Why Is TB Joshua Afraid?


Fear has power to cripple man and to cause him to keep running even from his own shadow while no one pursues him. This is quite obvious about TB Joshua, as we see him in desperation looking in the silliest places for lifeline that will keep him afloat. He keeps telling embarrassing lies anyone would not expect from a sane person to cover his tracts in order to feel safe. Can anyone be secured in a house built on lies? It is just a matter of time. In my book “THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW” I elaborated on how the Synagogue’ ‘disciples’ quarters is run, we read how TB Joshua uses divide to rule to turn his moron ‘disciples’ into remote control, and causing them to snitch on each other to satisfy his sickening satisfaction.
TB Joshua is afraid of his shadows
TB Joshua is afraid of his future (forget about his loot)
TB Joshua is afraid his present
TB Joshua is afraid of his many lies he had told coming to the open
TB Joshua is afraid of his past
TB Joshua is afraid of the many evil he had done
TB Joshua is at it again. The child molester who has history of being an unrepentant liar/deceiver/false claims of miracles/deliverance/prophecies; he has been in the business of bewitching the unguarded gullible people over the years. Many enlightened people knows how TB Joshua attracts the GULLIBLE and the vulnerable with magic and fake miracles to his Synagogue of darkness over the years. Joshua, the man in the Synagogue is well known worldwide to be a fake and a prophet of doom, (Get a copy of my new Book “REASONS YOU SHOULD NOT VISIT THE SYNAGOGUE “CHURCH” OF ALL NATIONS or you can read it free on and in TREM BOOKSHOP nearer to you.


