sports News. Read more:


With SCOAN (the Synagogue) microphone, the world never know the truth until now

This story of Sani is very emotional for me because I remember this young man vividly during the time I lived in the Synagogue, he was amongst the young boys I used to coordinate alongside Kemi, until later in years when Lawal took over from us because I initiated buying Sports Jersey for the young footballers when I traveled to Togo to see Sarah at School (TB Joshua’ daughter). So, for that singular reason to be audacious, TB Joshua as usual felt bitter and sidelined because he believe the boys’ body, soul and spirit belongs to him. Anyone who tries to show more concern for them will be seen by TB Joshua as an enemy who plan to hijack his property from him. It wasn’t that TB Joshua cared so much about them in terms of well-being, but the boys were just contented for having an open space to practice the game they love often.
Anyway, as time passed, Sani struggled his way into the Nigeria National Youth Football Team called Golden Eaglets’ camp, I believe through his doggedness and resilient mind his talent caught the attention of the people that matter and the rest was history as he was included in the National Team contingent that represented the country in 2009 World cup, which the young man did his family and the Nation proud. Shortly after the news infiltrated into TB Joshua office, of course through his machineries/informants (�?disciples’) that the tournament could project Sani into the limelight the way things was heading, this was the time TB Joshua and his cohorts, the drama group (�?disciples’) began to strategize and show more interest in this young National star for the Synagogue to be included, no, not included; but to take all glory for what God was preparing to do for Sani.
So, as the norm in the Synagogue, TB Joshua manipulated Sani to act in the drama of (before and the after film) how Sani visited the Synagogue for the first time to ask for spiritual help (Lawal can bear witness); before this period, Sani had been one of the boys playing around in the Synagogue for so many years unnoticed to TB Joshua, but when fame started smiling on him, TB Joshua hijacked the show. Sani was coached on how he should cry for help under the camera while trying to gain the attention of the fraudster TB Joshua (It was all scam, drama) because the Synagogue must package a false video for the public that will back-up their claim showing how TB Joshua has been the maestro that groomed and prayed the young boy to stardom. This is to deceive the Nation, youths and will also use it as a dragnet to catch many vulnerable important personality in the society into the Synagogue. Many youths that were deceived into the Synagogue at that time through Sani’s documentary on Emmanuel TV became errand boys in the Synagogue, waiting for their time to become star like Sani, but it will shock you to know that many of them died unaccounted for, as unknown solders, inside the Synagogue collapsed building. It was only the foreigners that were documented, all the Nigerian youths that worked as labor force in the place became forgotten conclusion. Anyway, to brand Sani for the Synagogue’ glory, Sani’ birth name was changed to Emmanuel, the same was I narrated how my name was changed to Theresa by TB Joshua.
As usual, TB Joshua’s errand boys in the media houses helped him to circulate the fake news of being Sani’ mentor in exchange for money and of course many people bought into it.


Bedridden Sani
This young man does not belong here, he need help from all Nigerians. He had suffered too much for many years under TB Joshua. He is crying out because he cannot bear it anymore

Time is the enemy of lies. Lies cannot be hidden forever. Today, we are seeing that even from the time the Synagogue has been packaging lies for the gullible to buy into, till recent time, the young man Sani, has been suffering in silence. The good question that Sani need to answer truthfully is: “at what point did he started suffering this leg disaster?” how did he came about leg cancer that stopped his advancement in life? Now he cries out: “Please, guys I need your support. I have done one leg surgery and it was successful, 1 leg to go.” “After the World Cup, I could not play at all because I had pulled too much on the hamstring playing with pain. Then I had to stop my career. Even today, it still hurts on the front of the foot.”
“I tried to contact a lot of Nigerian international players, but I never got an answer and it was very difficult to cash.
“I returned to anonymity, without work, without anything. I wanted to set up an academy, but I never managed to get help and I’m still looking for it.
“I tried to contact them (the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF) so many times, but they told me to come home and get by on my own. They had other projects.”
On Wednesday 20/11/2019, Emmanuel, called for support from Nigerians, adding that he had done one surgery with one to go.
This means this poor boy had suffered for more than 10 years with leg ulcer/cancer only God knows. The unanswered question of how he sustained the injury remain a mystery. This is distressing, heart wrenching, disheartening and painful. I am calling on well-meaning Nigerians to rise up to the occasion to help this National talent. The name Emmanuel must be removed from his name immediately because it is a curse to his career.
If TB Joshua is truly who he claims to be, why is the star boy suffering for so many years without healing and why the cover-up? Let me unravel that. TB Joshua is a glory hijacker, he loves catching glorious children so that he can be exchanging their greatness to himself while interacting with them. In as much as those people are collecting money, food from him and he is having sex with them, they will be reducing spiritually while TB Joshua will be becoming what they ought to be. It is an exchange. This is why we are telling our people not to eat their tomorrow today.
Remember the stories of many sports personalities I featured in my first book “THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW” where some of them died, some of them lost track with destiny because they trusted in TB Joshua, and for the mercy of God for some of them that escaped him. People like Daniel Amokachi, and Kanu Nwankwo would have wasted in life if they did not listened to their inner intuition.

I decided to featured this here, even-though part of the story is already in the public domain, but many people do not know the behind the scene inside the Synagogue story. My last take is for every seeker of abundant life is to hold unto God and stop running after false demonic prophets. The Synagogue is not what you see it to be. Watching Emmanuel TV is luring yourself into trap of satan through his representative on earth. Our government also need to do more for the youths in the land so that false prophets like TB Joshua will not be killing the Nation softly through killing of its seeds. While TB Joshua is cruising his private jet around the world, those he had used mentally, spiritually and dump are bearing the brunt.