Amongst the uncountable exposé on this CHARLATAN was his numerous failed forecasts and his failure to predict the collapse of his Synagogue’s building in September 2014 while he busy bodies around telling-on people of other nations far and near. TB Joshua, being a manipulator and a deceiver has in many occasion secretly remove his failed forecasts from the Synagogue’ social platform handlers each time his forecast do not fits in, tallied or add up. The unstable pattern of this double-faced double-mouthed impostor had let people know that he is a compulsive and pathological liar who cannot be trusted but can go to any length to prove himself to be true. Joshua is the brain behind every evil machinations that is used to package grade-A Deception called the Synagogue for the innocent to buy into.
Many people who gives their attention to watch TB Joshua and his Synagogue of satan on Emmanuel TV may not understand why and how people are receiving vain promises of spiritual help, except those who had once lived and those that are still living inside the Synagogue can unravel this mystery. I believe Sani Shehu’s present predicament is one of the many ways TB Joshua and his Synagogue of satan is being exposed daily to the world, so that people can know the Truth and begin to follow the true God.
TB Joshua’ alleged spiritual power failed to produce solution in the life of Sani Shehu who TB Joshua hijacked in the days of his glory without inputs, and if Joshua cannot use his magic as usual to fake healing for Sani Shehu, I wonder why he would wickedly ignored to pay for the surgery that can return Sani to his active football for 10 solid years. How do TB Joshua sleeps at night leaving this young man that the Synagogue used in his glorious days in Golden Eaglet to make money, fame, and used as bait to drag many gullible people into the Synagogue. Onazi is doing well in his chosen career because he separated himself from the Synagogue and TB Joshua.
Anyway, for the love of humanity, BISOLA JOHNSON FOUNDATION began to work assiduously round the clock to seek financial aids for Sani Shehu, one of the Nigeria brilliant and brightest football stars to make it possible for his injured leg to be fixed under surgical blade like Kanu Nwankwo and return to the football games he loves, since after 10 years of his father and son lovey dovy relationship with TB Joshua of the Synagogue “church” of satan has not bring any glory to the young man, but retrogression in his life, falling and failing to march up with his peers, but highly favored TB Joshua. To show how much Sani was close to the Synagogue and TB Joshua, it will be recalled in an article written by Evangelist Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson on 23rd of November, 2019 (, you will learn how Sani Shehu’s name was changed to Emmanuel by TB Joshua when the later realized the boy Sani was about going places immediately he was invited into the Nigeria Under 17 (Golden Eaglet)’ camp shortly before the World Cup that was played in 2009 in Nigeria.
Sani who was supposed to break into the first team squad of any top team in the world due to the talent he displayed at the World Cup if he had imitated his friend and ex Golden Eaglets teammate Eddy Onazi; but Sani’ career stalled and nosedive due to long-term Achilles tendonitis problems (TB Joshua how market). While Onazi progressed through the youth rank, Sani’s injury and a nomadic career path took him from the height to the lowest.
Every reasonable person would believe that Sani should not be left in this darkest hour by TB Joshua but alas. So, when the good people of Nigeria began to show the love of God to Sani Shehu alias Emmanuel, the spoiler of destiny came knocking again on Sani Shehu’ door. In one of the days the young man visited Lagos from Abuja, TB Joshua cornered Sani and dragged him to the Synagogue to be manipulated and bewitched and used to be writing what will not put his name in the records of life champions. Onazi is making waves in life, Sani Shehu (Emmanuel) is begging ‘Daddy’ to return home (the Synagogue), what a shame, when a man is bewitched, he sees his friends as enemies and see enemy as a friend.
Any intelligent and humane person knows the important thing Sani Shehu needs at this time is not shenanigans against anyone, because at 26 years old after wasting 10years in the camp of a time waster, talents destroyer, life waster, who claims on Emmanuel TV to be a healer and a giver to disadvantaged people in the society (claims but not in practice), but his claims do not rub on/show or have credible meaning in the lives of the people that go close to him, a man who bought himself 60 million dollar private jet could not spare enough to help a motherless, and disadvantaged Sani Shehu (Emmanuel)’ surgery, rather, TB Joshua used fear/threat to ridicule/debase the quality of Sani Shehu’ life to the point that Sani Shehu will sprawl on the floor to beg for TB Joshua’s peanut which is evident in the eulogy he wrote about TB Joshua to tickle his fancy on Sani Shehu’s page. Only fools will not see the tone behind this writes up, we know Sani is under threat in the Synagogue; we are praying for him.
I know beyond reasonable doubt that TB Joshua is stupid in reasoning but my worries is about those journalists who paid their school fees to be more intelligent and enlightened yet pushing out myopic news for TB Joshua in exchange for dirty money.
My Dear Sani Shehu (Emmanuel), You underrated me, next time TB Joshua send you on errand to snitch on people, try look face oo, nevertheless, you do not need this at this time of you life, but I understand your predicament under TB Joshua’ demonic influence over you, I used to be in that debased state you are right now. We have not stopped praying for you. At your young age, what you needed most in life is to fulfilled destiny, not the curses of those who gave you money through our NGO, I have tried my best to reach out to them to keep you in their prayers, and your action will not stop us from giving right hand of giving and fellowship to those who need help. We are called to make a difference in the world. Remember you told me how spirit of fornication entered into your life through sex dreams inside the Synagogue and you feel you are living another person’s life as you entered into the Synagogue. I never offered you money in exchange of speaking against nobody. I have mouth to tell my stories and no men of God want to use you against satanist, you are only myopic in thinking for saying that. The full text of our conversation will be uploaded to set the record straight. You should know better that I will not be stupid to fall cheaply into your hand because I am not gullible. I only look out for your best in life. I wish you all the best in life but I wish you have done it the other way round. Our WhatsApp chats never show what you said about me. TB Joshua who used you is paranoid. There is no-where I cajole, deceive, compelled Sani Shehu into talking about irrelevant TB Joshua, rather we look out for his better future. 


I am a recipient of His Marvelous Grace, my life is a testimony to the Truth that Jesus Christ is Real. My past was forgiven, my present is renew, and my future is guaranteed. What more can I ask for? If my intention in pursuing been a Christian, and in figment of my imagination of serving God during my years at the Synagogue was a full-time job; Now, that I have known Christ, The Truth, it is a lifetime Job for me.

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